Startly is an all-inclusive software platform with outstanding governance and remarkable service management options. Service management and professional automation services are provided to businesses by the software. 

It simplifies their work processes. It assists clients in achieving success by ensuring they remain on course. Initially, project management solutions offer organizations a holistic perspective on their projects. This robust solution makes the impossible possible by analyzing performance in depth. 

Key Features

Time and Expense Management 

Tracking billable and non-billable hours is simple with the Startly software. Teammates working on multiple projects can record billable and non-billable hours on a single sheet. With Startly software, even expense management is no longer a cumbersome process. Every submission request is handled with care, and users can even upload receipts. 

Project and Resource Management 

Project management is simplified for businesses by Startly. It maintains the teams' concentration on avoiding derailment. It enables project managers to access all project-related information from a central location. Additionally, the vendor conducts project analytics, assists teams in completing projects more quickly, and achieves higher customer satisfaction rates. 

As for resource management, there are no additional fees associated with Startly software. It enables managers to effectively set schedules, manage expenses, and assign team members, all from a single, stable platform. The solution allocates resources efficiently, thereby increasing the value of the organization. 


Using Startly's project management software makes business analysis a lot more engaging. On a single page, its analytic dashboard displays valuable insights. In other words, it helps manage projects, track expenses, resolve customer tickets, and distribute invoices from a single platform. In addition, it analyzes trends and opportunities using crucial metric data. 

All of Startly's pricing plans include this exclusive service. In addition, it conducts thorough reports to anticipate potential issues. Most importantly, it enables the opening of communication channels for the resolution of potential issues. It combines AI and machine learning to enable businesses to stay on top of their activities by analyzing the health of their projects. 

Startly Pricing 

Startly is a practical application with a price range of $0 to $20. The pricing plans at Startly offer per-provider monthly subscriptions. Click on ‘Get Pricing’ to learn more about Startly pricing and plans. 

Startly Demo 

If you want to get a closer look at Startly, the demo will clear up any questions you have and help you comprehend its queries. Click on “Watch Demo’ to learn more about Startly features and benefits. 

Startly Reviews 

Positive and awe-inspiring are the reviews of Startly. Startly is regarded by companies as the best business management software by companies as the best business management software. Startly is portrayed in reviews as a comprehensive system that does more than manage project workflows. It even inspires data-driven decisions. Refer to the Startly reviews for comprehensive advice. 

Our Thoughts 

Startly software is a pioneering innovator in service management and a step towards business automation. It forecasts the health of businesses, monitors time, and steals the show with expense management on the go. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Startly support an API?

No, Startly does not offer an API.

Does Startly support mobile devices?

No, Startly does not offer any support for mobile devices.

Is Startly a database?

Startly is a Project Management software but does offer Configuration Management Database (CMDB) module.

What kind of pricing plans does Startly provide?

You can get custom pricing for Startly  by clicking on the "Get Pricing" button above.

What level of support does Startly offer?

Startly offers 24/7 (live rep), phone support, a knowledge base, FAQs and forums, and email and help desk support.

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Startly reviews

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