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aPriori provides a comprehensive cost management solution with tools for cost estimation, supplier collaboration, and value engineering. Overcome cost estimation challenges and enhance cost control. Maximize profitability, reduce expenses, and improve product development. Ready to master cost management? Enjoy your business with everything aPriori has to offer.

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What Is aPriori?


aPriori is a leading product cost management software designed for manufacturing companies to estimate and analyze the cost of their products. It offers real-time cost data and insights, helping businesses identify cost drivers and optimize product costs throughout the entire product lifecycle. With applications in various industries, aPriori empowers companies to make informed decisions about design, sourcing, and manufacturing processes, achieving cost-efficiency, and maximizing profitability. 

aPriori Pricing 

The cost of aPriori differs depending on your organization type and needs. Please click Get Pricing for a customized price guide.  

aPriori Integrations 

aPriori seamlessly integrates with various popular business software, including Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Siemens PLM, Oracle, CATIA, ENOVIA, Tableau and QlikView. Click Watch Demo to learn more about its integrations. 

Who Is aPriori For? 

The software suits businesses of all sizes in different industries. It is ideal for companies aiming to create sustainable products and resolve manufacturing issues upfront. It caters to auto, transportation, aerospace, defense, high-tech electronics, and industrial equipment sectors. 

Is aPriori Right For You? 

If you are in the manufacturing industry, aPriori might be the right fit for you. As a top software, it empowers manufacturers with valuable insights and predictive capabilities, enabling informed decisions and driving sustainable growth. Its powerful features are designed to optimize operations in a highly competitive manufacturing landscape, and its scalability ensures it can grow with your business. Moreover, aPriori prioritizes data security, giving you peace of mind.  

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aPriori Features

Apriori's sophisticated data models capture and represent manufacturing processes for comprehensive analysis and optimization. Users gain precise insights into their operations, making data-driven decisions for enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The software automatically transfers changes and updates in manufacturing data, ensuring consistency, and eliminating manual errors. This saves time and enhances accuracy throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Apriori enables users to model and simulate various manufacturing processes, identifying bottlenecks, optimizing resource allocation, and refining processes for increased productivity and cost reduction.

It supports comprehensive lifecycle management, tracking and managing products from concept to retirement. This feature provides visibility into product iterations, fosters collaboration across teams, and ensures smooth transitions between design, manufacturing, and service phases.

It offers intuitive and interactive graphical representations of manufacturing data and key performance indicators. Users can monitor real-time performance metrics, identify trends, and visualize areas for improvement, empowering them to optimize processes and drive continuous improvement.

Pros and Cons of aPriori


  • Excellent customer support
  • Easy to set up
  • Customizable
  • User-defined cost-cutting


  • There could be more integrations
  • Slight learning curve, according to some aPriori reviews

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