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WEDO is an ISO 27001-certified, SOC 2-type II compliant project management software that offers idea management, task management, and issue management for all sizes of organizations, including banks and insurance companies, municipal administrations, nursing homes, foundations and associations, and school faculties. It provides both Agile and traditional methodologies to improve workflow management from start to finish. 

The software is a complete project monitoring software with collaboration tools for stakeholders, partners, and teams. It offers customizable templates for complete personalization.

Key Features

Remote Team Management

It provides virtual dashboards for collaborating on different projects. You can view upcoming board, executive, or management meetings, record minutes of meetings, and manage follow-up tasks. You can plan meeting agendas and distribute them among teams. It includes two-way communication channels for better notification management and task updates.

Project Completion Streamlining

You can optimize project tracking, risk management, and deadline management with WEDO project management. It offers Kanban boards for task mitigation. Milestone tracking allows you to stay ahead of your goals. You can optimize each step of the project management lifecycle and send updates to clients. 

Cost-To-Completion Tracking

The client portal allows you to track the cost of completion for each client's project. It offers both time and expense tracking. Gantt charts are available for a timeline view of tasks. You can access financial management and total revenue management with the software. WEDO Project Management lets you track projects in real-time to reduce risks and mitigate them.

WEDO Software Pricing

WEDO pricing is available monthly and ranges according to the number of users.

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WEDO Software Demo

The software does not offer a free version to all users. You can easily access a completely free trial of the paid version of WEDO software. It provides training through email/help desk, FAQs/forums, webinars, a knowledge base, phone support, 24/7 chat, and documentation. To experience a live WEDO demo, you can click on the "Watch Demo" button.

Weekdone Software Reviews

WEDO has received positive feedback from users all over the internet. It has been given 5-star reviews by almost every user. It offers private workspaces and lets you configure users' access permissions.

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Our Thoughts

WEDO Project Management Software is a SAML 2.0-interface web-based task scheduling and tracking software that offers a centralized database for document management. It streamlines remote working with real-time note-taking and shared agenda collaboration. Post-meeting follow-up and responsibility management make WEDO a complete, one-stop resource management solution.

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