Top 4 Best Agile Software – What Are They?

If you have a role as a project manager, you surely understand if your team needs the right tools to support that way of working. Agile project management software offers tools that can be an approach to ensure that your team completes your project on time. Accordingly, the tools assist in all stages without compromising the quality of your project. But what could be the best Agile project management software for your business? Read this article completely to understand and get the options for the best software you could use.

A Brief History of Agile

In the 1990s, the industry was frustrated as projects were canceled for a variety of reasons. Notwithstanding the appearance of the time lag between business requests and introduced technologies. Later on, the core of the Agile method was defined in a script by 17 people in 2001. According to agile project management software reviews The focus was on added value and customer collaboration.

The agile method consisted of four main values:

  • Team-specific interaction through processes and tools
  • The innovative software that works before inclusive documentation
  • Working with customers during contract negotiations
  • Response to changes according to plan

Why Is It An Agile Method?

Before we come to a list of the best Agile project management software, let’s first understand what the Agile method is.

This project management model is used by teams and businesses to save time and money. Most importantly, the Agile method gives them more flexibility to make changes. This eventually gives you greater flexibility than standard project management methods.

What Makes Agile Special?

  • Faster and smaller

With this software, the project can go faster

  • Communication

This software enables the teams to work together and simply communicate to make sure the process is going well.

  • Feedback

With Agile, your team can monitor the speed of the development process regularly. Of course, without having to wait until the delivery phase.

  • Trust

All the Agile teams recognize the goals, and accordingly, they build their path to achieve the goals

  • Control

The development in this software enables project control. Each step the project will be visible to both parties.

What Agile Project Management Software Offers?

Speaking of project management, Agile is the ideal approach for every project manager. Why? Because the software provides many benefits such as:

  • Faster software deployment to help customers get to value faster
  • Faster problem and defect detection
  • Increased collaboration and faster
  • Less waste
  • Better adaptability to change
  • Increased success through focused effort
  • Individual team structure
  • Faster Lead Time
  • Streamlined Development Process
  • Eliminates Rework
  • Related Project Metrics
  • Focuses on Customer Needs
  • Increases in Collaboration Frequency

And if your Agile software is failing you? Well, let’s hope it works. Proper Agile software is like the right choice of pizza toppings for a team lunch. They need to work well together, and most importantly, improve what is already there.

Fortunately, we have listed the top 4 best agile software to help you in project management. Let’s discuss them one by one!

Bitrix24 Software

Bitrix24 software is perfect for your company. The software is firstly targeting those small businesses. On the other hand, the platform seems to be most useful for companies that are looking to improve communication. This software makes it easier for your team to communicate by chat or video. You could also share your calendar and create teams.

If your team is openly communicating and struggling to “get confused,” they would love Bitrix24. Its dashboards provide a social intranet for quick and public discussion of any issues and concerns. Most importantly, your team can do this without repeating it in other threads.

Many reviews have been showing that data and information also have a factor of safety to consider when considering this software. If all communication takes place in a slightly open forum, your team would not have to worry about hiding anything or being dishonest.

Last but not least, According  Bitrix24 review, it also has a number of beneficial HR tools to help you track all your employees. In this way, you can be sure that everyone is doing their work properly.

AHA Project Management Software

AHA project management provides a better understanding of the market. The software comes with a Marketing Roadmap feature that allows you to create realistic ideas and marketing plans.

All the plans and ideas will be based on information gathered through market and target audience analysis. Then, the insights gained can be used to identify key strategic initiatives and develop actionable business models.

In the end, you could determine the best strategy to achieve the stated goals of your company. Another great thing about AHA product management software is that it provides a clear definition of vision. AHA product management software is designed to facilitate the work of small, medium-sized businesses, and large businesses.

This software is perfectly suitable for creating a clear vision of your business based on achievable goals and objectives. All the roadmap features offered by AHA are especially useful for project managers who want to get strong project control. In this regard, you could use a clear and well-designed roadmap to ensure that your project is on time, and of course, on budget.

Click-Up Software

If your business is looking for the ultimate agile project management software, ClickUp software is the best answer. This software is suitable for any business that applies an agile method. Accordingly, it is a perfect software for other work styles in an agile framework.

ClickUp is at the top of the list with hassle-free task management. It offers you a brief overview of completed ongoing tasks and dependencies. This could eventually help to avoid bottlenecks. The best part? With its free Forever Plan, even the smallest teams can use this project management software for free. Well…


According to Asana Review ,software is an innovatively designed cloud-based project and task management. This tool works well for planning, organizing, and tracking task progress. From start to finish, Asana offers the features your team needs, from the board to the timeline. In the context of agile project management, Asana helps to track launches and iterations, simple project and sprint planning, and communication with teammates.

So, which software do you think is the most suitable for your business?

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