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Salesforce Engage is a cloud-based software that provides users with customer service management options. The software is perhaps one of the most popular CRM software on the market. The software can be integrated into other software that you use at your business. 

The software looks at all aspects of managing customer relations; from the sales aspect to the technical aspect. There are a lot of features in Salesforce which make it an ideal choice for a lot of businesses. 

Look at Salesforce features in more detail below. 

Contact Management: Salesforce manages your business contacts very easily. Users can use the lead management feature to recruit more customers to their business. 

Desktop Integration: The software can easily work on any operating system without encountering any issues whatsoever. 

Quota and Order Management: With Salesforce users can always know about their stock levels and be able to seamlessly manage their customer orders. 

Campaign Management: Start digital marketing campaigns for your business to be successful. 

Reporting: Report any issues or bugs to the developers behind the software so they can incorporate your requests in the update for the software. 

Dashboard: The dashboard feature is user-friendly and built with customer convenience in mind. 

Forecasting: Forecast your needs as a business and figure out what you need to do to be successful. 

Salesforce Pricing: Salesforce has four different tiers and they are all priced differently. Salesforce Essentials costs $25 per user a month. Salesforce Professional costs $75 per user a month. Salesforce Enterprise costs $150 per user per month. Salesforce Unlimited costs $300 a month per user. 

Free Trial: You are able to request free trials for all the versions of the software. There are no free versions of Salesforce CRM. 

Salesforce pros

  • There are a lot of customizations that you can perform with Salesforce software that cannot be executed with any other software in the market at the moment! 
  • Users can integrate any other software to Salesforce and be able to stay completely updated about their customers in every way. 
  • The dashboard feature is incredibly convenient to use and allows you to keep track of real-time insights into your business!

Salesforce cons

  • The load time for the software can be a lot and require users to close the app in the middle of work and re-open it in order to get it working again! 
  • The system can be incredibly complex to get used to and all the tools can be overwhelming to use at first. 
  • Duplicate contacts and information are not deleted automatically by the software which can be very confusing and time consuming as well! 

Salesforce CRM is a great software for you to automate the sales process for your business and bring a certain level of automation to it to help you succeed! 

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