Airtable Software

What is Airtable Software?


Airtable is the ideal, cloud-based, project management solution for teams of all sizes looking to collaborate, organize, and accomplish their goals. Its low-code platform allows users to create customized workflows and applications that match their team’s needs perfectly.

With Airtable project management, you can easily manage projects without breaking a sweat; record progress in real-time with automated notifications; view data intuitively through visual formats; and customize dashboards to keep on top of your objectives.

The software is accessible both on mobile and desktop, allowing you to use it no matter where you are. Whether looking for an easy way to monitor tasks or a more extensive project management system, Airtable has everything covered—and something for every user.

What is Airtable best for?

Airtable is an extremely versatile tool that can be used for a multitude of projects, from managing tasks to storing customer data. It's designed with convenience in mind, allowing you and your team to quickly create custom databases without any coding knowledge. 

With the tool’s subscription, routines like workflows become effortless - effortlessly organize and share information within minutes. Even better, Airtable has the potential to grow as your needs evolve.

Airtable Pricing

For individual professionals or even very small teams, Airtable software offers a free version that is ideal. 

However, if you're looking to upgrade your plan then the cost of Airtable starts at $10* per user per month when billed annually. 

User trends show that the Airtable Pro pricing plan – which comes with a 14-day trial – is overwhelmingly popular; however, it's also possible to scale organization-wide with the vendor’s Enterprise option as well.

To attain the latest, custom Airtable pricing figures tailored to your organizational/workflow needs, click on the ‘Get Pricing’ button above.

To view broad plan pricing estimates/ballpark figures, please consult the table given below.

Airtable Demo

The Airtable software demo quickly walks you through creating a unique solution for any project/workflow use case and shows you how to streamline collaboration with the platform's Interface Designer.

It comes highly recommended if you're interested to know how the subscription would fare for your business.

To start screening, click on the ‘Watch Demo’ button above.

Airtable Integrations

Airtable can be seamlessly integrated with a variety of beneficial tools for businesses, and its API opens up even more opportunities. With over 1000 integrations available through iPaaS connectors, the possibilities are virtually endless. This flexibility makes it possible to create truly robust applications that take advantage of all those connections.

The following are some of the platform's featured native integrations: 

  • Google Drive 
  • Salesforce 
  • Zendesk 
  • Box 
  • Asana 
  • GitHub 
  • Slack 
  • Trello 
  • WordPress 
  • LinkedIn 

How does Airtable work?

Airtable works by offering subscribers an effortless way to construct custom databases without needing a single line of code. This low-code platform provides collaborative apps catered specifically to your team's needs and functions with simple drag-and-drop Airtable features; empowering you to quickly create the perfect database tailored precisely how you want it.

Who is Airtable for?

Airtable has been crafted with teams and individuals in mind who are seeking to craft powerful applications without writing a single line of code. 

As a low-code platform, it allows its users to personalize their workflow, work together as one cohesive unit, and reach ambitious goals; being the perfect solution for everyone looking to consolidate anything they can think up into an advanced database specifically created for all.

Airtable Features

Here are the platform’s top five features (as they pertain to the subscription’s general workflow use):

  • Flexible Mobile Organizer Get is creative with Airtable's mobile app, which has been crafted to help users quickly and easily create custom databases that can be tailored to their unique needs. Swipe and tap your way through its modern design while you build the database to impress the best critics.
  • Collaborative Workflows
    The platform ensures that teams remain connected and on top of their projects. Consolidate your work, assign tasks to collaborators with ease, and be notified the moment any changes are made - all in real-time. With this level of coordination, everyone is always up-to-date about the progress being made.
  • Customizable Templates
    Airtable makes it effortless to get up and running in no time with an array of customizable templates. Whether you're looking for template solutions related to project management, CRM, event planning, or anything else - the interface has got you covered.
  • Automation
    With the tool's automation feature, you can create rules that automate tedious tasks such as sending emails or creating records based on certain triggers. This results in precious time saved and less effort needed to complete mundane operations; freeing up your valuable resources for more important endeavors.
  • Integrations
    With the Airtable project management tool, you can effortlessly link your data across various platforms and services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, and Zapier for optimal efficiency and productivity.

