Navigating complex IT service management is a common challenge. Startly offers a streamlined approach that simplifies project management and provides robust analytics designed by IT professionals for a seamless experience. Explore Startly today and elevate your IT service management with confidence and ease.

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What Is Startly?


Startly is a cloud-based IT Service Management and Professional Services platform. It is an all-in-one solution that simplifies the management of projects, delivers effective customer support with ticketing, provides change and asset management, and tracks profitability with finances. The software is built by IT professionals for IT professionals, offering a robust set of features for service management, project management, resource management, and insights and analytics.

What Is Startly Best For?

Startly has gained its reputation primarily for its knowledgeable customer support team. These professionals deeply understand the platform's complexities and guide users through its functionalities. The software elevates the user experience, guaranteeing that customers can effectively utilize the platform's capabilities to optimize IT service management and professional services.

Startly Pricing

The price of the software is $15/user/month. The vendor also offers a sixty-day free trial period. Get a custom Startly cost depending on your company’s type, size, and needs.

Disclaimer: The pricing is subject to change.

Startly Integrations

The vendor has not disclosed much information about its third-party integrations.

How Does Startly Work?

Here's how you can navigate the dashboard and make use of the software's features:

  • Log in with your credentials to access the Startly dashboard  
  • Utilize the search feature to quickly locate specific tools or information
  • Explore the comprehensive feature set for IT service management and professional services
  • Create, assign, and track tasks and projects with the task management tool
  • Use the reporting and analytics section to gain insights into your operations
  • Access the knowledgeable customer support team for assistance when needed
  • Stay updated with notifications and alerts for important events  
  • Customize settings and preferences to tailor the software to your specific needs
Learn more about the software’s functionalities by scheduling a free Startly demo.

Who Is Startly For?

Project managers and product developers specifically use Startly in the information technology (IT) industry.

Is Startly Right For You?

Are you looking for a comprehensive, cloud-based IT Service Management and Professional Services platform that streamlines your operations and provides top-notch customer support? Startly might be the perfect choice. The platform ensures that your data is protected.

By providing a unified platform for project planning, time & expense management, budget & profitability management, risk management, and financial management, Startly simplifies IT service management and improves operational efficiency.

Still not sure if Startly is the right fit for your organization? Contact our customer support team at 661-384-7070, who will help you analyze if the platform is worth investing in according to your company’s needs.

Startly Features

Project Planning The software provides a comprehensive view of all project-related activities. It allows managers to plan tasks, allocate resources, and monitor the project’s budget from a single interface. Startly aids in effective decision-making and ensures the project stays on track and within budget.

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This functionality helps users to track the time spent on various tasks and manage expenses effectively. It provides transparency into how resources are utilized, improving productivity and cost efficiency. Additionally, the platform offers detailed reports that help identify areas where time and resources may be better allocated, resulting in efficient operations.

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Startly offers real-time monitoring of project resources and budgets. It provides organizations with the necessary tools to identify areas for cost reduction, keep track of their financial performance, and increase profitability. Moreover, the software provides predictive insights that can help in future planning and budget allocation, ensuring financial stability for the organization.

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Users can apply a systematic approach to identifying, assessing, and prioritizing risks associated with IT service management using this feature. Startly helps organizations mitigate potential risks, ensuring smooth project execution and minimizing disruptions. By proactively managing risks, organizations can ensure the successful completion of projects and maintain high service quality.

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This feature lets organizations track profitability and manage finances effectively. It offers insights into financial performance, helping organizations make informed decisions about cost management, budgeting, and resource allocation. Furthermore, the platform provides a detailed breakdown of revenue and expenses, enabling organizations to identify trends and make strategic decisions to enhance their financial health.

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Pros and Cons of Startly


  • Comprehensive IT service management
  • Effective customer support with informed personnel
  • Simplified project management
  • Change and asset management capabilities
  • Resource management features
  • Robust reporting and analytics


  • Initial set-up complexity
  • Features might be a little complex for small teams, according to some Startly reviews
  • Resource-Intensive for low-end systems

Startly Pricing

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What's Included

  • Project Planning

  • Time & Expense Management

  • Budget & Profitability Management

  • Risk Management

  • Financial Management

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March 2023

An all-in-one, modern solution.


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I appreciate that time tracking, finances, and ticketing can all be handled within the Startly system. It offers a very simple method to keep track of timesheets and expenses and I’m able to easily add the projects Im working on to the timesheet. It has saved me a lot of time over the years since I no longer have to login into multiple apps to complete my daily work. The UI is great and modern with well-spaced buttons and menus. Startly is surely a joy to use.


I cant think of an instance where Startly has failed me. There are basically no disadvantages to this product. Some minor issues have surely kept me from finishing my work and entering data occasionally. But that’s nothing as compared to the ease of use it offers and the piece of mind that comes along with it. I have effectively centralized my daily and weekly tasks. Any issues I have found have been reported to the customer support team and I am certain that they will fix it. I just wish this product had been available sooner!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Startly supports mobile devices and has a mobile application available on Google Play.