Sellsy Software

What Is Sellsy Software?


Sellsy is a cloud-based business management software designed to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) streamline their operations. It helps businesses manage projects, customer communications, sales pipeline tracking, and more. This cloud-based solution combines digital tools for business management, sales, marketing, operations, and administration. 

What Is Sellsy Best For?

Sellsy project management software is recognized as user-friendly and flexible, making task management easy. It allows for setting deadlines, assigning tasks, and overseeing projects across multiple modules. It also includes proactive customer support with a collaborative ticketing system to prevent communication gaps. 

Sellsy Software Pricing

Sellsy offers various pricing options and billing plans.

  • Starting Cost: £45 per Month (Per User Annual Billing)

For more information and customized quotes, click "Get Pricing". 

Sellsy Integrations

Sellsy business management software integrates seamlessly with several third-party applications. The main ones are listed below.  

  • Microsoft 365 
  • Shopify 
  • WordPress 
  • Mailchimp 
  • DocuSign 
  • Stripe 
  • HubSpot 
  • Dropbox

How Does Sellsy Work?

Follow the steps outlined below to understand how the software works. 

  • Sign in using your credentials 
  • Access all features, tools, and modules from the dashboard 
  • Choose your preferred language (English or French) and adjust other settings as needed 
  • Easily create, update, and share work requirements with your team using the "Task Management" feature 
  • Stay updated on projects and track activities with the robust "Reporting" tool 
  • Oversee all team activities using the "Activity Tracking" module 
  • Access dedicated storage space for projects, sales and marketing initiatives, and customer communication materials through File Management 
  • Provide comprehensive customer support using the "Customer Support" feature 

Check out the Sellsy demo for more detailed usage instructions. Click "Watch Demo" for access.

Who Is Sellsy For?

Sellsy is an ideal cloud-based solution for small and mid-sized businesses, offering a comprehensive set of digital tools for business management, sales and marketing, operations, administration, and customer communication. It caters to a wide range of users in various roles. 

Business Managers

  • Team Leads and Department Heads 
  • Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) 
  • Marketing Executives, Managers, and Directors 
  • Admin Executives 
  • Operations Managers 
  • Customer Success Specialists  

Sellsy Features

Following are the main features of Sellsy.

Task Management

With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly create and share tasks with your team, making collaboration seamless. Its efficient tracking mechanism ensures that no task is overlooked or forgotten. Experience easy and efficient project management tailored to your business needs with Sellsy. 


Staying informed about the status and performance of various aspects of a business is essential for making informed decisions and taking appropriate action. Real-time reports can provide a wealth of information on projects, sales, marketing, and other key metrics.

Activity Tracking

Effortlessly monitor and oversee every aspect of your projects, sales endeavors, marketing campaigns, and administrative tasks all within a single, user-friendly hub.

File Management

Alongside sales and CRM functionalities, Sellsy provides a centralized storage system where users can securely upload and store documents related to their sales and customer management activities. This feature eliminates the need for separate file storage solutions, making it convenient to access and manage files within the platform. 

Customer Support

With Sellsy, you can provide comprehensive support to your clients, including sales communications, project updates, and appointment reminders.

Is Sellsy Right For You?

Sellsy is worth considering as a cloud-based work management tool if you need something that helps you take care of business management, sales and marketing, operations, administration, and customer communication from a single all-access dashboard. The software has all the tools, features, and modules needed to manage multiple aspects of the business.

Read our Sellsy software reviews for more insights. 

Sellsy Pricing Plans

Below are the different pricing plans offered by Sellsy. 

  • Essentials (Annual)
  • Advanced (Annual)
  • Enterprise
45 / user/mo.
75 / user/mo.

Get Pricing
What’s included
(*Essentials* Features)
What’s included
(*Advanced* Features)
What’s included
(*Enterprise* Features)
  • Up to 25 Custom Fields
  • Up to 3 Privilege Profiles
  • Automatic Reminders (1)
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Up to 5 Pipelines
  • Live Chat Support
  • 30,000 Email Credits
  • 50 E-Signature Credits
  • 500 SMS Credits
  • 25 Document Mail Deliveries
  • API (Less Than Or Equal to 250 K Req/Day)
  • Up to 100 Custom Fields
  • Up to 25 Privilege Profiles
  • Automatic Reminders (3)
  • Customized Reporting
  • Up to 50 Pipelines
  • Phone and Live Chat Support
  • 120,000 Email Credits
  • 200 E-Signature Credits
  • 2,500 SMS Credits
  • 100 Document Mail Deliveries
  • API (Less Than Or Equal to 432 K Req/Day)
  • Unlimited Custom Fields
  • Unlimited Privilege Profiles
  • Automatic Reminders (Unlimited)
  • Customized Reporting
  • Unlimited Pipelines
  • Dedicated Support Through Account Manager
  • 300,000 Email Credits
  • 500 E-Signature Credits
  • 5,000 SMS Credits
  • 250 Document Mail Deliveries
  • API (Less Than Or Equal to 432 K Req/Day)

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Sellsy Software Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Management


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support


  • Robust and customizable Kanban boards
  • Dedicated customer support
  • No communication gaps


  • No free base version
  • May not be ideal for large corporations and public sector entities

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Sellsy support an API?

