ADSC, which was established in 1977, is one of the oldest healthcare IT companies in the United States. It offers three solutions: Medics EHR,  Medics PM and an All-on-one Suite which includes both. The company also offers revenue cycle management services for healthcare providers and revenue cycle management software for medical billing companies. 

Their EHR caters to more than 15 specialties. Apart from regular EHR software features such as e-prescribing, radiology management, and lab integrations, this system has a number of innovative features including an ability to comprehensively automate clinical trials for investigators (physicians) and practices (sites). The system has a built-in MIPS dashboard to report practice data. The EHR can be used for other CMS initiatives such as Chronic Care Management (CCM), and Transitional Care Management (TCM).

Their practice management module also offers additional innovative features such as easily dealing with multiple tax IDs and managing product inventories. The MedicsMobile™ option gives providers the ability to connect using almost any smartphone or internet-enabled device.


Medics EHR & PM Software By Advanced Data Systems Corporations

Medics EHR & PM Software By Advanced Data Systems Corporations reviews

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11-50 employees

September 2020

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I love how it's so easy and versatile. Everything can be customized making it super easy for us to use.

Very few features. Can not handle large data and gets super slow at times costing us a lot of time.

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