Remato is an employee and timesheet tracking software for construction firms. Remato masters the element of project management and is truly easy to use. It aims to reduce labor costs and speed up the payroll process for employee retention. Its GPS tracking feature is of great significance. 

The best part is that Remato project management software is compatible with Android and iOS devices and works with biometric devices and regular phones. It allows managers to overview staff in real-time and manage tasks and schedules. Remato software also fosters impressive communication and collaboration services. 

Key Features 


Handling off-site documents is a challenging task using the Remato project management solution. According to its reviews, Remato keeps site documents in order. It shares document files with the project owners, keeps site diaries, and sends out task PDFs.

Besides that, it maintains proof of completed work. For this, it offers an image collaboration feature. Remato software collects images from the field staff to inspect the progress and identify potential issues. This way, it ensures transparency in project workflows, avoiding team disputes.

Inventory Management 

The Remato software efficiently monitors the inventory management process. It shares with clients what they have, what they want, and what they might need. Also, it ensures the available equipment gets timely maintenance.

Remato project management is inexpensive, but it handles all processes expertly. For instance, it issues employees tasks to conduct regular checks on equipment. Also, it sets maintenance schedules and even captures proofs for equipment transfers for future reference. Ensuring timely equipment maintenance improves the productivity of machines.

Employee Tracking 

Remato is fully functional software that impressively handles employee time tracking. It allows members to smoothly clock in and clock out during working hours. In addition, the project managers can verify attendance with the GPS tracker, keeping tabs on on-site employees.

Its advanced tracking functionality empowers contractors to conduct a live overview of their staff. This way, they can readily see what employees are working on and where. It also allows them to assess if any employee is skipping work. 

Remato Pricing 

Remato features two pricing plans: time tracking and a tool management bundle. Click on ‘Get Pricing’ button above to learn more about Remato pricing plans. 

Remato Demo 

Take a tour with Remato by scheduling a demo to explore its bouquet of flawless services. Set up a Remato demo by clicking ‘Watch Demo’ above. 

Remato Reviews 

The Remato solution has received pleasing reviews. Clients say it makes life easier, making employee management an enjoyable task. Teams can tackle even the busiest days effortlessly with automated timesheets instead of stressing over piles of paperwork. However, the reviews suggest that the biggest strength of Remato is its transparent payroll management tool. 

Our Thoughts 

Remato is a comprehensive project management software that transforms the working environment of construction firms. It nurtures happy customers across the globe by fulfilling its prime purpose, i.e., lowering users' workloads. This robust software controls everything by keeping on-site and off-site employees on the same page. 

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