Best Podiatry EMR Software

Are you looking for a podiatry-specific EMR software for your practice? Sure, you might be thinking about implementing generic or popular EMR choices. However, a podiatry-specific EHR software comes with its own benefits that are hard to beat. For instance, podiatry EMR software offers pre-built podiatry templates, image support, compensation management, diagrams and graphing, and a podiatry dashboard. In this blog, we’ll be talking about some of the best podiatry EMR software, their features, pricing, and reviews. 

While there is an option to implement a generic EMR as well, why not indulge in specialty-specific features while you’re at it. A specialty-specific EMR software helps simplify all of your clinical and non-clinical needs and streamlines your operations.

Here are some of the best podiatry EMR/EHR software: 

SammyEHR Software

Software Finder Ratings: 4/5 based on SammyEHR user reviews.

SammyEHR is a cloud-based software that provides electronic health records (EHR) system, practice management, medical billing, and patient engagement. SammyEHR is a podiatry-specific EHR that provides services like podiatry-specific templates, image support, diagrams, and graphing, and podiatry coding and billing. However, they also provide general EMR services such as e-prescriptions, appointment management, scheduling, etc.

Some of the top features of SammyEHR are SamNotes, integration with labs, insurance eligibility, and a patient portal. It’s robust yet flexible enough to help streamline clinical workflows of your podiatry practice.

SammyEHR Podiatry EMR

SammyEHR Software

Based on reviews from practitioners all across the nation, SammyEHR is one of the best software that helps cover all aspects of Podiatry. Here’s what their users have to say about SammyEHR.

Here are some of the pros and cons of SammyEHR to help you understand the tool better.

  • Offers all the services you might need in a podiatry practices and more
  • Enables safe payment options and posting
  • Quick and simplified customer support
  • Provides improved patient care and patient satisfaction through clinical reconciliation services
  • System may lag occasionally
  • Users often have to deal with technical challenges with the software
  • Only offers a limited number of pre-built templates

Pricing: SammyEHR’s pricing starts from $349 per month per provider. 

TRAKnet EMR Software

Software Finder Ratings: 4/5 based on TRAKnet EMR user reviews.

TRAKnet EMR is also a cloud-based service provider that offers EMR/EHR services, particularly to small-scale podiatry practices. Even though they provide services to only small-scale practices, that doesn’t mean this isn’t one of the top podiatry EMR software. It provides all the services you might need to help simplify and streamline your clinical workflows and manage your operation. Their services include e-prescriptions, charting, billing and coding, appointment management, etc. 

TRAKnet Podiatry EMR Software

TRAKnet EMR Software

Despite the fact that TRAKnet is a cloud-based EMR software, they also offer an on-premise deployment for users who prefer a closed network. 

TRAKnet EHR uses SmartSheet 10 to automatically convert ICD-9 codes to ICD-10 ones and save you the effort to do so. This helps practitioners save time and focus more on their patients rather than worrying about the right codes. In order to improve management, you can also comparison on billing reports in real-time.

Here are some of the pros and cons of TRAKnet EMR Software.

  • Includes a highly integrated suite of services for podiatry practices.
  • Offers automated patient appointment reminders.
  • Doesn’t offer claims management in their services. 

Pricing: TRAKnet EMR’s pricing started at $199 per month per provider. 

Praxis EHR Software

Software Finder Ratings: 5/5 based on Praxis EHR user reviews.

Praxis EHR is perhaps one of the most creative EMR software within the industry. It uses an AI-driven, cloud-based EMR software that’s designed to understand how your practice works and devise processes around your existing infrastructure. While other EMR software often changes your digital infrastructure, Praxis EMR is designed to improve it by fitting into your processes seamlessly. This improves your clinical and non-clinical workflows and simplifies tasks to help you focus more on your patients rather than administrative work.

Their aim is to provide a paperless experience that enhances clinical efficiency and saves the environment. For that purpose, their Scanaway software assists in documenting all of your patient visits.  You can also use their DataMiner module for population health. Praxis EMR offers an extensive list of services that are all designed to simplify your processes.

Based on reviews from practitioners all across the nation, Praxis EMR is one of the top tier software when it comes to podiatry-specific EMR. Here’s what their users have to say about SammyEHR.

  • Offers state-of-the-art AI messengers known as agents that enable quick charting and appointment reminders.
  • Offers an extensive list of clinical practice guidelines you can use to improve clinical efficiency.
  • Provides a knowledge exchanger that enables you to learn about another user’s practice or share your own information with users that also use Praxis EMR.
  • May temporarily reduce productivity due to a learning curve.

Praxis EMR was also ranked as the number one EMR software for physicians according to the AAFP EHR user satisfaction survey in 2015. 

Pricing: Praxis EMR software costs $259 per month per provider.

DOX Podiatry EMR Software

DOX Podiatry EMR is, like the name suggests, a podiatry-specific EMR solution that’s designed to streamline all of your processes. Their suite of services is designed to simplify your administrative operations, streamline your clinical workflows, and improve patient care. 

Rather than overriding your existing processes, DOX Podiatry EMR is designed to integrate with your existing system and build on your existing processes to help you streamline your operations. An advantage of this approach is that you won’t have to deal with lengthy staff training.

DOX Podiatry EHR/EMR software

DOX Podiatry EMR software also offers an HL7 support and integration with billing software.

Here are some of the pros and cons of DOX podiatry EMR.

  • Easy-to-use and provides measures to help meet government incentives.
  • Includes a wide range of podiatry services.
  • System is considered outdated and doesn’t offer the right customer support.

Pricing: DOX Podiatry EMR’s prices start at $500 per month per provider. 

The extensive list of capable podiatry EMR software for practices doesn’t end here. You can also check other software such as DrChrono EMR.

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