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What Is Sablono?


Sablono is a comprehensive platform that streamlines construction planning and management. It caters to projects of any size or complexity, consolidating all necessary tools in one place and eliminating reliance on spreadsheets. With its tailored digital process and task management software, Sablono enhances productivity and coordination on job sites. Real-time construction progress monitoring, advanced project controls, and data analytics enable better outcomes. 

What Is Sablono Software Best For?

The Sablono platform is a specialized digital solution for the efficient management and monitoring of large-scale construction projects. By integrating time, quality, and cost aspects into a centralized system, this unique software streamlines processes and offers real-time project controls, even in complex environments. 

Sablono Pricing

The pricing plans may vary depending on your business size and requirements. Get Pricing for further information. 

Sablono Integrations

Sablono project management software for construction projects can integrate with several third-party solutions, including Primavera P6, Asta, Excel, and MS Project.

How Does Sablono Work?

Users can follow these basic steps to start using the Sablono platform: 

  • Log in to Sablono and go to "Projects" in the menu 
  • Choose the project you want to manage and click "View Project" 
  • Plan your project by creating tasks, assigning them to team members, and setting deadlines 
  • Manage tasks by creating checkpoints and tracking progress based on criteria 
  • Track progress against your plan using performance analytics and KPIs 
  • Adjust your schedule in real time based on reliable progress data from the Sablono platform, including status changes and delays 
  • Generate audit trails, dashboards, and reports to get an overview of project progress. Use the reporting feature for detailed task analysis 
  • Securely share information with team members, stakeholders, and clients by inviting them to collaborate on Sablono 
  • Monitor project performance in real time, including resource availability, budget, task completion rate, and other variables, to identify risks and opportunities 

Contact Software Finder support for more assistance. Watch Demo to schedule a Sablono demo and learn more about the software's functionality.

Who Is Sablono For?

The Sablono platform is suitable for mid-sized businesses, large enterprises, and subcontractors in the construction industry. It caters to both residential and commercial construction, particularly for managing large-scale or complex projects.

Is the Sablono Right For You?

The Sablono platform is an ideal choice for businesses seeking to improve their construction management. Its innovative software offers a streamlined workflow, improved communication, and detailed project tracking—essential elements for successful construction projects. To gain further insights, you can read Sablono reviews from existing users. 

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Sablono Pricing Plans Breakdown

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Sablono Features

The Sablono platform offers a planning feature that assists construction teams in managing projects from start to finish. It includes real-time project tracking, workflow automation, and resource allocation. Teams can efficiently manage tasks, create schedules, and monitor progress in real-time. Easy collaboration tools enable seamless communication among team members and project stakeholders. The platform is accessible from any device and location, ensuring convenient project management.

Sablono's tracking feature is designed to streamline project management for construction teams. It provides real-time progress tracking, QA checklists, task management, and resource allocation tools. These features help project managers and subcontractors keep their teams on schedule and enhance collaboration. Workflow efficiency is improved, and communication among team members is facilitated.

The analyzing feature of Sablono offers interactive dashboards and customizable reports. These tools enable users to gather important information about project performance. By leveraging this data, users can identify problem areas and make better-informed decisions to enhance overall project efficiency.

The adapt feature in the Sablono platform simplifies project management by creating a transparent and efficient workflow. Its use leads to faster project completion times and improved profitability.

Utilize the data collected during project execution to create audit trails, dashboards, and reports. These provide valuable insights for your business or external clients.

Pros and Cons of Sablono


  • Multi-language support
  • Specialized solution for large-scale construction
  • API access availability
  • Mobile device support


  • Limited integrations
  • May be complex for some users

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Jun 20, 2021

Used for Mount Pleasant Project great feed back



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The software is easy to use and has a strong capability. It does not require any training for both users and administrators and is straightforward for everybody to access. It is an ideal tool for ensuring timely Work Inspections and transparent valuations.


The tool scheduling and generating look ahead was ineffective for scheduling trades for residential buildings and apartments because the system was designed to work on a perflat basis while our workflow is structured by floors. To improve this we need to explore more automated options for generating the look ahead schedule.

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The pricing may vary according to different business sizes and requirements.

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