Sellsy is a cloud-based sales management solution that helps small to midsize businesses keep track of their sales and ongoing projects. The software is suitable for advertising, construction, non-profit, and retail industries. Its point-of-sale features integrate with other Sellsy modules such as e-commerce, retail, and inside sales allowing businesses to have a central location for all their customer information.  

Sellsy software provides time tracking, sales automation, and a help desk to handle customer inquiries. The software also offers shared agendas, discussion walls, file management, and a live chat feature to help users communicate. This CRM solution integrates with several applications such as Google Apps, Dropbox, Mailchimp, and others, making it easy for businesses to use it with the tools they already use. 

Key Features 

Customer Database & Contact Management 

Sellsy Customer Database & Contact Management module gives you a complete view of your customers, their interactions, and their purchase history. This module also allows you to segment your customers into groups so that you can target them with specific marketing campaigns. Additionally, the module provides a central location for all your customer information, making it easy to access. 

Invoicing & Management Module 

The software Invoicing & Management module is designed to help streamline your billing process. With just one click, you can turn your quotes into invoices and speed up payments. Moreover, the module automates your accounting entry, making it easier to keep track of your finances. You can save time and money using Sellsy's Invoicing & Management module while ensuring accurate financial reporting. 

Lead Management 

The Lead Management module lets you track your leads from first contact to close. This feature lets you see which marketing campaigns are generating the most leads and which salespeople are closing the most deals. Plus, the module provides a centralized place to track your leads so that you can follow up with them promptly. 

Sellsy Pricing 

Sellsy offers monthly and annual pricing plans. Sellsy software cost starts at 25€/user/month. Click on ‘Get Pricing’ to get more details about the software pricing plans. 

Sellsy Demo 

Request a Sellsy software demo and see how it can help your business. The software also offers a 15-day free trial for all its paid plans. 

Sellsy Reviews 

The software has received many positive reviews online, with users praising its features, ease of use, and support. You can read more Sellsy software reviews in our review section. 

Our Thoughts 

Sellsy is a powerful sales automation tool that can help you close more deals in less time. With it, you can manage your entire sales pipeline from one central location. You can also automate repetitive tasks such as email marketing and lead generation. If you are looking for a way to save time and close more deals, Sellsy project management software is worth considering. 

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