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The CGMS eMDS is healthcare software with a diverse ensemble of wireless devices for monitoring temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate, and so on. It provides a data-driven assessment of the patient’s health so you can measure health care provision requirements for the treatment. CompuGroup Medical is a secure way to access the health data of patients too.  

CGM eMDs Software Key Features 


One way through which CGM eMDs create an accessible system is the CGM ELVI Telemedicine. Telemedicine makes it possible to conduct virtual patient visits and even track patient vitals with the CGM RPM Remote Patient Monitoring. You can further collect real-time data from pulse oximeters with smart devices. eMD EMR provides a mobile application with a user-friendly interface. The mobile application is integrated with CGM HealthHub and also covers the process of real-time symptom monitoring. It is further integrated with eMEDIX clearinghouse that has an intuitive as well as a transparent online system to process bills. It can process, submit, and follow up on insurance claims and take away unnecessary task management.  

Lab Management

It is equally crucial to have lab management assistance and eMDS software that make it easy to connect with analyzers, laboratories, reference labs, and providers. The connectivity provides efficient workflows and a system that functions smoothly. eMDs EHR further provides secure transmission of documents including test results as well as patient orders. With the eMDs medical, you will have access to a system that will automate the relevant data to billing, EHR, and third-party systems.  

Remote Patient Monitoring

With real-time remote monitoring, EMD software prioritizes the patients’ health and further encourages them to stay on top of care plans designed for them. It is important for EHR to establish a system for immobile and distant patients. Therefore, it further captures vital signs that make it easier for care providers to check for changes in symptoms as well as ensure that medication is being assisted. EMD software reduces the overall visits of patients as the two-way remote system ensures that they can monitor their health whereas you can check the essentials based on that information.  

CGM eMDs Software Pricing

For product sales proposals, you can fill in a simple form and the EMD medical software sales team will offer you a customized quote for your system. 

Software Demo

The EMD software systems can also arrange a scheduled demo for users who want to further learn about how to use the software.  


The software is usually considered a heavy-scale management system and the reviews from relevant sources generally praise the system. 

Our Thoughts

In a nutshell, eMD telehealth solutions are a reliable way of scheduling care and initiating data-driven decisions. In fact, the patients can also update their health vitals by measuring them on their own through EMD telehealth system integration with apps to measure weight, heart rate, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure.

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