Is Airtable right for me?

If you're looking for a means to construct custom apps that are tailored to your team's unique requirements, Airtable software is the ideal, low-code, platform for you. This user-friendly solution has everything necessary to get the job done.

Airtable Pricing Guide

Please note that these are starting estimates – click on ‘Get Pricing’ above to get instant, accurate quotes.



Individuals and Small Teams

$10 per Seat/Month

Team Managing Workflows

$20 per Seat/Month

Teams Powering Most Important Processes

Custom Pricing

Organization-Wide Benefits
Unlimited bases

✔ Up to 5 creators or editors

✔ 1,200 records per base
Free Features +

✔ 3 extensions per base

✔ 3 sync integrations

✔ 5,000 records per base
Plus Features +

✔ 10 extensions per base

✔ 7 sync integrations including Jira Cloud

✔ 50,000 records per base
Pro Features +

✔ Unlimited workspaces per organization

✔ Unlimited extensions

✔ Salesforce & Jira on-prem sync integrations

✔ 250,000 records per base

Airtable Software Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Managementt


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support


  • User-friendly interface
  • Robust functionality
  • Highly configurable


  • Takes time to learn the usage
  • The full version may be pricey for some organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Airtable offer an API?

Airtable has an API available for use.

Does Airtable support mobile devices?

Android, iPad, iPhone are compatible with Airtable.

What languages does Airtable support?

Airtable supports English language.

What level of support does Airtable offer?

Airtable offers support through Email/Help Desk, Chat, Knowledge Base, FAQs/Forum.

What other apps does Airtable integrate with?

Airtable integrates with GitHub, Dropbox Business, Salesforce, Zapier, Gmail, Trello, Google Drive, Box, SoundCloud, WordPress, Twitter, Stripe, Slack, Google Contacts, Basecamp, Wunderlist, LinkedIn, Eventbrite, Facebook, Google Calendar, Mailchimp, Twilio, Asana, Evernote, Zendesk.

What type of pricing plans does Airtable offer?

Airtable costs $12.00 per month with a free trial.

Who are the typical users of Airtable?

Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Businesses, Non-Profit, Public Administrations, Small Businesses can benefit from Airtable.

Airtable Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

Airtable Software reviews

Overall Rating

79 Reviews


Airtable is the perfect project management solution for teams of any size

March 2023

Linda G.


I absolutely love using Airtable as our team’s project management solution! The software makes it so easy to stay connected and on top of tasks. Furthermore, I love the automation capabilities and how quickly it helps us organize and share our information. With the success of the product, it looks like we’ll be sticking with Airtable for a while and might even upgrade to the Pro plan.
My only issue with using Airtable is that I have experienced some performance issues in the past. The software has crashed on me a few times and it was quite frustrating as I had to re-enter all my information into the platform. Hopefully, this issue is rectified soon.

It will make you a coder in no time!

March 2023

Ibrahim L.


Airtable has been a great investment for me and my team of small business owners. We needed a way to manage our projects and tasks with ease, and Airtable was there for us. The low-code platform allowed us to customize our applications to fit our needs perfectly - without needing any coding knowledge!
The only downside is that the subscription fees can be quite expensive for larger teams. So it can be a bit tough to stick with the platform if you don't have the budget. Furthermore, for some reason, my team has been experiencing some technical difficulties recently and it’s caused a bit of frustration.

Airtable is an absolute must have tool

February 2023

Rohan P.


Airtable has been a great fit for our organization of over 500 people! The software allows us to collaborate effortlessly, keep track of progress in real time, and customize dashboards. Furthermore, the platform has been incredibly helpful in streamlining our processes and organizing customer data.
Okay, so. The only trouble I had with using the software is that it can take some time to get accustomed to its interface. Some team members might have trouble getting started due to the learning curve - especially if they don't have any coding knowledge.

Airtable is the perfect tool for project management

February 2023

Raja S.


