NetSuite OpenAir Software

What is NetSuite OpenAir Software?


NetSuite OpenAir is a cloud-based, comprehensive professional services solution designed to equip users with powerful project management tools that deliver throughout the entire product lifecycle. This innovative platform contains useful features such as time and expense tracking, resource allocation and utilization, invoicing & billing capabilities plus efficient project accounting for successful end-to-end workflow executions.

What is NetSuite OpenAir best for?

NetSuite OpenAir software is designed/best for streamlining and automating project management in practically every organizational setting – from small business setups with a few project managers handling the day-to-day workflow to large enterprises with complex/multi-faceted operational requirements.

Project Management Optimization

Successful project management entails juggling several tasks and processes that make up the complete project workflow. For organizational work that requires stellar, minute, and precise coordination between the disparate elements that make a typical work undertaking in such situations – ranging from time entries/time management (via timesheets), efficient resource utilization, data sharing, keeping track of expenses/checking cost to shore up revenue, stakeholder reporting, project security surveillance to accurate forecasting and securing approvals – individual workers and company/group entities have little choice but to resort to software solutions to get the job done. 

Fortunately, this is where NetSuite OpenAir shines in the PM space – providing a one-stop, all-in-one, project management, cloud, interface to keep all checked workflow cycles on the right path.

NetSuite OpenAir Cost & Trial

NetSuite OpenAir software pricing basic packages start at $399* per month – with a limited set of service features. 
The vendor’s Enterprise Suite, more studded with advanced functionalities – costs $899* per month. 

As such, the vendor does not offer any free or trial plan versions. It does, however, offer detailed instructional resources and tutorials on its website for easy self-consultations/software troubleshooting.

* Please note that these figures are ballpark estimates based on review submissions. To obtain accurate, updated, custom Netsuite Openair pricing plan info suited to your organization/project management needs, click Get Pricing.  

NetSuite OpenAir Demo

The Netsuite OpenAir demo screening – branded ‘free product tour’ on the vendor’s official website – provides a great opportunity for considering prospects to watch the subscription in detail/determine how it could/would (potentially) operate in their workflow settings; without requiring any cost spend.

To start the Open Air demo loading, please click Watch Demo.

NetSuite OpenAir Integrations

Via its NetSuite OpenAir software Connect offering, the platform integrates with a range of native and third-party applications/services to ease the project management process for busy subscribers – ensure they have access to one ecosystem interface to take care of all their work automation needs.

These integrations are broadly divided into three tiers (each with its own characteristic set of connecting applications – as given under):

Front-Office (CRM System Links)

  • NetSuite 
  • Microsoft Dynamics SCR 
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft Project 
  • Outlook 
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Jira
  • Salesforce

Back-Office (Financial App Links)

  • NetSuite 
  • Sage MAS Peachtree
  • Accpac and Sage Pro (SBT) 
  • Epicor 
  • QuickBooks 
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP/Great Plains 
  • Other accounting systems

Automatic Backup Service (ABS)

NetSuite’s cloud service integration ensures automated savings of all workflow concerns.

How does NetSuite OpenAir work?

On the technical front, NetSuite OpenAir works/is built on a modern web-based architecture that uses standard HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 infrastructural frameworks. These allow it to be easily integrated with other software systems such as NetSuite ERP.

The platform's design philosophy, as such, is geared to equip subscribers with cutting-edge technological sophistication with regard to their project/workflow management concerns - along with an intuitive, easy-to-use, front-end/UX experience devoid of any systemic complications.

Who is NetSuite OpenAir for?

OpenAir provides an optimal project management solution for all industry verticals - where users can easily customize its interface features/templates to suit their field's unique work/process requirements.

In this sense, there isn't an industrial space - yet - where the software cannot be deployed to some or a lot of practical use.

Specifically, the tool provides huge, technical, convenience for project management professionals engaged in such day-to-day organizational concerns as:

  • Expense Reports Generation/Cost Tracking
  • Project Summary Reports Finalization
  • ‘Multi Currency’ Transaction Recording
  • Time Entry/Timesheet Management
  • Vendor Billing Rates Optimization
  • Data Management
  • Task/Requisition Approval Processing/Reporting
  • Customer/Client Invoicing
  • Inter-Departmental/Transnational Team Collaboration
  • System/Process Regulatory Compliance Checks
  • Work Schedule Drafting/Optimization

among a host of other occupations (this list is hardly exhaustive).

