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Frustrated with workspace chaos? Pronestor provides an effective solution to address workplace organization challenges. If you find your office environment chaotic and disorganized, Pronestor can help streamline operations effortlessly, allowing for a more efficient and organized workspace. Experience a smoother way of managing your office environment with Pronestor's user-friendly platform.

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What Is Pronestor?


Pronestor, now known as Sign In Workspace, is a cloud-based software that provides workplace management solutions for hybrid and flexible offices. It streamlines the process of booking desks, scheduling meetings, greeting visitors, and gaining data-driven insights to optimize your workplace.

Additionally, the platform offers several functionalities that make it easier for teams to collaborate and maintain work-life balance. It includes handling everything from invitations and room booking to catering and equipment and providing a complete overview of who’s in the building with its Visitor feature.

What Is Pronestor Best For?

Pronestor software is popularly known for its exceptional customer support services. Its customer support team is always ready to help with backend and end-user questions and is known for listening to customer needs. The Pronstor team is highly active and responsive. It ensures to solve customer queries promptly, without any disruptions.

Pronestor Pricing

The Pronestor price depends on the package that suits your organization the best. The vendor offers the following four Pronestor pricing plans

  • Planner – $41/room/month
  • Display – Starting from $19/room/month
  • Visitor – $275/location/reception/month
  • Workspace – $3/desk/month
The Free package is only available for the first 30-day free trial period. Get a custom Pronestor cost tailored to your company’s specific requirements.

Disclaimer: The pricing is subject to change.

Pronestor Integrations

The vendor has not publicly disclosed its third party integrations.

How Does Pronestor Work?

Here's how you can navigate the dashboard and make use of the software's features:

  • Log in to your Pronestor account to access the main dashboard
  • Add users and assign permissions
  • Familiarize yourself with the dashboard layout and where each feature is located
  • View a scheduling calendar within the platform that displays free space and employee availability
  • Use the Room Booking feature to book specific rooms while also visualizing room availability
  • Move, swap, monitor, and extend room booking by utilizing the Meeting Management tool
You can also schedule a free Pronestor demo to learn more about its features.

Who Is Pronestor For?

The software accommodates companies of varying sizes and municipalities. Pronestor benefits the following industries:

  • Consultancy
  • Information technology
  • Banking
  • Supply chain

Is Pronestor Right For You?

Are you looking for a comprehensive meeting management solution that streamlines every aspect of your meetings? If so, then Pronestor can be the right software for your organization. It helps companies all over the world manage their facilities, their employees, and their visitors. Additionally, the software ensures data security and keeps user information confidential.

Want to learn more about Pronestor software? Contact us at 661-384-7070, and we will give you a complete overview of the platform to help you decide if Pronestor is worth investing in, according to your organization’s requirements.

Pronestor Features

Pronestor provides robust reporting and data analytics capabilities. It collects all data from modules like Planner, Visitor, and Display in Insights. The software enables you to access the data from your meeting room scheduler and export it for use with other software. It gives valuable insights into your meetings, helping you make data-driven decisions to enhance efficiency and productivity.

The platform includes an invoicing functionality that automatically bills everything added to a meeting room booking. It includes catering orders, equipment bookings, and more. Pronestor eliminates manual billing processes, saving time and reducing errors.

The software supports hybrid meetings, allowing in-person and remote participants to join the meeting seamlessly. It is particularly beneficial in today’s work environment, where remote work is common, ensuring everyone can participate in the meeting regardless of location.

Pronestor streamlines various aspects of meeting management. For instance, when a meeting invitation is sent out, the front desk is automatically notified of any external participants. Similarly, the kitchen is automatically notified of catering orders placed during the meeting. These automation features save time and reduce manual tasks, improving efficiency.

Pros and Cons of Pronestor


  • Streamlined room booking
  • Efficient visitor management
  • Comprehensive workspace insights
  • Seamless user interface
  • Agile meeting management


  • Requires reliable internet connectivity
  • Integration complexity for non-Microsoft users
  • Visitor feature could be more intuitive, according to some Pronestor reviews

Pronestor Pricing



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What's Included

  • Meeting booking in Outlook

  • Overview of meeting rooms

  • Book meeting room resources directly in Outlook

  • Search and book equipment for meetings

  • Multiple locations and time zones

  • Reporting and data analytics

  • Invite internal and external attendees

  • Data export for invoicing



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What's Included

  • Confirm booking directly on screen

  • Book spontaneous meetings

  • Release room if not being used

  • Extend room booking directly on screen

  • Error reporting

  • Customized screen design

  • Overview for visitors

  • Google Workspace



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What's Included

  • Complete overview of visitors (past, present and future)

  • See who is visiting on a given day

  • Self-registration

  • Check-in via QR code

  • Check-in via name

  • Check-in via check-in code

  • Customized check-in data

  • Customized visitor badge



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What's Included

  • Easy desk booking

  • Plan your week(s)

  • Book via your 'favorites'

  • Book a desk via interactive floor map

  • Overview of work day

  • Book on behalf of a colleague

  • Group bookings

  • Find a colleague via search function

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The vendor offers four Pronestor pricing plans: Planner ($41/room/month), Display (starting at $19/room/month), Visitor ($275/reception/month), and Workspace ($3/desk/month).

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