TILOS Software

What is TILOS Software?


TILOS software (short for TIme-LOcation System) is an advanced solution for traditional linear project planning methods. It is ideal for project managers, planners, and controllers who seek to simplify construction-related projects. The intuitive user interface of TILOS is quick and easy to learn—making it the go-to option for some of the most demanding construction projects worldwide. 

What is TILOS Software Best For?

TILOS is best known for its clutter-free visual interface. Despite the complexity of the data involved, project managers are able to create and track project schedules from start to finish, incorporating all project components such as time, resources, and costs. This ensures minimal project conflicts, and improved communication, and collaboration between teams.  

TILOS Software Pricing

There is no free version available for TILOS project management software. However, the vendor does offer a free trial period. TILOS cost starts at $4290, which is a one-time cost. For further pricing details, you can use Software Finder’s ‘Get Pricing’ utility. Please click the button at the top of this page.  

TILOS Software Integrations

TILOS integrates with several third-party software systems that add value to a business. It can integrate with: 

  • ASTA Powerproject (versions 10, 11, 12, and 13) 
  • Oracle Primavera P6 (supports Primavera-XML-Exchange files from version 7 and later) 
  • Microsoft Project (version 2003 without calendars, 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016) 

Additionally, users can execute data imports to TILOS software through Excel and CAD drawings.  

How does TILOS Software Work?

TILOS software connects a project's scheduling information to its physical location on the construction job site. A graphical view customized to the user’s needs helps create this connection. It lets users input timesheets, invoices, and other information into a single system. 

Here is how you can start using TILOS software:

  • Become Familiar with the UI: Discover various features and become comfortable with the look and feel of the program. 
  • Create Your Project Structure: Create a timeline for your project, taking into account the resources needed and any constraints for completing tasks. You can set start/end times for specific activities. 
  • Assign Resources: Add all relevant resources such as people or equipment needed and assign them to tasks within your project structure. Allocate resources in order to maximize efficiency and productivity. 
  • Schedule and Optimize: Use the built-in optimization functions to create accurate schedules based on your timeline constraints.   
  • Track Progress: Utilize the progress tracking feature in order to easily review progress against original timelines. This will help you know when projects are on track or if they’re behind schedule requiring corrective action along the way. 

If you want to know more about software, you can simply schedule a TILOS demo. The 45-minute-long demo explains the different TILOS features and their benefits. Schedule your demo easily by clicking the ‘Watch Demo’ button at the top of this page.  

Who is TILOS Software for?

TILOS software is for engineers, program managers, project coordinators, and construction companies who need to manage and plan an infrastructure project. This software is especially useful for projects that involve multiple contractors, subcontractors, and vendors. Small to enterprise-level organizations can benefit from TILOS.  

TILOS Software Features

  • Reliable Plan  
    Simply enter the project information and TILOS will build a visual project timeline for you. This timeline ensures that you are managing your project accurately and reliably. Plus, the timeline is easily updated when changes occur. 
  • Percent Complete Tracking 
    TILOS software allows users to track the progress of a project in real time. This feature ensures the timely and efficient completion of tasks. Project managers can quickly identify any areas of delay and take corrective action. 
  • Time and Expense Tracking 
    TILOS software enables users to easily track timesheets, invoices, and other expenses related to a project. Project managers can keep track of employee hours and ensure the project is within budget. 
  • Gantt and Timeline View 
    Gantt chart and timeline view allow users to view the project schedule in a clear, graphical format. The Gantt chart view displays the relationship between tasks and their dependencies, while the timeline view visually presents the project's duration. Both views are customizable to suit the needs of the project manager and the team. 
  • Issue Management 
    With the issue management feature, project managers can track and resolve any issues that arise during the project. Software users can also create, assign, and track the status of issues. Meanwhile, the project manager can prioritize and plan the resolution of issues.  
  • Organize your Project  
    Support or refute data-driven statements. Organize overlapping activities and easily monitor progress against a baseline plan. You can also quickly generate reports and analysis on any aspect of the project. 
  • Live Tracking and Real-time Data  
    TILOS software tracks all project data in real-time. This makes it easy to spot any delays or issues and adjust the timeline accordingly. With this program, you can look down the chain of command to make sure all stakeholders are on the same page. 
  • Better Management of Resources  
    Get the information you need at the touch of a button and interface with common project management and planning applications for seamless data interchange. This ensures you have an up-to-date overview of all resources and personnel involved. 
  • Stunning Presentations 
    In one view, you can see the complete project. Trimble TILOS not only makes it simple to communicate project status and timetables to all parties involved, but it can do so in a sophisticated and organized manner. 
  • Increase Profits and Save Time 
    TILOS optimizes the planning process, so you can maximize profits and save time. With integrated cost tracking and resource management, you can make sure every dollar is spent cost-effectively. 

Is TILOS Software Right for You?

The Trimble TILOS program was created to handle the unique issues of linear projects, including roads, railways, and pipelines. If you are in the construction or architectural sector and looking for a project management software solution, TILOS might be the one for you.  

TILOS has not publicized any advanced security protocols. It follows standard security protocols to ensure the protection of its users' data. This includes encryption of sensitive information, secure authentication, and regular backups to minimize the risk of data loss. 

TILOS project management provides convenient scalability, which allows users to easily expand their usage as their requirements increase. The software has a modular structure that allows users to add additional functionality or resources as needed. The flexible design can easily handle large projects with complex scheduling requirements. As a result, TILOS can support organizations of any size and scale, making it a sensible choice for companies that are just starting out but hope to expand in the future. 

TILOS Software Pricing Details

One-Time License Purchase

✔Starts from $4290

TILOS Software Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Managementt


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Progress tracking capabilities
  • Scalable for growing businesses


  • Requires purchase of additional licenses for additional users
  • May require professional assistance to maximize its potential

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does TILOS offer an API?

There is no API access available.

Does TILOS support mobile devices?

No, it is not compatible with mobile devices.

What languages does TILOS support?

It supports the English language.

What other apps does TILOS integrate with?

It integrates with ASTA Powerproject, Microsoft Excel, AutoCAD, Microsoft Project, and Oracle Primavera P6.

What type of pricing plans does TILOS offer?

The one-time payment for TILOS starts from $4290.

Who are the typical users of TILOS?

Typical users of the software include small and mid-sized organizations and large enterprises.

TILOS Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

TILOS Software reviews

Overall Rating

4 Reviews


Best decision ever

July 2022

John S.


I work in one of the largest pipeline construction company of North America and was responsible to research the market for a linear project planning tool. Had lots of options but I'm glad I chose TILOS. It has since provided us with solid construction decision support.
Importing data from other apps is a difficult process.

Great tool for linear projects

July 2022

Amjad M.


It provides very detailed customizations for time-location diagrams. And the time-location diagram is so perfectly implemented since it is a crucial part of linear projects such as rails.
User interface needs a refresh, looks very old.

Time saving

June 2022

Mitch K.


Our projects are streamlined thanks to tilos and any information we need is easily accessible. Integration with other software we use is spot on!
Looks dated to me when considering how many advanced features it has.

Making our lives easier

June 2022

Channi M.


TILOS helps us manage all our issues and fix them before they become a problem. Our teams communicate clearly and all our stakeholders know exactly what they are going to receive.
Visual project timeline feature is great but takes a lot of time to generate.

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