Allo Software is a visual cloud-based collaboration tool designed to increase team productivity in businesses. The application visualizes the work and activities of every team member, allowing businesses to recognize work patterns and make more informed business decisions. It provides robust project management capabilities that streamline day-to-day operational processes, optimize workflow efficiency, and facilitate teamwork. This visual workspace makes it simple for managers to keep team members informed of priority tasks and overall project timelines. 

The digital platform enables users to access, manage, and store files including images, videos, documents, and links through a centralized portal. Allo's real-time whiteboards enable employees to sketch out the strategic vision of a team and review visual content in an easily digestible format. It includes functions such as idea management, collaboration tools, issue management, project planning, and prioritization, among others. In addition, managers can use the system to track progress at every stage of a project's lifecycle, create custom templates, and establish the task hierarchy for each project. 

Key Features 

Project Planning  

Allo Software centralizes all project tasks and activities in one dashboard to assist teams in developing efficient workflows. It enables managers to establish a hierarchy of activities within a project, delegate tasks to team members, establish project deadlines, and track progress on visual timelines. 

Activity Dashboard 

The work management platform enables managers to view individual contributions and project workflows in a single, filterable activity dashboard. It visualizes work in multiple ways, allowing users to recognize work patterns, determine asset utilization levels, and expedite the execution of tasks to enhance business performance. This feature also allows managers to monitor overdue items, approve pending requests, and obtain real-time updates on project progress. 

Collaboration Tools 

It provides a comprehensive set of collaboration tools that provide users with a 360-degree view of tasks, deadlines, and other events. Teams can easily view the entire scope of a project while also monitoring its individual components. 

Allo Pricing 

Monthly and annual subscriptions are available for Allo Project Management Software.  

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Allo Demo 

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Allo Reviews 

Across numerous accredited websites, the Allo Project Management System has received positive reviews. Numerous users praise the application's usability, visual collaboration tools, and comprehensive suite of project management solutions. 

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Our Thoughts 

Allo Software is a cloud-based software solution that provides a visual workspace to assist businesses in organizing projects, visualizing day-to-day workflows, and ensuring seamless frontline collaboration. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Allo offer an API?

No, Allo does not offer an API.

Does Allo support mobile devices?

Yes, Allo does support Apple mobile devices (e.g., iPhone and iPad).

Is Allo cloud-based?

Yes, Allo is cloud-based software.

What are the typical users of Allo?

Large enterprises, mid-sized businesses, and small businesses are all typical users.

What is Allo used for?

Allo is a cloud-based collaborative visual workplace that assists enterprises in increasing team efficiency. It simplifies workflows and enables team members to quickly manage, store, and access media such as videos, photographs, links, and documents from a centralized platform.

What level of support does Allo?

Allo offers 24/7 (live rep), chat, knowledge base, FAQs/forum, email/help desk, and phone support.

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