PMware Software

What Is PMware?


PMware is a fully integrated project and portfolio management (PPM) solution for on-site and remote teams. The PPM platform combines project planning, resource management, and collaboration features within a centralized interface. It offers end-to-end work management tools to help businesses gain better visibility and control over their portfolios, programs, and projects.

Users can deploy PMware software on-premises or in the cloud and access it from Windows and Linux devices. With its user-friendly interface, the platform enables project managers to oversee all aspects of a project, from planning to execution.

What Is PMware Best For?

PMware project management platform is highly regarded for its exceptional resource management capabilities. This cutting-edge system provides an all-encompassing platform that empowers users to effectively oversee and optimize their resources and projects. With PMware, individuals can effortlessly visualize resource allocation across their entire portfolio. Consequently, this invaluable tool facilitates data-driven decision-making and effectively mitigates the inherent risks of project failure. 

PMware Pricing

Factors affecting PMware software pricing include the organization's size, user count, and customization options. Larger enterprises with extensive needs may have higher costs due to increased functionality and support requirements. More licenses and advanced features can also lead to higher fees. 

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PMware Integrations

By centralizing project management and resource planning data, PMware simplifies integration management. Additionally, the open architecture of the PPM platform is designed to maximize value throughout the organization. Users can achieve the desired integration performance by leveraging prebuilt or customized integrations with other enterprise systems.

How Does PMware Work?

Navigate the dashboard and begin using the PMware project management software by following these basic steps:

  • Log in and access the dashboard
  • Familiarize yourself with the modules and features available, such as Work Management, Project Portfolio Management, Resource Management, etc. 
  • Explore the relevant sections of PMware that pertain to your work
  • Create a new project by clicking the 'New Project' or similar option within the Project Management module
  • Use the Resource Management module to allocate resources to projects and manage their availabilit
  • Utilize the various capabilities of PMware to optimize project performance and ensure efficient resource allocation
  • Share project updates, documents, and communicate effectively to keep everyone aligned and informed
  • Track project costs, budgets, and actual expenditures to ensure financial control and accountability

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Who Is PMware For?

PMware software is ideal for project-focused organizations, including small, medium, and large enterprises. This versatile platform caters to various industries and sectors, such as information technology (IT), software development, engineering, construction, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and more.

PMware Features

PMware project management software offers the following key features:

  • Work Management

Manage your work and projects from end to end effectively. This feature allows businesses to streamline and optimize their workflow, ensuring tasks are allocated efficiently, deadlines are met, and progress is tracked. It provides visibility into workloads, enhances collaboration, and improves productivity and project performance.

  • Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Project-focused organizations can access a comprehensive centralized system for planning, executing, and monitoring projects. It helps them prioritize and select the right projects with the right resources. Meanwhile, the project management office can ensure alignment with strategic goals and have visibility into project status, resources, and financials.

  • Project Management

PMware offers robust project management capabilities, allowing companies to plan, execute, and control their projects effectively. It includes task management, scheduling, milestone tracking, and progress monitoring features. It helps teams stay organized, collaborate effectively, and deliver better project performance.

  • Demand And Resource Management

It provides a structured process for requesting, prioritizing, and approving projects, ensuring that resources are allocated to the most valuable initiatives. This feature enables better resource planning, aligns project portfolios with strategic objectives, and maximizes the value delivered by the organization.

  • Capacity Management

PMware's capacity management module helps assess and manage the capacity to deliver new projects and initiatives. It provides insights into the availability of resources, workload capacity, and project dependencies, allowing businesses to make informed decisions about project prioritization and resource allocation. In this manner, project managers can prevent resource overloading, ensure realistic project planning, and support efficient resource utilization.

  • Earned Value Management

PMware includes earned value management capabilities that measure and track the value their projects deliver. It provides metrics to assess project performance, including cost variance, schedule variance, and earned value analysis. This feature helps organizations monitor project progress, identify deviations from the plan, and take corrective actions to ensure efficiency and profitability.

