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Lumeon's Care Pathway Management (CPM) platform enables healthcare providers to design digital pathways that improve care delivery and seamlessly guide patients and care teams throughout the continuum. For example, providers can use the CPM platform to manage a shared care plan across multiple teams and settings using intelligent automation and orchestration, automatically adjusting activities and deploying the right resource for each individual.  

The Lumeon healthcare platform keeps everyone on track by presenting a 'care-traffic control' view of patient progress and automating tasks. It uses real-time data from patients, and care teams and bi-directional integration with software such as EHRs. 

Lumeon Medical Software Key Features  


Manual appointment scheduling and rescheduling are time-consuming as you have to rely on staff to communicate over the phone. Lumeon's simple patient self-scheduling solutions take control of the care journey by allowing patients to schedule appointments on their own time.  

As a result, it relieves schedulers' workload quickly and reduces revenue leakage. In addition, you can reach out to patients ahead of time and encourage them to self-schedule. 

Lumeon health software can detect when a patient is due for an appointment, such as a colonoscopy screening or a post-discharge check-up, and remind them to make it. 

Personalized Care 

The software treats the patient as an equal partner in their treatment. Based on disease, risk, compliance, and social determinants of health, it automates tasks, interacts with patients and caregivers, and digitally coordinates care operations within and beyond the hospital's four walls. 

Population Health Management 

Lumeon is a population health operational engine that automates and coordinates care journeys. It helps you configure new patient-centric digital experiences focused on helping you stay well using leading indicators of risk from your Population Health Management (PHM) platform. 

Moreover, Lumeon's pathway engine combines digital assessment, outcome monitoring, patient dialogues, education, and more to correct patient behavior and detect deterioration. 

Lumeon Medical Software Cost  

Lumeon healthcare software does not share its pricing model publicly. Therefore, you may have to contact the vendor for an estimate.  

Software Demo  

The Lumeon software demo is an excellent way to analyze whether the software is worth an investment or not. During the demo, you can dig deeper into the software and its robust capabilities in real-time. The demo will help you decide whether the software fulfills your practice needs or not.  


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Our Thoughts

Lumeon improves care delivery predictability and consistency by orchestrating teams and automating tasks to ensure the proper care is delivered to every patient. The award-winning care journey orchestration platform allows providers to create and automate programmable care journeys, transforming their EHR into an agile care delivery platform that engages patients and care teams outside of the hospital. 

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