Sciforma Software

What Is Sciforma? 


Sciforma is a project and portfolio management (PPM) solution that helps organizations plan, deliver, and optimize their strategic initiatives. The software provides actionable intelligence through features like resource management, project planning and scheduling, portfolio analysis, and time tracking. It allows users to save time on reporting, improve project success rates, clarify staffing needs, and eliminate non-strategic projects. Sciforma is a cloud-based solution aimed at boosting productivity for project and portfolio professionals. 

What Is Sciforma Best For? 

One of the most substantial capabilities of Sciforma software is resource and capacity management. The PPM solution allows organizations to effectively manage their resources to optimize utilization. It provides visibility into actual resource usage, so managers understand how capacity is used. This helps ensure the right resources are allocated to the highest-priority projects and tasks. With Sciforma, resource planning and tracking are streamlined. Issues with over-allocation or under-utilization can be proactively addressed. 

Sciforma Pricing 

The price of Sciforma project management software ranges between $20 and $60 per user per month. The overall cost of the software depends on the number of users.  

Get more Sciforma cost details for your business.  

Sciforma Integrations 

Sciforma's portfolio management solution can integrate with Azure Active Directory. 

How Does Sciforma Work? 

To use the Sciforma project management tool, follow these basic steps: 

  • Log in using your provided credentials 
  • Select the Projects or Portfolio menu option to see your list of current initiatives 
  • Click on a specific project or item in the portfolio to open its dashboard and details 
  • Add essential information like status, budget, and timeline and assign tasks or flag issues directly from this screen 
  • To plan new work, choose Idea Management and log a concept or opportunity for evaluation 
  • Use the Project Planning Center to break work down into detailed tasks with owners, dates, and dependencies 
  • For customer-facing innovations, enable the Innovation & NPD workspace to manage the entire product development life cycle 
  • Use the Resource Management module to review team availability, allocate people to tasks efficiently, and flag potential overloads 
  • Record task progress updates, time spent and issues directly in Sciforma to keep project data live 
  • Leverage reporting and analytics to make data-driven decisions, improve project selection, and maximize resource utilization 

Watch a Sciforma Demo to learn more about the software's project management features. 

Who Is Sciforma For? 

Sciform provides solutions to manage complex projects, research and development initiatives, and product innovation cycles. It offers project and portfolio management solutions for different business sizes across many industries and sectors, including:  

  • Banks and financial services 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Hospitals and healthcare 
  • Pharmaceutical and biotechnology 
  • Software development 
  • Telecommunications 
  • Transportation 
  • Aeronautics 
  • Food and beverages 
  • Automotive businesses 

Sciforma Features 

The following features are offered by Sciforma portfolio management software: 

  • Idea And Demand Management 

Users can capture ideas and project demands across the organization in one central place. This helps create visibility on potential projects and ensures strategic alignment. It also facilitates collecting feedback from stakeholders. 

  • Strategic Portfolio Management 

Get visibility into the overall health of all ongoing projects and optimize resource allocation. The project team can assess risks, dependencies and alignments to strategic objectives in one dashboard. This ensures only the right projects with maximum impact and profitability are funded. 

  • Resource Management 

This feature gives managers a real-time view of resource capacity, allocation and utilization. Users can effectively plan resources across projects/programs based on skillsets. This helps eliminate resource over-allocation and bottlenecks, ensuring on-time project delivery. 

  • Visual Collaboration 

Facilitate collaborative work through shared project workspaces. Communicate seamlessly using discussions, checklists, and commenting on tasks. This improves team productivity and effectiveness through increased transparency. 

  • Project Planning And Management 

Sciforma's project management software lets you define project schedules, tasks, and dependencies in a Gantt view. Users can track progress, issues and changes in real time. This provides stakeholders visibility and ensures projects are delivered per plans. 

  • Time Management 

Allows resources to record their time against tasks and projects directly from within the software. Managers get insights into actual time spent versus planned. This helps address overruns and optimize workforce management. 

Is Sciforma Right For You? 

Sciforma software is an ideal business process management solution for organizations looking to digitally transform their operations, automate manual processes, and ensure regulatory compliance.  

Sciforma takes security and privacy very seriously. It is ISO 27001 certified and adheres to stringent protocols like multi-factor authentication, role-based access controls, data encryption in transit and at rest, and activity logging. 

Read the Sciforma reviews to see how existing users benefit from managing projects with the software.  

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Sciforma Pricing Plans 

The cost of Sciforma varies from $20 to $60 per user per month. The final price depends on the number of users and their roles. 

Sciforma Software Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Time Tracking




File Sharing


Data Visualization


Task Management


Customizable Workflows


Project Templates


Issue Tracking




Resource Allocation


Activity Tracking




Project Scheduling


Task Dependencies


Mobile App





  • Integrates portfolio, project, resource, and document management 
  • Clunky software UI 
  • Generates project status reports 
  • Certain loading screens freeze 
  • Provides risk analysis 
  • Helps with team collaboration 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Sciforma offer an API?

Sciforma does offer API access.

Does Sciforma support mobile devices?

Sciforma is compatible with iOS devices.

How does Sciforma help businesses grow?

As businesses accumulate more data to manage projects and transactions move increasingly online, it becomes critical to have control and visibility over business processes across departments and locations. Sciforma provides project managers with a centralized low-code platform to map out existing processes, design new digital workflows, and monitor their project management performance in real-time.

Is Sciforma cloud-based?

Yes, Sciforma is cloud-based.

What languages does Sciforma support?

Sciforma supports English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Hebrew, and Polish.

What level of support does Sciforma offer?

Support options for Sciforma PPM software include phone, chat, email, FAQs, live representatives, and a knowledge base.

What other apps does Sciforma integrate with?

Sciforma can integrate with Azure Active Directory.

What types of pricing plans does Sciforma offer?

The cost per user for Sciforma can range from $20 to $60 monthly. The total cost can be influenced by factors such as the number of users and their roles. For a more detailed breakdown of Sciforma's pricing, click Get Pricing.

Who are the typical users of Sciforma?

Small businesses to large enterprises across different industries and sectors can use Sciforma.

Sciforma Software Pricing

Small Organization

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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Sciforma Software reviews

Overall Rating

5 Reviews


Leaves you wanting more

July 2022

David G.


The thing I like is how you can go back and see what exactly you have been working on in the past few weeks. Good for accounting purposes.
UI is plain bad and some buttons will randomly stop responding. Some screens freeze for no reason. It is a pain to deal with it sometimes.

Project oriented software

July 2022

Thi H.

Information technology and Services

Our company has been using Sciforma for all things such as planning, monitoring, and managing projects. Designer mode is what I use the most for creating custom tools.
Its only been a few months since I started using it. Havent found anything bad so far.

Beautifully laid out and very intuitive

July 2022

Bongani B.

Information technology and Services

It is the most technical software I have used while still maintaining the ease of use. Cant stress it enough how beautiful it is to just look at its layout.
Ultimately its a preference and some may find Sciforma to be difficult to use. But it is our choice and we are confident with it.

Great PM tool with loads of features

June 2022

Martin V.


It can be used out of the box or customized to the brim according to your needs. Milestone tracking and resource management is very helpful.
Initial roll-out was time consuming as with all the major software. This just made sure every little change required training which was really unwanted.

Very good if you use it out of the box

June 2022

George B.


User interface is simply great, the best I have worked with so far. Creating our own dashboards is an up-side.
Simple tasks require a lot of patience since the system takes a while to validate entries and save them. Moving from one screen to another is so slow and built-in reports are very few.

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