Yes, it does support an API.

Does Sellsy support mobile devices?

Yes, users can embrace convenience through its on-the-go mobile accessibility.

How does Sellsy work?

Sellsy works quickly to remove the stress from customer relationships. It offers a plethora of integrated features for sales management, time tracking, and managing CRM pipelines.

What is Sellsy used for?

It is used for commercial and financial management purposes by firms as it helps teams visualize cash flow streams.

What level of support does Sellsy offer?

Sellsy offers top-grade customer support services.

What other apps does Sellsy integrate with?

It integrates with 1000+ apps such as Zapier, SmartConnect, Trello, ClickUp, Google Drive, etc.

What types of pricing plans does Sellsy offer?

It provides pricing packages that are billed monthly or annually. For exact details, refer to the "Get Pricing" button.

Who are the typical users of Sellsy?

This vendor is used by the advertising, retail, construction, and non-profit industries of small and medium sizes.

Sellsy Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

Sellsy Software reviews

Overall Rating

6 Reviews


Good choice if operating within the French market.

March 2023



We were in the market looking for an affordable software solution (due to financial limitations) for our company and came across Sellsy. It has been great for our company and has served as a central repository for storing and managing all incoming and outgoing emails from clients and prospects. We also use it to handle our inventory and any ongoing projects. We mainly do our advertisement in France for which Sellsy is the most perfect solution since it is aimed towards the French market and has all the relevant data preloaded.
Calendar tracking is just plain bad with Sellsy. We have all but abandoned trying to use it to track our appointments and events that we have on Google Calendar. It just allows us to view them but we cannot interact with them in any way, forcing us to load up Googles Calendar app on the side. There is no auto-refresh feature to check for new messages.. A lot needs to be done here in order to make it truly reliable in the long run.

Supports multiple currencies.

February 2023

Terry C.


Sellsy is an excellent addition to our institute and helps us manage all sorts of communications. There are basically no bugs and the software itself is very stable. Since we provide online courses to people in different countries, it helps that Sellsy can handle numerous currencies with ease. We use it for financial management as well as to generate invoices. It has made our jobs so much easier.
Integrations with Google can be tricky, especially with contacts sync, duplicated entries on occasion, and the inability to organize meetings using Google Calendar effortlessly. Many minor items can still be found in French even though we have opted for English since the very beginning. I hope these issues will be taken notice of and resolved.

Very useful for sales automation.

February 2023

Olsen H.


Sellsy has been great for our small business since it has proven to be the most affordable and useful software solution for us. The interface is quick and easy to use. We use Sellsy for billing and invoicing. Also, our communications have been more natural and productive since using this software.
The only issue with Sellsy is that there is a free trial period but no free version available. The trial period does not provide enough time to test out the important features comprehensively. It would have been much easier to convince the management or colleagues to actually invest in this software once they knew how good it is. However, it has proven to be cost-effective as we have benefited a lot from the platform.

Beautiful UI and helpful support team.

January 2023


Health and Wellness

To start, the user interface is incredible and actually inviting enough that I randomly roam around to find better ways of utilizing it. They constantly introduce new UI elements that keep the software fresh and very competitive. Secondly, the customer support has been tremendous and helpful for us. The software comes with helpful feedback filters that allow me to quickly review the invoices and send out accurate data. Ive been using Sellsy for several months and its made sure that I dont require any additional tools for day-to-day management.
This could be a problem unique to our team but we had some trouble getting started with the software. It took us some time to learn how some of the important features worked. But the support team was helpful during this time.

Efficient Customer Management for Accountants

January 2023



I highly recommend this software for proficient accountants who are seeking effective customer management tools.
There are hardly any drawbacks to mention, despite the softwares numerous functionalities.

User Experience Feedback for Management Software

March 2022


Information Technology and Services

The softwares invoicing management functions seamlessly, especially suitable for European companies.
However, the challenges arise when it comes to handling leads and managing the sales pipeline. Sales personnel often find it non-intuitive and may struggle with accurately inputting information.

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