Furniture Wizard is a powerful software structured for furniture retail businesses. It helps users in inventory management, sales tracking, and better customer services by enabling them to simplify operations and optimize productivity. Its robust features help handle orders and manage stock at different locations with a comprehensive view of the financial aspects for better results.

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What is Furniture Wizard?


Furniture Wizard is designed to optimize furniture retail operations. Its advanced features include inventory management, sales tracking, customer relationship management, and analytics. This software can easily handle orders and stock across multiple locations. It helps retailers streamline processes, increase efficiency, and make better decisions for healthier growth.

Furniture Wizard Pricing

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Furniture Wizard Integrations

Furniture Wizard integrates with several apps, a few of which are mentioned below:

  • Ashley Furniture Industries, LLC
  • COASTER Fine Furniture
  • Gravity PAYMENTS
  • QuickBooks
  • Technology Mechanics
Feel free to schedule a Furniture Wizard demo to learn more about its integrations.

Who Is Furniture Wizard For?

Furniture Wizard is a robust software ideally structured for retailers in the furniture industry. This software offers robust features that assist business owners optimize inventory management, sales tracking, and customer support through a user-friendly interface. Whether you own a single-store shop, multi-location chains, or sell online doesn't matter because this software is the right choice to take your business to the next level.

Is Furniture Wizard Right For You?

Furniture Wizard is the perfect platform to help furniture business owners achieve new business heights. This software offers complete inventory management, efficient sales processing, and strong reporting capabilities. It enhances business operations efficiency and elevates customer service standards. Furthermore, valuable business data will be accessible to you, empowering the decision-makers to make informed choices that boost productivity and profitability.

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Furniture Wizard Features

This feature enables the user to manage inventory efficiently by using barcode scanning. It is a quick and accurate way of tracking products. It helps the user to streamline stock consumption, sales, and inventory audits.

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This feature will help you to adopt efficient routes for delivering furniture to different destinations in a productive manner. This feature optimizes your business operations with key factors such as delivery locations, schedules, and vehicle capacities.

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It enables the users to manage inventory across different locations. It also helps track the variation in stock levels in items kept and systematizes re-order points to enhance inventory levels and curtail stockouts.

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POS feature allows seamless sales transactions directly within the software. This feature supports various payment methods, refund processes, and updating of inventory in real-time, enhancing customer service and efficient operations.

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Furniture Wizard offers vital reporting tools, enabling the user to know what is happening in the company. This feature provides insights into sales trends, inventory turnover, and financial performance. You can also access customizable reports to help decision-makers optimize their business operations and profitability.

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This feature ensures that all information available is secured and prioritized. It focuses mainly on user permissions, data encryption, and secure access controls by ensuring the secrecy and integrity of sensitive information.

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This feature enables you to tag products with customizable labels or tags. It also helps in inventory categorization, facilitating easier identification and seamless management of items throughout their lifecycle in the retail process.

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Pros and Cons of Furniture Wizard


  • Comprehensive software
  • Easy integration process
  • User-friendly platform


  • Limited scalability for large retailers
  • Internet dependability

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, Furniture Wizard does not offer API.