NetSuite OpenAir Features

The following summaries highlight some of the key features of the subscription:

  • Reporting & Dashboards 
    NetSuite OpenAir software streamlines the process of creating user-friendly dashboards and reports. In addition, it provides everyone with fast access to critical information. It includes additional features designed explicitly for billing, invoicing, project accounting, and analytics. These tools help users streamline their operations and set up all tasks in order. NetSuite is web-based, so subscribers can synchronize it with their existing systems. It integrates seamlessly with all front-end and back-end office applications.
  • Cloud-Based Solution 
    The platform is cloud-based; so all user data is safely backed up in virtual servers. It is hosted as a web platform so users can access their accounts from any device or browser. Project administrators using the interface have the freedom to move and take their work wherever they go.   
    NetSuite OpenAir also provides mobility services businesses with all-time cloud access, allowing their users to operate wherever they want—on the go, at client sites, or remotely. It can be used with OpenAir Connect to streamline HRM, CRM, PM, and ERP. Further, subscribers can integrate their previous databases with the software to protect all their information.  
  • Visual Presentation 
    The program's dashboard function provides a complete overview of the project, allowing viewers to see all the relevant workflow data in one place. The information here is presented through graphs, tables, and (Gantt) charts that are easy to read. As a result, managers can monitor KPIs and other metrics with just a glance.  
    Further, you can view summarized monthly, yearly, weekly, and daily plans within seconds. Summary creation features help in saving time through a quick overview of tasks, projects, and quotes. You can even present real-time data to revamp your presentations meant for potential clients.  
  • Built-in Templates 
    NetSuite OpenAir offers many templates for analytics tracking and presenting/consolidating progress reports. Users can change the interface's settings to see only the data they're interested in. These reports help managers track deliverables and project efficiency. You can also create annual reports with complete customization. In addition, subscribers can share these screenings with stakeholders and use the data for professional presentations.  
  • Detailed Timesheets 
    The time tracking feature helps managers track user activities and project status. The detailed timesheets used in this function are updated automatically and are equipped to show individual users and teams working on the same project. Users can move between and complete their tasks in a timely manner, before the incident of any assigned due dates. Further, you can schedule reminders, alerts, and notifications against specified timeframe events, and even reject timesheets (under administrative accounts).
  • Resource Coordination 
    NetSuite OpenAir project management software enables you to more efficiently manage your most important work assets (personnel and equipment) around the globe [without any restrictions of physical location], providing you with the comprehensive resource optimization capability you require to ensure that the right resources are working on suitable projects at the right time. As a result, you can ensure efficient resource utilization and project success by conveniently managing and deploying the required company assets to tasks depending on project needs, employee abilities, expertise, and availability, all in real time.  
    The software also makes it possible for businesses to coordinate their resources working between multiple officials, locations, and teams. There is no longer a need to maintain voluminous piles of Excel sheets or use an additional tool to see to these concerns.  
  • Financial Ease 
    The tool's flexible project accounting design attribute effectively monitors and controls project revenues, expenses, and profitability across the project's life cycle while ensuring that the project is completed on time and under budget. To complement things, the NetSuite OpenAir platform includes a robust billing engine that guarantees clients are billed appropriately and on time (with precise expense report tracks), improving cash flow. In addition, sophisticated revenue recognition technology allows for the separation of revenue kinds and the ability to identify revenue streams accurately.  
  • Project Billing & Invoicing 
    NetSuite Open Air PM software facilitates accurate tracking of all costs and expenses associated with a project, including the prices tethered to labor, materials, and equipment. This can help project managers and financial professionals to better understand the financial status of a project, and make more informed decisions about budgeting and resource allocation. It can streamline invoice generation and payment processing.  
    Further, this system enables project administrators and other stakeholders with real-time visibility into project finances, including the status of invoices and payments. This can help to improve communication and collaboration among team members and investors (providing them insights into the time and expenses rendered against particular tasks).
  • Project & Task Management 
    You can divide projects into milestones and schedule them with the Calendar integration. This functionality – available via the NetSuite OpenAir mobile app, in addition – offers easy scheduling of tasks and assignments flexibility. You can appoint tasks according to skills, teams, and capabilities.

Is NetSuite OpenAir right for me?

Typically, NetSuite OpenAir comes as a preferred project management subscription for large enterprises (of 500 or more workers). Smaller outfits, however, can still reap considerable, competitive, benefits via the platform’s usage in their workflow.

Ultimately, however, the best way to decide if the subscription is right for your practice is to schedule a demo. 

Alternatively, you could reach out to our friendly customer service team via the helpline number above to learn exactly how NetSuite OpenAir could work for your facility.

NetSuite OpenAir Pricing Guide

Please note that these are starting estimates – click Get Pricing to get instant, accurate quotes, the full listing of applicable Netsuite Openair offers/pricing plans, plus ‘live rep’ platform onboarding/free trial sign-up facilitation.

NetSuite OpenAir

(* Ballpark Figure; Call our Helpline for Exact Quotes)

What’s included:
✔ Project Administration
✔ Workflow Budgeting
✔ Invoicing & Billing
✔ Resource Administration
✔ Timesheet Management
✔ Expense Tracking
✔ Project Reporting & Dashboards
✔ OpenAir Connect Integration

NetSuite OpenAir Software Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Management


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support


  • Easy Reporting
  • Stellar, Comprehensive, Robust Integrations
  • Outstanding Tutorials


  • Reports of Customer Service Lags
  • Expensive Subscription Arrangements

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does NetSuite OpenAir offer an API?

Yes, NetSuite OpenAir has an API available for use.

Does NetSuite OpenAir support mobile devices?

NetSuite OpenAir is compatible with Android, iPad, iPhone.

What languages does NetSuite OpenAir support?

