Accolade by Sopheon not only streamlines innovation management and enhances creativity, but also fosters collaboration. It empowers businesses, driving effective innovation strategies, and significantly boosts productivity. Explore its capabilities to unlock your organization’s potential. Get started today.

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What Is Accolade Software?


Accolade by Sopheon is a centralized innovation management software that streamlines innovation processes from ideation to execution. It offers features like portfolio management, road mapping, workflow automation, and analytics. Accolade LMS boosts efficiency in innovation projects, fosters collaboration, and aligns business goals with innovation investments, emphasizing seamless cross-functional collaboration.

What Is Accolade Software Best For?

Accolade software is known for its cross-functional collaboration. It provides a platform to share ideas and collaborate on projects. It also includes tools for brainstorming and feedback collection. Users can collaborate in real-time, regardless of their proximity. Accolade project management software helps generate high-value ideas and drive business growth.

Accolade Software Pricing

The Accolade pricing depends on your business's needs and size. Get a custom Accolade cost according to the type and requirements of your company.

Accolade Software Integrations

The software has not provided any information about its third-party integrations.

How Does Accolade Software Work?

Here's how you can navigate the software after the installation is completed:

  • Log in to the Accolade platform using the credentials
  • Create user accounts for employees
  • Select and assign training courses from the library
  • Schedule courses and phishing simulations
  • Review and manage employee progress
  • Launch ongoing phishing tests
  • Provide instant video training feedback
  • Assign refresher courses
  • Utilize real-time reporting and insights
You can also schedule a free Accolade demo to learn more about its features.

Who Is Accolade Software For?

Accolade software is a highly adaptable enterprise innovation performance software that suits businesses of all sizes in diverse industries. The software is feasible for numerous industries that manage product and brand portfolios, including:

  • Food and beverage
  • Consumer goods
  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Manufacturing

Is Accolade Software Right For You?

If you are seeking a reliable and efficient solution to develop better innovation strategies and drive overall enterprise innovation performance, then Accolade might be the right choice.

While businesses of all sizes can use it, the platform is more feasible for large organizations that must keep up with fast-moving markets and customer demands. Also, it is ideal for cross-functional teams collaborating on creating and updating information on innovation projects.

Want to learn more about Accolade software? Contact our customer support team at 661-384-7070; they will provide a comprehensive overview of the platform to help you make an informed decision.

Accolade Innovation Features

The software offers comprehensive capabilities to help organizations tackle their innovation plans. Product professionals can plan for strategic innovation by connecting initiatives with business objectives and identifying growth opportunities.

Accolade LMS enables organizations to visualize their innovation management process. Users can create custom roadmaps for each project, outlining key milestones and timelines. It allows you to track progress against your goals and adjust as needed.

This feature enables efficient portfolio decisions through optimization and capacity planning. It provides project management for concept development and actionable insights. Accolade's focus on portfolio optimization helps businesses make informed decisions about pursuing projects.

This feature provides a framework for managing your innovation processes. It ensures everyone follows the same process, leading to better collaboration, consistent outcomes, and enterprise innovation performance.

Pros and Cons of Accolade Innovation


  • Efficiently manages the innovation process from ideation to execution
  • Helps improve time to market
  • Allows users to create custom roadmaps for projects, aiding in goal-tracking
  • Facilitates informed decisions through efficient portfolio planning and management
  • Offers automation features for smoother innovation processes


  • May require some time for users to become fully acquainted with its features
  • Setting up the software may pose challenges, according to some Accolade reviews
  • Advanced customization may be complex for some users

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The software price depends on your requirements and size. Get a personalized Accolade pricing quote based on your user needs.

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