Kanbanchi: #1 Online Project Management Software for Businesses

What is Kanbanchi?


Kanbanchi is a cloud-based collaboration and task management tool designed for Google Workspace. It is the only online tool for managing enterprise-level projects with seamless collaboration and built-in features like Kanban Board, Gantt Chart, and Time Tracker to promote real-time collaboration and visual task management.

What is Kanbanchi best for?

Kanbanchi is best known for its ease of use and effortless task management capabilities due to its various plugins. Installing and signing up for the software only takes about 30 seconds as long as the users have already been added to your organization’s Google Workspace domain.

Because the interface is very similar to Google, users will be able to quickly grasp Kanbanchi’s full functionality within minutes and start manipulating project boards as files in Google Drive.

Kanbanchi Pricing

Compared to other task management and collaboration software like Trello and Asana, Kanbanchi has a definite edge due to its ease of use and cost-effective pricing packages. Kanbanchi currently offers the following three pricing plans when billed annually:

1. Starter

2. Professional

3. Enterprise

The Starter plan costs $7.95 per user per month and includes comprehensive task management and collaboration tools. The Professional plan starts at $19.97 per user per month and covers state-of-the-art project planning and tracking tools, plus everything included in the starter plan.

The third plan is for enterprises with over 100+ employees and comes with a designated account manager for training and uninterrupted support.

Kanbanchi offers a free 7-day trial on the go without requiring users to submit any confidential information. Educators and non-profit organizations can get a 50% discount on each annual plan after verification.

Kanbanchi Integrations

Kanbanchi is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux and is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Kanbanchi supports integration with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). You can sign up using your Gmail account and integrate Kanbanchi with your Google Drive and Google Calendar without any other logins or passwords.

How does Kanbanchi work?

Kanbanchi is available for both PCs and mobile devices. You can sign up for the software using your Google account. From there on, you can:

  • Create unlimited projects on the Kanban board for seamless task management.
  • Assign projects to your teammates and monitor the progress via time tracking.
  • Convert Kanban boards into Gantt charts for detailed insights and reporting.
  • Export board data to Google spreadsheets for data-driven reporting and decision  making.
  • And much more…

Who is Kanbanchi for?

Kanbanchi is a leading task and project management software designed for seamless project management and collaboration for startups and enterprise businesses. It is best suited for industries with extensive remote work, such as:

  • Information technology
  • Digital marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Customer Support
  • Accounting
  • Writing
  • Consulting
  • Quality assurance
  • Education
  • Sales

Kanbanchi Features

Kanban Board

Kanban board is a robust project management framework based on the agile methodology to help visualize tasks and improve overall efficiency. Kanbanchi offers feature-rich Kanban boards to help streamline tasks and manage projects the agile way.

Using the Kanban board, you can create a card for each task, assign those tasks to your team members, set priorities, define deadlines, check progress at any given time, and add clarity to your workflow for seamless task management.

Gantt Chart

Gantt charts are the most effective in adding clarity to workflows and improving the overall efficiency of your team. They facilitate real-time collaboration and help organizations meet and achieve deadlines faster without compromising on quality.

Create task lists, assign time frames, delegate tasks to your team members, and visually adjust work schedules with intuitive Gantt charts on Kanbanchi. 

Time Tracker

The time tracker feature in Kanbanchi helps monitor progress and measure the productivity of team members involved in a task. You can track the level of effort (LOE) of teams and individuals and foster a culture of transparency and merit-based promotions within your organization.

Moreover, the time tracker also enables managers to keep track of the hours and resources spent on specific tasks and projects, along with assessing the accuracy of work estimates and the effectiveness of the team.


Kanbanchi offers seamless collaboration and communication features to help businesses add clarity to their operations and encourage team members to work to the best of their abilities.

Use Kanbanchi to create cards, assign tasks and add team members to those cards, add comments, screenshots, and videos, and share those cards with anyone across your team.


Kanbanchi allows you to create custom reports to help determine the status of each task and project and evaluate the performance of individuals and teams in getting things done.  

Using Kanbanchi's extensive reporting feature, you can create user productivity reports, team performance reports, project status reports, cumulative flow reports, and burn-up reports to instantly get better insights on your teams and projects.  


You can customize the dashboard of Kanbanchi and use your company name on the top left of the screen for personal branding. You can also change the background themes in Kanbanchi and personalize your dashboard to make work more fun and productive.  

Push Notifications

Kanbanchi integrates with desktop and mobile devices. You can set up push notification features for your desktop to receive instant updates on the task and enable in-app notifications to keep track of the progress via your smartphone.

Is Kanbanchi Right for Me?

Kanbanchi is a comprehensive project management tool for full-fledged task management and team collaboration. It is the #1 app of its kind on the G Suite marketplace and boasts thousands of positive reviews and ratings online.

Kanbanchi is trusted by 5000+ companies like eBay, Netflix, Booking.com, TELUS, COSTCO, etc., and is used by prestigious academic institutions such as Stanford University.

Kanbanchi will be ideal for you if you need a flexible task management and collaboration tool with time tracking and other similar features like Gantt charts and Kanban board built on Google Cloud.

Kanbanchi Pricing

Kanbanchi offers a 7-day free trial with all the features available. After the trial ends, you can choose from the following three pricing plans.