NetSuite OpenAir is available in English, Czech, Finnish, Dutch, German, Chinese (Traditional), French, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), Swedish, Danish, Russian, Turkish, Italian, Thai, Indonesian, Norwegian (Bokmal) languages.

What level of support does NetSuite OpenAir offer?

NetSuite OpenAir offers support through Phone, Email/Help Desk, Chat, 24/7 (Live rep), FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base.

What other apps does NetSuite OpenAir integrate with?

NetSuite OpenAir integrates with Salesforce Sales Cloud.

What type of pricing plans does NetSuite OpenAir offer?

NetSuite OpenAir is available for $399.00/month.

Who are the typical users of NetSuite OpenAir?

NetSuite OpenAir supports Large Enterprises, Mid Size Businesses, Non-Profit, Public Administrations, Small Businesses.

NetSuite OpenAir Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

NetSuite OpenAir Software reviews

Overall Rating

73 Reviews


Effective Time Tracking, Room for Improvement

March 2023


Large Enterprise

This tool proves highly valuable for efficient time tracking and generating straightforward reports, which can be easily shared with clients and stakeholders.
Despite its strengths, the software falls short in terms of project management and resource allocation capabilities. Furthermore, its user-friendliness is lacking, often necessitating training to navigate its functionalities smoothly.

A Better PM subscription than Airtable!

February 2023

Richard Pete W.

Gaming Bros, NY

If you’re a game or software developer, don’t look other than NetSuite to automate your flow! We’ve tried all the top guns: Airtable, ClickUp, Workzone, etc - none of them beat this. Intuitive design; cost-effective in terms of the value for each dollar.
I’d be a 5/5 fan if they’d reduce the pricing a bit.

Seamless Integration and Financial Management

February 2023


Large Enterprise

Regrettably, the pricing structure of this solution poses a significant challenge for small and mid-sized companies, limiting their ability to utilize its benefits effectively.

Best Project Time Management and Reporting Tool

January 2023


Gilbreath communications

Their developers team is cooperative. They listened to our requests always.

Good Time Tracking with Best Project Management Features

January 2023



It has strong communication ties with third party vendors.

Best software for a Service Company

December 2022



The software sends automated remainders and notifications regarding any change during project development process.

Netsuite Openair comprehensive and customizable tool

December 2022


Terry marketing

The project data is displayed through graphs, charts, tables, that are easy to read. As a result, managers monitor the metrics at a glance.

My favorite accounting all-rounder

November 2022

Jacob Owen

Information Technology & Services

We used to employ Quickbooks as our sole accounting program, but we quickly outgrew the level of service it provided. Concluding our search for a better, more comprehensive accounting solution, we settled on Netsuite. The best thing I found about it is that it can be set up to interact with virtually all the third-party apps you may use in your organization already. I have felt that it made me more efficient and actually ran better than the other software we have. And since it is web-based, the software updates are done on their end and never interrupt our workflow or require a visit by their support agent.
Netsuite is complex software, and mastering it isn’t less than a herculean task.

A perfect administrative assistant

November 2022

Kyle L.

Oil & Energy

Netsuite streamlines administrative operations by combining commonly performed tasks in a single integrated software. We are a service provider that handles employee and vendor outdoor visits. Netsuite enables ideal time-tracking features and project management. The workload on our admin department is cut in half, and we project managers are able to more efficiently manage our projects and the associated teams up front. I also use this software for invoicing, which is very accurate, and I rarely have to double check before sending it to a client.
They have done almost nothing to make the software easy to learn and understand.

Excellent ERP System for our needs!

October 2022


Bytes UK

Employees can directly contact their managers regarding project related activities through comment feature.

Great system for expense reporting and time sheet

September 2022



It automates many project related activities and gives employees freedom to focus on creative outputs.
I am unable to write any negative remark about it.


September 2022


Senior consultant

The software continues to improve its product and add new features within the system.

Netsuite cloud based version is very easy to use

August 2022


Affinity Express

It offers basic pricing plan that starts at $ 399 per month. The enterprise pricing plan starts at $ 899 per month.
The report segment needs improvement.

Easy to use

August 2022


Days autos shop

It has tools for convenient chatting and solid project planning.

The tool has reduced the time and energy needed to complete a lot of tasks.

June 2022

Kyle L.

Oil and Energy

It is a great project management software, one that I have personally recommended to many of my colleagues in the field. One of OpenAirs key benefits is how easily it can be tailored to a clients demands and needs. For a professional services company, this software is ideal for time tracking, project management, and invoicing. By smoothly integrating all of these important operations, it decreases administrative overhead time. Your organization can more efficiently manage your team and projects by organizing your projects up front. Most of the time, the user interface is good, which makes it easy to make reports and use JIRA.
Although the software is the best option for complete project management and administrative integration, it did take some time to become familiar with all of the tools features. Long waits to speak with someone reading from a script are perhaps the worst aspect of any customer service, but NetSuit has some genuine customer support team members who genuinely want to help you. SuiteAnswers, their online support forum, is also subpar. The majority of the data is outdated. But now that I think about it, it probably makes no difference as OpenAir hasnt updated its platform significantly in a while despite consistently claiming that a new version was just around the corner.

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(661) 384-7070

Call us at

(661) 384-7070