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Improve your business’s performance by increasing revenue, reducing costs, and boosting profitability with Mongrov software. Discover seamless and innovative features that help you optimize your business operations through secure channels. Streamline collaboration and grow your business with agile solutions. Explore Mongrov software and enhance your communication journey!

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What Is Mongrov Software?


Mongrov software is a cloud-based collaboration solution specifically created to streamline communication within the workplace. The app offers key features like messaging, video conferencing, reporting, task boards, and geo-tracking.

Moreover, the platform provides real-time team communication by updating users using private and group chats. Users can receive notifications through the desktop or mobile apps or via email through personalized notifications.

What Is Mongrov Software Best For?

Mongrov has gained significant recognition for its straightforward user interface. The software's user-friendly interface is designed to be intuitive, accessible, and easy to navigate, ensuring that newcomers and experienced users can seamlessly interact with the platform. It empowers individuals and teams to quickly adapt to the software, enhancing productivity and collaboration.

Mongrov Software Pricing

  • Starting Price: $3/month
The Mongrov cost depends on your organization's size and needs. Click Get Pricing for a custom quote.

Mongrov Software Integrations

The software integrates with Zapier.

How Does Mongrov Software Work?

Here's how you can navigate the dashboard and make use of the software's features:  

  • Log in and access the system
  • Create admin and user accounts with appropriate roles
  • Define workspaces for different teams or projects and set channels or groups within these workspaces  
  • Assign members to relevant channels for streamlined communication  
  • Upload essential documents and organize files into folders within workspaces  
  • Utilize task boards or project management features to track progress  
  • Assign tasks, set due dates, and monitor completion  
  • Start instant conversations with team members via direct messages  
You can also schedule a free Mongrov demo and learn more about its functionalities.

Who Is Mongrov Software For?

Mangrov, a SaaS platform, is highly scalable and can accommodate the needs of organizations of all sizes. The following sectors use Mongrov:  

  • Government  
  • Non-profit
  • Information technology  
  • Healthcare

Is Mongrov Software Right For You?

Are you looking for a cloud-based collaboration solution designed to enhance workplace communication? Mongrov software is one of the software applications that might be the complete package. It offers unified collaboration, task management, collaborative boards, and geo-tracking services.

The software has won several awards and is SCORM compliant, making sure your business grows without data breaches or system crashes. Mongrov is designed to cater to companies of all sizes. Moreover, in a single tenancy setup, you possess an independent database and a dedicated instance of the software, ensuring secure communication.

Have any queries about Mongrov software? Call our customer support team at (661)-384-7070, and they will help you make an informed decision.

Mongrov Software Pricing Plans

The starting price of the software is $3 per month. 

Mongrov Software Features

This feature amplifies communication and collaboration within the platform. Mongrov offers a seamless and integrated solution for virtual meetings and discussions, catering to individual and team needs. The software ensures clear video and audio quality, enabling participants to engage in discussions without distractions. Mongrov software works well in both the office and on the go. It has mobile apps that work on both Apple iOS and Android, so you and your team can access the system, see your tasks, get information, and work with other members even when you are on the go.

Mongrov project management software provides a centralized platform to create, assign, and track tasks to align every team member with project goals and priorities. The software also enables project managers to assign tasks to specific team members, ensuring clear ownership and accountability. Additionally, users can set task priorities and due dates, helping teams focus on critical assignments and manage their time effectively.

The geo-tracking feature enhances location-based tracking, improves field operations, and enables efficient management of mobile teams. It offers real-time visibility into the whereabouts of team members, assets, or vehicles on a digital map. It allows managers to monitor operations with accuracy. It empowers businesses to optimize routes and schedules. Mongrov also supports geofencing, allowing users to define virtual boundaries.

This functionality provides a Kanban-style board view that allows teams to visualize work statuses and flows. Different tasks or tickets can be arranged into columns based on their completion stage. Team members drag and drop tasks or tickets between the various columns as work starts, pauses, resumes, and finishes. The task board supports assigning individuals or teams to specific tasks.

Pros and Cons of Mongrov Software


  • User-friendly interface that's easy to navigate
  • Instant and efficient communication through messaging and video conferencing
  • Real-time visibility for field operations
  • Offers integration cloud environments for easier integration with other applications


  • Initial setup complexity, according to some Mongrov software reviews
  • Lacks taskboard on mobile

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Yes, Mongrov offers an API to its users.

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