TeamingWay Software

TeamingWay is a one-window project management and collaboration tool that has unmatched functionalities and features including task management, host team meetings, real-time chat, alerts, and many more. This software is designed for the team to meet, collaborate and manage teamwork seamlessly on a single platform. It comes with a web-based solution along with a mobile-compatible app that enables users to have all project management tool facilities through this one work OS. 

It is a platform for people as it serves the needs of organizations by offering the highest level of efficiency. Managers and freelancers can bid goodbye to the multiple apps TeamingWay software offers you enriched features like creating projects, tracking progress, dashboard view, analytics, assigning tasks, and setting deadlines or milestones in one place. 

It helps in planning your own success by organizing business operations with extra care.  

All the business goals are aligned, meetings are scheduled on time, tasks are automated, and teams have received all the important notifications on time; what else does anyone need as a project manager? 

Achieve the targets, have everything saved and recorded, and never miss out on the reports. Besides, with the help of the integration features, managers and users can have Gmail, outlook, and calendar sorted - making your task management personalized and automated. 

Moreover, Stream room allows users to manage and attend meetings and chat with participants. And share files on the spot instead of waiting for the call to end and sending an email. Managers can also set goals by adding participants/team members to it and assigning tasks to each member.  

Goals help in keeping the track of projects, managing tasks, and keeping a separate record for each project. Also, one can add custom statuses to watch out for the progress of it as well. Apparently, it eliminates the need for separate Task management software. 

Additionally, the calendar keeps the team members notified about every important event, from meetings to important upcoming work events.  

Top Features of TeamingWay Software

Enterprise-wide communication

Team communication is the key to success, and by communicating with the team without fear of misinformation, you can build the highest score for success. Similarly, Enterprise-wide communication through TeamingWay enables users and managers to stay in touch with every team member and be aware of every aspect of the project. It fulfills the goal to be transparent with your team and clients at every step - making it easy to deliver productive results as a team. 

Goal/ Task Management

Set the goal by creating new goals in Teamingway project management software. Add the tasks, divide them among the team members, set milestones and timelines, and prioritize for better performance. Users can also use the recurring task to auto-populate in the TeamingWay calendar, and you will always have full information on the important tasks.  

Direct Messages

The direct messages feature enables you to communicate with your teammates within the TemaingWay and enhance the Project communication management. Share files, send reports, discuss tasks, solve problems, and have a real-time chat with the members anytime.  

Admin Controls

Team management can be daunting if there are no proper permissions. The Admin control feature enables administrators to monitor the tasks and performance of employees. And also manage permissions within the Teamingway. Create goals or tasks, schedule meetings, change them anytime, and send notifications to keep the team informed about the latest updates.  

Unified Calendar

Save the important date, and add new events simply by tapping on the date if needed. Add the destination of the event along with the name, so other members are aware of the purpose of the event. A unified calendar simply means that the tracking of important events is easy and helps in informing multiple people at times. 

Meeting (Video/ Voice)

Stay updated and stay in touch with project managers, teams, and other perspectives through a meeting feature. Connect to share the information, either through an audio call or video, to give your meeting a touch of an in-person meeting.  

Recurring Task

Never spend too much time creating similar reports again and again. Use recurring tasks to increase the usability of your tasks. For example, a team member has to share the monthly report with the manager and recur the report yearly. So when it's time, members can use the same template to create a report for the current month. 

Custom Status

Customs status makes it easy to speak your business language. Set the status of the goals or tasks to track the progress from start, in progress, to completion. 

Pricing plan

The pricing plan for the teamingWay is just the simplest. Begin today only for $8.99/month. Compare the total cost of all the other third-party apps used by the organization and check out the features and price of TemaingWay. TeamigWay is worth a lot in this pricing plan. For more on the pricing, Click “Get Pricing”. 


We understand if users are uncertain to make a decision. Click Request a Demo. TeamingWay already has a standard way to offer a live Demo. Choose the time of the demo along with the duration, and the sales team will be happy to assist respective managers at a given time.  



It enables efficient collaboration to help teams work smarter and together. Real-time chat, document management along with user-friendly navigation helps boost your overall productivity.  


The software does not have the features of the recurring meeting. Although it has all the basic functionalities, many people are unable to create recurring meetings. 

Customer Support

Ask questions, request a live demo, and get exceptional support from the TeamingWay team. Join the community and start the conversation with other members and discuss in case of the problem or questions. The website also has some documents, including all the guides you need. Users can always visit it if they lose direction on how TeamingWay is helpful. 

  • Community 
  • Online tech support 
  • Guides and important documents 

Bottom Line

Many software has a lot of features, but usually, they are industry-specific. TeamaingWay is one of the tools that can fit any industry. It is not simply a collaboration tool but helps in managing the tasks, teams, meetings, resources, and time as well. If clients get the mobile application of Teamingway, the overall performance becomes even smoother. Operations can be run more efficiently, and one can always have complete control over their projects.  

TeamingWay Software Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Managementt


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does TeamingWay support mobile devices?

TeamingWay supports Android, iPad, and iPhone devices.

What level of support does TeamingWay offer?

Teamingway offers support through Email/Help Desk, Chat, Knowledge Base, FAQs/Forum.

What other apps does TeamingWay integrate with?

Teamingway integrates with the following apps: Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar & Gmail.

What type of pricing plans does TeamingWay offer?

Teamingway offers a subscription-based model that costs $8.99/month Free Trial: Available.

Who are the typical users of TeamingWay?

Educational Sector, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Businesses, Non-Profit, Public Administrations, Small Businesses typically use Teamingway.

TeamingWay Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

TeamingWay Software reviews

Overall Rating

5 Reviews


Useful for online meetings

July 2022

Sameer J.

Information technology and Services

We usually have very long meetings (whenever we have them) and the limit of certain minutes other platforms apply was a bummer for us. Thankfully, Teamingway allows extended meetings and is pretty easy to setup.
Some of our meetings need to be recorded and that feature is missing here.

Overall great application

June 2022

Gurpartap A.

Food and Beverages

I found it easy to use and communication between all employees is such a breeze.
Update schedule is random and we often don't get any notifications about updates.

Great collaboration tool

June 2022

Beth B.

Information technology and Services

Our communication has been simplified and file storage is such a great feature I can easily recommend it to anyone.
It lacked some features in the beginning such as in-call but all is okay now.

Breakthrough in team collaborations

June 2022

Annie S.

Information technology and Services

We had to use so many apps such as Slack, Monday, and Zoom for different purposes but Teamingway has eliminated their need for us. It brings all the tools we require under one platform and save our precious money!
Some basic templates would have been nice to have.

Great for getting our team aligned

June 2022

Hammad A.

Marketing and Advertising

It is very affordable and comes loaded with all the features you might find in popular team management software.
UI needs tweaking, it is random at some places.

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Call us at

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