Airtable software, sounds familiar? You may have used it before, or you may be considering using this software to manage projects with your team members. Is it good software for your project management? In this review, we will help your team decide if this tool is worth buying to plan and manage your projects.

A Brief Intro to Airtable Software

Airtable software is a versatile and dynamic management solution for a variety of applications. If you are already familiar with spreadsheet-based tools like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, this software is perfect for you.

As Airtable demo reveals, this tool can help you and your team a lot, especially to:

  • Organize and manage all the project plans
  • Perform repeatable task management
  • Assign specific tasks to resources
  • Create a project from a template project budget management
  • Simplify file sharing
  • Assist the workflow management through strong integration

What Makes Airtable Software Special?

Indeed, Airtable software offers many features. But what exactly makes this tool special? Well, if you are excited to use this in your project management, there are some features of Airtable you can count on. 

Custom View Feature

A view is unique for every table in a database. You can use this custom view feature to display only specified fields or records. Additionally, you can apply other parameters to manipulate and monitor all the significant data in this view.

You can customize each view with a special set for hiding, sorting, and filtering records in a table. What’s more, you can also create a calendar view to help adapt to the needs of your team. Or else, perhaps you need a classic spreadsheet for grid views or a gallery view to display files similar to images and documents? This feature will be very useful for you.

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Built-In Templates Feature

Customizing the workspace can be a daunting task for new users. This is why Airtable software includes hundreds of ready-made templates to help you out. You can find user studies, social media campaigns, bug and issue trackers, and they are just a few of the available built-in templates.

Whatever you do with the database, you can get suitable templates for your needs. The Airtable template is an ideal version of Airtable Base designed for a variety of use cases. The template features industry best practices based on Airtable review from many users. Better yet, it has been optimized and simplified to make it easier for beginners to learn it.

Task Management Feature

You can enter task details such as how much time someone spends on a task into a table in the Airtable workspace. This feature provides regular manual updates to give you a quick overview of your project's status.

In addition, you can also share your calendar view with your team for more flexibility in planning and managing project schedules. This project management feature ensures a smooth process to handle all your projects.

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Huge Storage Capacity

You can use this software to store tons of attachments in database records. Storage capacity offered by Airtable software ranges from 2 GB to 1000 GB. All are available at different Airtable cost.

This allows you to store project data without exhausting the database. Better than that, this feature supports a variety of attachment file formats, including images and videos, PDF documents, or spreadsheets with CSV file support.

What Are the Benefits Your Business Can Get?

Every single one of your business activities should reward you with some benefits. Using Airtable software for your project management is not only a good idea. Instead, this software offers some promising benefits. Some of them are mentioned below.

It Works Like a Spreadsheet

According to marketing project management software reviews main benefit mentioned in any Airtable review is that it works like a spreadsheet. It looks and functions similar to a spreadsheet program you can find on Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. You will not need to start from scratch as there are built-in templates available.

Let's say you are familiar with creating and managing project plans using Microsoft Excel. In this case, this software will seem like an easy option. Why? Because it comes with online collaboration and predefined project templates to work with.

Helps You to Share Files Easily

Yes, with Airtable, you can easily share files and data. The free plan offered by this platform also includes this feature. Now you can access your files from anywhere with desktop programs and mobile apps.

Even better, you even send large files to your team for upload, thanks to huge file storage limits. When exchanging spreadsheet data, the system of this software gives you several options:

Share a link with different viewing rights

  • Integrate your Airtable database with your website
  • To personalize your app, you can use the included Airtable API key
  • Import data into Google Sheets using Airtable Importer or any other application that provides an Airtable connector

The Software Is Adaptable

Adaptability is another excellent benefit you will get by using this software. The user interface in Airtable  of best marketing project management software is based on a native spreadsheet format. Yet, you customize the spreadsheet for practical use of any business data.

Accordingly, you can also choose from a variety of Airtable displays. In fact, you can customize data values ​​in various formats, including:

  • Date
  • Currency
  • Preset value long text

The best thing is, that third-party application plugins can also be integrated into your Airtable database using blocks. This will work well to help you streamline existing workflows.

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Assists You to Centralize the Projects

The best thing mentioned in the Airtable demo is that all your data will be stored in one place. Instead of using the customary spreadsheet-based tools, you can collaborate with your team at the same time in one place.

Everyone on your project team will gain access to the same information in one place. In this way, you don't have to worry about version control. You can also attach and share files. For example, if you are done working on a result and want to share it with the rest of the team, you can simply load it into Airtable.

So, what do you think? Is it worth trying? If you are worried about the Airtable cost, this software has a free plan for new users.