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Screencloud is a cloud-based digital signage content management and lead targeting solution suitable for all business sizes. The software offers tools for any screen to be turned into interactive digital signage to attract and eng...Read more

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NoviSign is a cloud-based software. NoviSign allows businesses to manage and broadcast content on interactive kiosk devices that can be accessed from different locations. NoviSign features a digital signature, virtual keyboard, on...Read more

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Yodeck Digital Signage Software

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Yodeck is a web-based digital signage software that enables entrepreneurs and small to midsize businesses to create and manage monitors online, conveniently over their laptops, tablets, or smartphones. Users can easily upload imag...Read more

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truDigital Signage

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truDigital Signage is a pioneering provider for digital signage platforms across many countries around the globe. Companies of all sizes rely on truDigital to inform, entertain and bring value to their audiences. Users can upload ...Read more

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SmartSign2go is a tv signage software targeting small businesses. The system is built to provide ease of use for non-technical busy users to have their digital signage content management on fingertips. Users can log in to the clou...Read more

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QuickEsign is a powerful web-based digital signage platform that allows users to display and manage digital content on television screens. Schools, libraries, railway stations, churches, restaurants, and offices use QuickEsign to ...Read more

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OnSign TV

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OnSign TV is a robust digital signage platform that allows users to have access to and control digital screens from within the browser. The software, being used in over a hundred countries, is known for its reliability and user-fr...Read more

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Enplug is an award-winning display OS that is used by businesses across various industry verticals to display digital content. This cloud-based platform allows users to conveniently interact with their employees and target audienc...Read more

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Digital Signage Software Buyers Guide

Last updated: October 01, 2023

The Evolving Marketing Trends: Digital Signage Software

Many businesses across the hospitality, retail, and fast food sectors understand the importance of using digital signage software.

The aim of this software is to optimize customer engagement through the displaying of captivating company information. Not only does digital signage captivate the audience's attention, but it creates brand awareness in the process.

Gone are the days when businesses solely relied on print media to advertise their products and services. A fresher, modern and more effective approach is to use digital platforms to display live feeds or create engaging content.

Do you want to learn more about how digital signage software can help your business capture your niche’s attention? We list the top five digital software brands on the market. But first, we explain the benefits that make this a valuable investment.

What Does Digital Signage Software Do?

So how exactly will digital signage software help your business? This software has many features that allow for better engagement and interaction with your customers. The most notable functions are:

  • Video wall configurations
  • Creative video walls
  • Content creation
  • System design
  • Content management
  • Content animation

Benefits of Digital Signage Software

Businesses that utilize digital signage software have noticed a significant increase in customer interaction. By incorporating digital signage software companies can:

  • Update content instantly and provide real-time feeds
  • Reduce costs associated with traditional print media
  • Significantly improve the customer experience
  • Deliver specific messages that resonate with their target audience
  • Provide entertaining content

Does this sound like something your business might be interested in? Let’s look at the five top-rated digital signage software your business can consider incorporating.

FWI Content Manager Software

Crown TV

FWI Content Manager is cloud-based software designed for both small and large companies. The platform will help businesses with publishing, content creation, and scheduling.

This software allows users to manage data across various devices. Advertisers can make use of templates and tools provided to design & edit content as they see fit.

In addition, this software allows users to provide and monitor status updates in real-time. You’ll appreciate how this software is compatible with many online platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Key features that come with this software include:

  • Multiple screen display
  • Remote device monitoring
  • Application authoring


The system offers different pricing packages so you can pick one based on your company’s needs.

Yodeck Software

If you’re looking for software that promises 100% reliability, this is the one to pick; there’s minimal downtime. Also, It’s very easy to set up which you’ll appreciate if you want fast results.

Yodeck software will particularly benefit small to medium sized enterprises looking to not only create but also schedule monitors from the web.

With this software, users can upload videos, pictures and PDFs on to their web monitors. Some of the software’s key features include:

  • Digital menu boards
  • Visual editing
  • Playlist management
  • Visual dashboard

The system is highly customizable. Users can create templates using editing tools present on the software.


For this system, you’re billed monthly starting from around $8 a monitor.



Here is yet another cloud-based digital signage software that can be used by businesses of any size. The software will help you with content management as well as customer targeting.

Here is a list of people who’ll find this software handy:

  • Marketing managers can use this software to manage information on notice boards.
  • Academic institutions can also use this platform to effectively communicate with students and staff across all departments.
  • Retailers can use the system to promote their products and track customer engagement.
  • Restaurant owners will also benefit from this software by using it for display advertising.

You can expect ongoing support from the vendor where needed via phone, email or the help desk.


The software is available on a monthly subscription basis.


Intuiface software works best for small businesses. And though many industries can benefit from this software, certain sectors are likely to find it more useful:

  • Entertainment industry
  • Design industry
  • Marketing industry

The software is designed to run on both iOS and Android mobile platforms. It’s particularly designed for businesses whose aim is to build interactive presentations.

You have three options to pick from which allow you to either:

  • Design your own content
  • Play content on various devices
  • View user interaction with your content

Note that with any system there will be drawbacks and users have noted that Intuiface has a rather steep learning curve.


You can opt for a free plan but your functions will be limited. For a more comprehensive package be prepared to spend as little as $24 per device on a monthly basis.



This is cloud-based digital signage software designed for businesses looking to create and deploy interactive content. But more so many users appreciate this software for its user-friendliness.

With this software, you can create engaging content for your attendees by making use of widgets, videos, and pictures. The software allows you to reach a wide audience by displaying content on various devices.

You have the ability to schedule content for automatic posting at a later date.

If your business is financially restricted, you can consider the free plan. Features included on this package include:

  • Content creation
  • Displaying content
  • File uploads


You can upgrade to a more comprehensive package by paying $20 per month.


If you’re not using digital signage software for your business, you’re certainly missing out on the latest trends. Customer needs and preferences are constantly evolving. And we don’t need to mention how fickle customers are.

This is why you need to devise ways that make your business stand out from your competitors. And displaying real-time captivating images is a step in the right direction.

Investing in the best digital signage software will ensure that your business attracts and retains customers. On top of that, your organization will remain competitive in today’s cutthroat business environment.