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What is Alleva?

Alleva EMR software solution equips therapists with cutting-edge technology, improves their job performance, and decreases their stress levels. It has a highly intuitive interface that streamlines caregivers' workflow. The EMR dashboard is task-based, so the user does not need to access each patient's chart to determine what procedures must be completed and if there are notes to be saved and signed. When the user logs in for the day, he or she will receive a list of all tasks to be completed. Additionally, it works in tandem with surveys to monitor treatment outcomes and software improvement areas. 

Automatically populates ICD-10 Alleva codes and permits the user to define behavioral characteristics for the purpose of developing a client-specific treatment plan. The solution can record patients' vital signs and aid in medication administration. With this feature, users can electronically prescribe medications to their patients remotely. The software offers customizable email and text alerts that can be configured for both other users and clients. Additionally, patients can customize their intake forms. 

The compliance driver of the Alleva project management software enables clinicians to quickly select treatment plan objectives, which populate directly into the note. The company mandates that your clinicians compose thorough notes. Their new terminology box for clinical terms will encourage them to use high-quality language. Certain sessions must include an ASAM, or mental status exam. This function saves your clinical director considerable auditing time.

Alleva Demo

Click the "Watch Demo" button above to view the Alleva software demo and a comprehensive guide to its features, which will assist you in determining whether Alleva and its additional features are suitable for your business. Alleva offers a free trial version of its software.

Alleva Pricing

Pricing information for Alleva software is unavailable on their website. However, you can request a customized version of Alleva pricing plans for its platforms by clicking the Get Pricing. Thus, you can determine whether the cost of the Alleva software falls within your budgetary constraints.

Alleva Reviews

Although there are few online Alleva software reviews, the vast majority of reviewers enthusiastically endorse and recommend the product. Numerous software review websites' standard ranking algorithms have awarded Alleva software reviews a top-tier rating. 

Our Thoughts

Numerous businesses are currently utilizing Alleva for staff and client management, and it is proving to be a highly dependable and trustworthy EMR software for behavioral health treatment. Alleva Software offers a comprehensive suite of tools and solutions to major healthcare institutions. As it automates the majority of the tasks, the software offers its users flexibility, allowing them to focus solely on their patients and their care rather than the documentation and maintenance aspects of their obligations. Alleva is an excellent piece of software for internal workflow management, and its use will increase the business's efficiency and profitability while providing care. 

Alleva Features

Alleva software provides an automated to-do list. EMRs are designed to mimic the human process of organizing on paper, whereas Alleva is intended to function as a robust yet simple task list. It aims to make record management more effective, functional, dependable, and user-friendly. Instead of being organized solely by client charts that must be navigated individually, a user's dashboard maintains an active list of ongoing to-dos using intelligent technology that provides notifications, and reminders, and keeps track of completed tasks.

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Regardless of the type of treatment your organization specializes in, Alleva's portal interface can be customized to reflect its users' company brand for a consistent user experience. This means that clients will see the "Alleva project management" everywhere, but only your brand and logo. The gateway simplifies email marketing and communication by enabling you to send mass emails to relevant clients, consultants, and alumni, directing them back to your website to interact with or reengage with your business. The software is designed to function on both desktop computers and mobile devices, facilitating communication with clients, consultants, etc.

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Alleva CRM, which assists with task assignments, call logs, scheduling, and SMS notifications that enhance and measure the efficacy of your marketing activities, can simplify your work and free up your time. Eligibility and benefit verification are integrated into the platform to ensure that prospective clients are a good fit for your business.

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