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Detlek ConceptShare is a cloud-based proofing software designed to help marketing teams approve and review creative work on the go. The online program enables businesses to share, communicate, and collaborate on creative assets in real-time. It speeds up the entire review and approval process to let subscribers move work forward swiftly. Key features include approval process control, role-based permissions, project management, status tracking, content management, file sharing, and more.

The digital platform enables supervisors to keep a detailed history of every approval, review, comment, and markup, meeting brand compliance and organizational policies. Subscribers can leverage the system to eliminate the chaos associated with the approval and review processes. It allows creative teams to communicate actionable feedback on project assets while initiating, reporting, and tracking approvals and reviews.

The application also integrates seamlessly with various third-party project management applications like Jira to help users maintain the efficiency of their agile workflow. Overall, Deltek ConceptShare’s online proofing software helps marketing teams ensure reduced change requests, fewer task revisions, and quick project completion.

Key Features

Collaboration Tools

The Deltek ConceptShare software comes equipped with a comprehensive suite of collaboration tools that help supervisors ensure that everyone on the review team is aligned with the exact work requirements. This offering also makes it easier for users to create reviews with well-defined deadlines, parameters, and reminders.

Review Cycle Management

The online proofing software enables users to optimize their workflow efficiency by making quick revisions and accelerating the review cycle. It helps businesses ensure that everyone is giving feedback on the most recent version of a creative asset, filtering feedback based on the project’s scope, and making revisions correctly with comparison features.

Document Management

The Deltek ConceptShare software comes with a powerful document management feature that provides the most updated documents and latest versions of files available. This functionality helps subscribers boost team productivity by generating all workflow data from a centralized interface.

Deltek ConceptShare Pricing

The cost structure is based on the typical subscription-based model. The exact Deltek ConceptSharing pricing details have not been disclosed by the vendor. However, you can click on the "Get Pricing" button above to access customized pricing plans.

Deltek ConceptShare Demo

You can evaluate the product’s features in real-time by simply scheduling a demo (click the "Watch Demo" button above on this page).
The comprehensive Deltek ConceptShare demo will let you check out the software in a more detailed manner and see how intuitive it is to use.

Deltek ConceptShare Reviews

Deltek ConceptShare project management software has received great user satisfaction ratings. The application is praised for its wealth of features, powerful integrations, and clean user interface.
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Our Thoughts

Deltek ConceptShare is a robust proofing solution built to help marketing teams exceed business goals, boost real-time collaboration on creative assets, and automate workflow processes for standardization. Overall, it is noteworthy software, but we recommend you watch the free demo before making the final call.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Deltek Conceptshare offer an API?

Yes, Deltek Conceptshare has an active API available for its customers.

What languages does Deltek ConceptShare support?

The software supports the English language.

What level of support does Deltek Conceptshare offer?

The software has excellent support facilities, including an email/help desk, FAQs/forums, and chat support.

What other apps does Deltek ConceptShare integrate with?

Deltek Conceptshare integrates with the Peoplogica skills app.

Who are the typical users of Deltek Conceptshare?

The main users of Conceptshare are freelancers, small, medium, and large companies, and non-profit organizations.

Deltek ConceptShare Pricing

Small Organization

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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Deltek ConceptShare reviews

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