Zoho Sprints

What Is Zoho Sprints?


Zoho Sprints is an agile project management tool designed to help teams plan, track, and deliver projects efficiently. Features such as agile reports, backlog, reports, and more facilitate agile project management. This software also offers a collaborative workspace that enables teams to work together, with real-time visibility and updates on project progress. 

What Is Zoho Sprints Best For?

Zoho Sprints is known for being a user-friendly and intuitive platform that makes project management easy and efficient. Its user interface is designed with simplicity in mind, allowing teams to quickly navigate and access essential features. Creating and managing tasks, setting up sprints, and tracking progress are straightforward, with drag-and-drop functionality for easy task management. 

Zoho Sprints Pricing

Zoho Sprints software offers these pricing plans: 

  • Starter – $1/user/month billed annually 
  • Elite – $2.5/user/month billed annually 
  • Premium – $5/user/month billed annually 

The vendor also offers a freemium with limited features. For a pricing consultation, contact our sales team by clicking Get Pricing

Zoho Sprints Integrations

Zoho Sprints integrates with various third-party applications to improve collaboration and project management. Some of the third-party apps it integrates with include: 

  • Google Workspace 
  • GitHub 
  • GitLab 
  • Microsoft Teams 
  • Zapier 
  • Zendesk 

How Does Zoho Sprints Work?

Here is how you can get started with Zoho Sprints: 

  • Log in to your account and create a new project by clicking on the "Create New Project" option 
  • Enter project details, such as the name, description, and other relevant information 
  • You will be redirected to the project dashboard 
  • Create sprints and add user stories, tasks, and other project-related information 
  • You can access different features such as Boards, Backlog, Reports, and People from the left-hand navigation menu 
  • Customize your project by adding users, creating custom fields, and integrating with other Zoho apps 
  • Start adding stories and tasks to the sprint board and track progress 

To learn more, click Watch Demo for a Zoho Sprints demo

Who Is Zoho Sprints For?

Zoho Sprints is a project management software that helps collaborative teams manage their agile journey with features to schedule meetings and create timesheet reports. It can be used to manage multiple projects at the same time. The software supports product development and agile projects and is used by: 

  • Project managers 
  • Agile teams 
  • Product developers 
  • Collaborative teams 
  • Freelancers 

Zoho Sprints Features


It helps teams prioritize and manage their work items more effectively. It allows teams to create and organize user stories, bugs, and other work items in a prioritized list. Teams can prioritize work items based on their importance and urgency, making it easier to determine which items need attention first. They can also add descriptions, attachments, and other important details to each work item in the backlog. 


Teams can manage larger work items such as large features or projects. It allows teams to group related stories together in a larger structure, making managing a bigger feature or objective easier. They can be organized in a hierarchical structure, where an epic can contain other epics and break them down into smaller stories. Teams get a comprehensive view of the progress of an epic to detect any bottlenecks in the process. 

Scrum Board

Zoho Sprints is based on agile methodology, and it provides several features to help teams implement scrum in their work. Scrum allows teams to plan their sprints, including setting sprint goals, prioritizing work, and estimating the amount of work to be done for each sprint. Teams can manage their sprint backlog and assign work items to team members. It provides a retrospective system that enables teams to evaluate their performance during each sprint and identify areas for improvement. 


The timesheets feature allows teams to track the time spent on each task and project, providing insight into the team's productivity and progress. Managers and team leaders can track the activities of team members, including the projects and tasks they are working on and how long they spend on each activity. Moreover, timesheets ensure that clients only get billed for the real time spent on their projects, discounting non-billable hours. 


Teams get an overview of the project's progress to identify bottlenecks and visualize progress during each sprint or over time. Reports display the progress of work during each sprint, including velocity, completed and remaining work items, and the team's performance. Moreover, you can view the total work remaining versus the remaining time of the sprint, giving teams an overview of project progress and how the work is being completed over time. 

Diagrams And Flow Charts

Cumulative flow diagrams display the flow of work items through different stages during a project, providing insight into bottlenecks and areas where work may be piling up. Meanwhile, velocity charts show the team's performance in terms of how much work was completed in each sprint, helping teams to identify trends over time. The burnup and burndown charts help teams track the number of tasks completed against deadlines. 

Is Zoho Sprints Right For You?

Zoho Sprints project management software ensures that teams can run uninterrupted sprints, create meeting agendas, and track the progress of a project. It offers features like agile reports, a scrum board, and diagrams for detailed management of each task. Additionally, it includes timesheets with a global timer to track billable and non-billable hours of your resources despite their location. 

Zoho is useful in efficiently managing task dependencies and deadlines for unlimited projects. Its mobile apps further make it easier to manage a project even when you are on the go. 

Still not sure if this is the right software for you? Check out the Zoho Sprints reviews to see how other users rate their experience. 

Zoho Sprints Pricing Plans

  • Starter
  • Elite
  • Premium
1 / user
Annually Billed
2.5 / user
Annually Billed
5 / user
Annually Billed
What’s included
(Starter Features)
What’s included
(Elite Features)
What’s included
(Premium Features)
  • 50 Projects
  • 20 GB
  • 5 Project Templates
  • Backlog Management
  • Scrum Board
  • Epic Management
  • Timesheet Management
  • Agile Reports
  • Scrum Meetings
  • roject and Sprint Dashboard
  • Project Feed and Activity Stream
  • iOS and Android Mobile App
  • Unlimited Projects
  • 50 GB
  • 10 Project Templates
  • Client Portal
  • Vendor Portal
  • Custom Profiles & Permissions
  • Checklist
  • Workitem Reminder
  • Custom Priority
  • Custom Workitem Type
  • Timesheet Grid view
  • Unlimited Projects
  • 100 GB
  • 20 Project Templates
  • Release Management
  • Linking Work-items
  • Email Alias
  • Custom Mail Templates
  • Global Custom Views
  • WIP Settings
  • User Groups
  • Advanced Timesheet Settings
  • Custom Layouts and
  • Fields for Projects, Sprints, Work-items, Release, Epics and Meetings
  • Web Hooks
  • Custom Domain

Zoho Sprints pricing also offers monthly subscription plans. There is a free-forever plan with a limited set of features as well. For more details, contact our sales team by clicking on Get Pricing

Zoho Sprints Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Management


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support


  • Offers a simple and intuitive interface
  • Allows teams to customize workflows, statuses, and fields
  • Offers a range of visual charts and reports that provide real-time insights


  • Slightly steep learning curve for teams new to agile project management
  • Customer support can be unresponsive

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Zoho Sprints offer an API?

Yes, Zoho Sprints offers an API.

Does Zoho Sprints support mobile devices?

Yes, Zoho Sprints supports Android and iOS mobile devices.

What languages does Zoho Sprints support?

Zoho Sprints supports these languages: English, Chinese, Dutch, Greek, Hindi, and several others

What other apps does Zoho Sprints integrate with?

Zoho Sprints integrates with several third-party applications, including Zendesk, QuickBooks, GitHub, and Zapier.

What type of pricing plans does Zoho Sprints offer?

Zoho Sprints offers three standard subscription plans: Starter, Elite, and Premium. The starting price is $1, paid annually for each user. Users can get started with a free-forever plan too. For a detailed guide, click on Get Pricing.

Who are the typical users of Zoho Sprints?

Project managers, product developers, collaborative remote teams, and freelancers typically use Zoho Sprints.

Zoho Sprints Pricing

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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Zoho Sprints reviews

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