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Metis Project Management is a professional services automation (PSA) software that enables consultants and service providers to run their businesses while managing client projects online. It is difficult but rewarding to assist clients with their businesses by providing excellent services. Professionals require PSA software to accurately collect data and track performance in order to complete projects and remain profitable. They also require tools like Metis to assist them in streamlining and improving their business processes. At the same time, they must be able to see how their company is performing at all times.

Key Features


Metis cloud-based automation software includes dashboards that provide a comprehensive view of the organization. It includes a revenue dashboard that displays highs and lows based on staff size or usage. The current workload is conveniently displayed on a dashboard. Furthermore, each user has a homepage where they can keep track of their assignments, sales prospects, active jobs, and team status.

Timesheet and Expense Management 

This software includes features that are critical for tracking time and the money spent on clients’ projects. The interface makes it simple to enter time and data. Users can also leave comments for free. Furthermore, the interface allows full-time and part-time employees to enter their hours. The expense management system allows you to use multiple currencies and attach receipt photos from the iOS app. Online approval of timesheets and expenses is also available for managers.

Resource Management 

Users can see how well their staff is functioning in relation to their objectives. This feature also allows you to create time-off categories. With the information you enter, you can plan for resources as well. It can also keep track of the leave of absence that was planned and the actual time that was taken off.

Metis Software Pricing 

Do you have any questions about the Metis pricing structure? You can have up to five users on the free plans. The Basic plan costs £20 per month per user and is paid annually. It includes all of the same features as the free plan, as well as unlimited users. Finally, the Professional plan costs 30 pounds and includes all features as well as the ability to have as many practice areas and offices as you want. 

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Metis Software Demo 

Not sure if Metis Project Management is right for you? Don't be concerned. The company will provide you with a free trial period. The Metis demo allows you to test the software in real time to see what it can do for your organization. You can also determine whether the software meets your requirements during the demo. 

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Metis Software Reviews 

Metis reviews can be found on a variety of websites. However, the majority of reviews give the software 4 or 5 stars, indicating that users appreciate its unique features. You can read detailed pros and cons in Reviews Section below to gain valuable personal insights about the software.

Our Thoughts 

Metis is a cloud-based platform for professional service automation. It can help small and medium-sized businesses that provide accounting, advertising, public relations, consulting, legal services, and graphic design. The platform includes tools for managing projects, tracking time or expenses, invoicing, and resource management. You can also schedule a free demo which will help you make the final call.

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