  • Collaboration Management

Promote effective communication and collaboration among your project teams and stakeholders. It provides tools for document sharing, task assignments, discussion forums, and real-time updates. This feature improves teamwork, fosters knowledge sharing, and enhances project transparency, leading to better decision-making and successful project outcomes.

  • Project Financials

Track and manage project budgets, costs, and financials. It provides insights into project expenses, resource costs, and financial forecasts. This feature ensures financial accountability, helps control project costs, and enables effective budget allocation, improving financial performance and project profitability.

Is PMware Right For You?

PMware's PPM platform is an ideal choice for businesses that need a practical approach to managing their project portfolio. It is particularly beneficial when a company wants to streamline its workflows, optimize resource allocation, and enhance team collaboration.

One of the key reasons to choose PMware is its robust security and compliance protocols. The software prioritizes data protection and confidentiality, ensuring that sensitive project information remains secure. PMware incorporates industry-standard encryption protocols.

Additionally, the software complies with various regulatory requirements. It aligns with data protection regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, ensuring businesses can handle personal data compliantly. PMware also follows best practices for information security management, such as ISO 27001, to provide a secure environment for data.

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PMware Pricing Plans

Some factors that may affect PMware pricing include organization size, user count, and inclusion of advanced features.

PMware Software Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Time Tracking




File Sharing


Data Visualization


Task Management


Customizable Workflows


Project Templates


Issue Tracking




Resource Allocation


Activity Tracking




Project Scheduling


Task Dependencies


Mobile App





  • User-friendly interface 
  • The system suffers from crashes during intense workflows, according to Medflow EHR reviews  
  • Ophthalmology specific software 
  • The system slows down when it is being updated 
  • Optical modules included in the base package 
  • The software has some bugs, though the customer support is quick to resolve them 
  • Patient scheduling is simple and straightforward 
  • Top EMR software rating amongst competitors 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does PMware offer an API?

Yes, API access is available.

Does PMware support mobile devices?

The vendor has not indicated compatibility with mobile devices.

What level of support does PMware offer?

Customer support options include phone and email.

What other apps does PMware integrate with?

The software's open architecture helps simplify integrating with third-party applications. Details regarding the integrations have not been disclosed.

What types of pricing plans does PMware offer?

The pricing of PMware software can be influenced by factors such as the organization's size, the number of users, and the inclusion of advanced features. Click Get Pricing for more details.

Who are the typical users of PMware?

PMware helps individuals finish projects in the following industries and sectors: software development, engineering, construction, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and more.

PMware Software Pricing

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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PMware Software reviews

Overall Rating

6 Reviews


Very strong cloud based project manager

July 2022



We have mainly set it up to be cloud based since we work remotely and appreciate the access anywhere. All our projects are available to everyone for quick reviews or last minute changes.
Trainings need to be scheduled formally which takes quite a bit of time.

Almost does it for us

July 2022

Peter H.

Electrical Manufacturing

I have been looking in to many different options available and thought to try my luck on this one. Cant say that Im disappointed. I have given different users different levels of access and it has helped me gain control and make the projects more labor-efficient.
Not all our systems run the same operating system and it provides a less than uniform experience cross platform.

Our recommendation

July 2022



We would totally recommend it after integrating all out offices and every department to work in a single place with perfect harmony. The platform is very stable and resourceful.
It is not without its flaws but then which software doesnt have flaws. Its UI is slow but gets the job done.

Disappointing dashboards

June 2022

Luciano K.

Information Technology and Services

No doubt it is one of the better portfolio management software we have used. Many paid options to choose from helps you manage your budget.
It is great that all the information is visible but dashboard feels cluttered out-of-the-box.

Provides the most visibility

June 2022


Digital Marketing

All our executives can have a glance at projects and track their progress in real-time. It is the most ready-to-use software we have used.
It is not available on Chromebooks natively.

Pleased to have chosen it

June 2022



We try and manage all our projects on-site but recently we have had to work more "remotely" and PMware has come in very handy. Our project leaders are more aligned with each other thanks to real-time progress reports and all our data is safe.
Access from cellphones is limited. We go out of our way to arrange a laptop.

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(661) 384-7070

Call us at

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