Seamless task management & collaboration to boost productivity and organize workflow

$7.95 per user/month

Advanced project planning and tracking features for real-time monitoring and reporting

$19.97 per user/month

One-stop solutions for task and project management with seamless collaboration and custom integrations

Custom price for 100+ users
What’s included:

✔ Unlimited projects and templates

✔ Kanban-style board

✔ Task delegation via cards
Import boards

✔ Export board via spreadsheets

✔ Data backup
What’s included:

✔ Everything in the Starter plan, plus:

✔ Data visualization via Gantt charts

✔ Time tracking

✔ Branding and dashboard personalization

✔ Reporting and analytics
And much more…
What’s included:

✔ Everything in the professional plan, plus:
✔ A dedicated account manager to ensure 24/7 customer support

✔Custom integrations with your existing software like ERP, CRM, etc.

✔ Software training via guides and tutorials

✔ Assistance in full-scale implementation of the software

✔ Custom features tailored to the enterprise's needs

Kanbanchi: #1 Online Project Management Software for Businesses Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Managementt


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Kanbanchi offer an API?

There is no API utility available within the software.

Does Kanbanchi support mobile devices?

No, the software is not compatible with mobile devices.

Is Kanbanchi cloud-based?

Yes, Kanbanchi is a cloud-based software solution.

What is Kanbanchi time used for?

The software is the only online tool for project management that offers a Kanban board, Gantt chart, and time tracker. Teams can collaborate in real time and manage projects visually.

What level of support does Kanbanchi offer?

Kanbanchi support is available through email/help desk, chat, phone, and FAQs/forum.

Who are the typical users of Kanbanchi?

Typical users of the software include freelancers, small businesses, mid-sized companies, large enterprises, non-profit organizations, and public administrations.

Kanbanchi: #1 Online Project Management Software for Businesses Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

Kanbanchi: #1 Online Project Management Software for Businesses reviews

Overall Rating

5 Reviews


The project management software we needed.

February 2023

Ayer H.

Non-Profit Organization Management

Kanbanchi is excellent for expanding enterprises and non-profits in particular just like mine. It is very simple to assign tasks to team members and maintain a checklist. Besides, we can quickly check the team member's name who has been assigned a certain task. So, this way, all the connected team members can stay in the loop. Also, it saves the team members from the hassle of getting work done as everything is there on the software. All you have to do is communicate and Kanbanchni is very good at that!
It is very frustrating that you cannot collapse sub-cards from cards in the Kanban view. Adding to that, I was very disappointed when I was not able to add checklist tasks to Google Calendar.

The software helps align tasks on the basis of priorty.

February 2023


Information Technology and Services

Kanbanchi has already helped me handle several problems, such as time tracking and workload sharing. All thanks to its project tracking feature and automatically changing colors of the tasks on the basis of their deadlines. Things move quickly, and Kanbanchi helps us stay ahead of our deadlines. The option to remark and receive notifications when others comment is definitely the most valuable feature for our team. That enables us to collaborate "at the point of usage", in relation to the real-time updates of what's happening on the "front lines". The software is definitely worth a try.
There are a few random glitches here and there but nothing that would make it unusable. Usually, the support team at Kanbanchi is able to answer quickly and solve the problem but this is something we couldn’t get help with. The glitches result in hanging the software midway through the tasks which get very annoying as it disrupts the entire workflow.

Prioritizing tasks feature is quite helpful.

January 2023



We appreciate how flexible Kanbanchi is and that we can customize tasks down to the last details. All the tasks and projects can be tagged to the team members and highlighted in different colors based on their priority which makes organizing projects a breeze. Besides, this also minimized the chances of errors and boosts productivity as team members know which tasks to give more priority to and how to manage their time effectively. Kanbanchi has been a great addition to our organization and we've seen proven improvements in our annual audit. I would highly recommend this for project management professionals.
It could have been even better if the G Suite was integrated properly. We have all the data stored on a shared google drive and collaborate using links. Sadly, the software's interface with GSuite is average at best. I am not sure if it is a lagging point at Google’s end or the software, but this is something the developers must address to. Moreover, subtasks can only be added while we are editing the main project and cannot be added afterward. I hope these issues are resolved soon in the upcoming software updates.

Great for quickly getting stuff off of your mind

January 2023

Sarah L

Health, Wellness, and Fitness

Kanbanchi can help you organize your projects because it is simple to learn and use. Even though I probably only use a few features, I still get great help from it. I appreciate being able to ‘distribute’ duties across the team and seeing "Done"! Many of our daily tasks are small and quick but Kanbanchi makes our day-to-day work more effectively.
The only thing, I suppose, that I don't like is that it takes me a while to enter all the data, but that is not the software's fault. Also, I would appreciate having some resources like random tips and tricks on how to use the other features that I currently hesitating to use as they appear complicated.

This is the management tool I've been looking for!

December 2022

Janny G

Organization Management

It makes assigning work to team members so easy since I have to enter the tasks in the checklist just once and then check the member’s name to assign them. We frequently use the Google Cloud environment, and Kanbanchi is well integrated with it. Making cards is a piece of cake, and they can be added to Google Calendar.
In the Kanban view, subcards from cards cannot be collapsed. There is no way to add checklist items to Google Calendar.

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