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Are you facing challenges with time theft, payroll errors, and disconnected teams draining your resources? Introducing the ultimate workforce solution, iQcheckpoint. Choose this platform for streamlined workforce management, ensuring secure and centralized control and reliable insights to optimize your distributed workforce.

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What Is iQCheckPoint?


iQcheckpointis a cloud-based workforce management software designed to streamline scheduling, elevate productivity, optimize communication, and improve efficiency across teams. The platform emphasizes features for accurate payroll calculations, enhanced fraud detection, and streamlined communication within distributed workforces. It aims to help businesses reduce labor costs, boost employee engagement, and ensure compliance.

iQcheckpoint Pricing

The following are the pricing plans:

  • Standard: custom pricing
  • Professional: custom pricing
  • Premium: custom pricing

Disclaimer: The pricing is subject to change.

iQcheckpoint Integrations

The vendor has not disclosed any information regarding its third-party integrations.

Who Is iQcheckpoint For?

iQcheckpoint appears best suited for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) operating within the following industries:

  • Hospitality
  • Security
  • Cleaning
  • Construction
  • Pest Control
  • Child Care
  • Restaurant
  • Healthcare

Is iQcheckpoint Right For You?

Are you tired of dealing with expensive payroll errors, the potential risk of time theft, and a lack of visibility into your distributed workforce's activities? Look no further! iQcheckpoint is here to address these challenges head-on and restore accuracy and control to your business.

iQcheckpoint project management understands the importance of providing secure and adaptable solutions. With robust security measures in place, your sensitive workforce data is safeguarded while ensuring a platform that can scale alongside your evolving business needs.

Still not sure if iQcheckpoint is the perfect fit? Schedule a free iQcheckpoint demo or contact us at 661-384-7070, and our experts will help you make an informed choice.


iQCheckPoint Features

Create and manage complex employee schedules with ease. Incorporate shift requests, availability preferences, and essential skills to ensure adequate coverage while accommodating employee needs.

Set and track labor budgets for specific locations or job sites. Get alerts about potential overages, enabling proactive adjustments to optimize labor costs and project profitability.

iQcheckpoint provides a centralized point for employee clock-in/out, potentially with biometric authentication options. This streamlines time tracking, particularly in settings with a high volume of shift workers.

Utilize AI-driven analysis of attendance data, location patterns, and other metrics to identify potential fraudulent activity and help protect your business from time theft and payroll errors.

B-N-Q technologies enhance security vigilance by enabling easy monitoring of team members through attendance tracking and GPS location. It also offers instant alerts for task completion and incidents, adding a layer of management control and reporting.

The software facilitates real-time communication between employees, managers, and teams. Includes tools for announcements, direct messaging, and group discussions to improve workplace collaboration and problem-solving.

Pros and Cons of iQCheckPoint


  • Streamlined time and attendance tracking
  • Potential payroll error reduction
  • Real-time workforce visibility
  • Communication and collaboration tools
  • Focus on fraud prevention


  • Initial setup may require time investment
  • Full feature set might necessitate training
  • Potential for employee privacy concerns, according to some iQcheckPoint reviews

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Yes, iQcheckpoint has an API available for use.

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