Airtable has been an absolute lifesaver for our team in terms of project management! The software is incredibly user-friendly and the automation feature makes it super easy to assign tasks and track progress. Furthermore, the mobile app is really convenient and allows us to access our data no matter where we are.
The only issue I have faced with Airtable is that the pricing plans can be a bit tricky to understand, especially when it comes to scaling organization-wide. It would be great if this part was more straightforward. Other than that, everything has been great!

Airtable is the perfect tool for project management

February 2023

Raja S.


Airtable has been an absolute lifesaver for our team in terms of project management! The software is incredibly user-friendly and the automation feature makes it super easy to assign tasks and track progress. Furthermore, the mobile app is really convenient and allows us to access our data no matter where we are.
The only issue I have faced with Airtable is that the pricing plans can be a bit tricky to understand, especially when it comes to scaling organization-wide. It would be great if this part was more straightforward. Other than that, everything has been great!

The best one out here!

January 2023



The simplicity of use and the online interface is quite user-friendly with Airtable. The assistance tips are also really helpful.

Outstanding and Powerful Collaboration Tool

January 2023



 I appreciate that Airtable allows me, to create my own projects that are tailored to my unique company needs.
 Simple end-user education materials are insufficient.

Our staff loves Airtable

December 2022



 The simplicity of use; the online interface is quite user-friendly, and the assistance tips are really helpful in getting you where you need to go inside the software.

Great software for small projects and small groups

December 2022


YOW Architects

The accounts and data are safe from all kinds of internal and external threats.

One of the most flexible, robust, and reliable PM tools.

November 2022



At first, Airtable may look like Excel, but don't be fooled by its simple appearance. Since it offers almost all the features of an Excel and then builds on them, it is far more efficient and helpful. The Excel-like arrangement does make it easier to adapt and work with, which so many of us love and appreciate. Data can be arranged in a grid-like format that is easy on the eyes. Tasks can be easily scheduled and assigned to individuals, and everyone can see what everyone else is up to. It offers a level of flexibility with your data that I have yet to see elsewhere!
It is no doubt a working spreadsheet program that takes its inspiration heavily from Excel and even Google Sheets.

Best software for Project Management and Content Management

October 2022


Information Technology and Services

One of the most important features any project management software can offer is automation. And I'm glad to report that Airtable excels at it! We are a start-up which is naturally short staffed but we have managed to get a lot of clients onboard with us. Airtable has solved the issue of managing the client base by automating a lot of tasks like sending weekly reports and digests to our clients that we used to do manually for everyone. It has freed our time to be spent on tasks that cannot be effectively automated and increased the level of productivity we lacked.
There are no ‘con’ as such, but they should improve on the customer support they have.

Excellent Tool for Workflow Implementation and Process

October 2022


Marketing and advertising

It is really helpful if you want to increase collaboration between departments, especially in our case, where no single department can really function independently. All of our projects are accessible to everyone relevant, and communication can be done in-app to keep all the stages in sync. Our schedules are planned months in advance, and everyone knows what they're supposed to do. The Notes module is amazing with a lot of customization features, and sharing with colleagues allows us to get and give input to finalize the project. It's fantastic software that I wholeheartedly recommend.
There are things that are not as smooth as they should be. The software is supposed to increase overall speed and efficiency.

A free alternative to expensive PM software

October 2022

Aimee S.

Medical Services

I simply love everything Airtable has to offer. Populating the entire spreadsheet with tons of data is done in an instant, and the sheet itself is so readable, unlike those in Excel that confuse an average user. Overall, the theme of the software is very flexible, and you can make changes to almost anything you look at. Any new form that fills up can be set up to notify the user automatically, and I love that there is no restriction on the number of forms. This enabled me to create as many forms as possible to neatly organize all of my data.
One of the best things about airtable is that it can be used totally free of charge. However, it has brought with it some drawbacks.

Airtable is an Advanced form of Excel

October 2022



 The capacity to build, share, and collaborate on "base" is exactly what you'll need to operate as a team.
Setting up relational databases is difficult for a new user.


September 2022



I appreciate the ease of use with Airtable. I also like that this works similarly to Excel sheets, so establishing a new task project is as simple.
I truly hope they add rich content formatting and other features to the long-form text field.

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