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TRIARQ Health is a cloud-based EHR with ICD-10 compliance. This practice management solution allows you to manage and customize patient portals. TRIARQ software is a digital platform that connects patients, hospitals, service providers, and labs for healthcare community integration. It helps you optimize your workflow and maximize your clinical growth through integrated management and monitoring tools. TRIARQ health improves your revenue and practice potential efficiently.

TRIARQ health software combines proprietary and cloud-based practices for value-based care. This care management platform increases patient engagement with customized dashboard features. You can digitalize communication through direct messaging, daily reminders, online scheduling, and e-prescriptions. You can get comprehensive services through QComplete. TRIARQ formalizes and digitalizes your patient appointments. 

Key Features 

Revenue Cycle Management

It is a fully integrated billing and EHR software for secure payment management. TRIARQ EHR provides comprehensive financial assessments and billing reports for revenue management and risk analysis. QSuite EMR/PM system streamlines your cash flow. It offers consumer-oriented tools to ease payments, e-receipts, and e-booking. You can track payments with safe e-billing features. 

Cloud-based Performance Management 

TRIARQ health EMR acts as a personalized partner for dedicated support. TRIARQ EHR enables custom configuration to manage tools, create value, set goals, compare insights, edit records, and performance tracking. You can auto-update lab results ad sync them with patient profiles. It simplifies patient-centered medical practice with practice management tools. TRIARQ provides a clear paper trail with strategic compliance.

Clinically Integrated Network 

TRIARQ App offers BPCI Advanced programs for risk-bearing. Its QPathway app helps improve patient-provider engagement. You can aggregate utilization with real-time data. It helps you to coordinate teams with a fully customized centralized dashboard. TRIARQ health enables Physician-Driven Care Management through Alliance programs. You can sync your existing practice management information into new profiles with a single click.  

Patient Care QPathways 

TRIARQ is an all-in-one tool that facilitates Collaborative Communication, Automated Care Plans, Document Management, and Clinical & Financial Transparency. You can compare, examine, and design care pathways for unique evidence-based clinical treatments. It guides the patients step-by-step with complete scheduling, planning, alerts, and reminders. Health Service providers can track patient progress at every step through automated patient portals and EHR/EMR. 

TIARQ EMR Pricing 

The pricing and payment plans for TRIARQ Health software are unavailable. 

TIARQ Health Demo 

No free trials or free versions are provided by the vendor. TRIARQ does not offer demos for the software.  

TIARQ EHR Reviews 

Many happy customers have reviewed this app with high ratings. TRIARQ health EMR is an easy-to-learn platform that eases complicated management issues. With document management, you can find everything about the patient in a centralized location. It analyzes the cost-benefit ratio for every provider and patient. More in our Reviews section. 

Our thoughts 

TRIARQ EHR is a cloud hosting EHR/PM QSuite for independent medical practice. It helps instant communication, data management, and clinical and financial reporting on a single platform. You can get the additional benefits of Intuitive Interface, Easy Dictation, Monthly Scorecards, Billing Compatibility, Customizable Reporting, and Patient Portals. It is complete software for extensive medical needs in a digital age. 

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