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Dynatrace Software is a performance monitoring and operations management solution designed to assist DevOps teams in analyzing and monitoring the performance of applications through a centralized portal. Using purpose-built use cases, the AIOps platform enables businesses to streamline multi-cloud processes and facilitate team collaboration across multiple departments. It features anomaly detection, AI assistance, cross-team collaboration, log entry analysis, and network process monitoring, among other capabilities.

Using a centralized interface, the technology-driven program enables users to detect, diagnose, and analyze performance issues. It includes support for a number of services, including ActiveMQ, OneAgent, Android Webkit, Amazon Connect, Azure Application Gateway, and Ansible Tower. Administrators can also use the system to monitor web-based processes and configure staff access permissions.

Its analytical solutions assist businesses in gaining visibility into user experience insights, dependency specifics, and other performance metrics by allowing them to drill down into key components. Moreover, Dynatrace includes an open API that enables users to integrate the software with a variety of third-party platforms, including GitHub, ServiceNow, Slack, and Google Analytics.

Dynatrace Pricing

The cost structure of Dynatrace Software is based on a pay-as-you-go pricing model. Free monitoring is provided for the first 1,000 hours. However, the specifics of the vendor's pricing strategies have not been made public.

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Dynatrace Demo

Click the "Watch Demo" link on this page to schedule a live demo of the software's core features. The comprehensive Dynatrace demonstration will provide a visual tour of the product's core modules and highlight how it will benefit your organization.

Dynatrace Reviews

Dynatrace Software has received favorable ratings from a variety of reputable websites. The application for performance monitoring is lauded for its reporting and analytics, cloud automation, application security, and infrastructure monitoring features.

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Our Thoughts

Dynatrace is a performance monitoring application powered by artificial intelligence that simplifies cloud complexities by analyzing, gathering, and consolidating all application performance metrics in a single location. We suggest that you evaluate the demo version of the software to determine if it meets your specific needs.

Dynatrace Features

The Dynatrace Project Management System assists DevOps teams in optimizing application performance, enhancing customer service, and enhancing the user experience. Its comprehensive monitoring approach combines real-user monitoring (RUM), synthetic monitoring, and session replay in a centralized workspace.

The operations management software provides real-time, AI-driven responses to analytic queries involving metrics and key performance indicators that are already flowing through applications. With complete visibility into their day-to-day processes and answers to root-cause questions, businesses can improve their operations.

The program quickly measures response times and detects JavaScript errors directly in customers' browsers. It even monitors the performance of business-reliant third-party applications or calls (for example, Twitter, Facebook, or CDNs).

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Dynatrace is used to modernize and automate enterprise cloud operations, release higher-quality software more quickly, and provide optimal digital experiences to your company's customers.

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