AL Advantage EHR Software

AL Advantage is a cloud-based Senior Care management software designed to provide HIPAA-compliant data security for on-premise and off-site software users. Designed by caregivers for caregivers, the software enables users to resident care activities for optimum clinical outcomes and state compliance. It ensures that real-time data entries flow properly into key functions, reports, modules, and forms. Using AL Advantage, users get “type-once” data entry to minimize the waste of staff hours and eliminate errors. Streamlined data processing, retrieval, and organization efficiently reduce the stress, workload, and turn-over of assisted living caregivers.

The platform is regarded as the "easiest to use" assisted living system. It is a cost-efficient solution that offers an AL Advantage Software Demo to give users a complete overview of the system. On top of this, clinicians can easily create and update assessments, incident reports, service plans, and fact sheets. It also includes care scheduling features for resident’s medications, laundry, and bathing free up so that caregivers can focus on residents’ needs.

AL Advantage provides users with all the tools and functionalities needed to handle resident care, such as incident reporting, assessments, charting, medication administration, and service plans. Moreover, there are tailor-fit resident care levels for each community with resident-specific care level changes sent directly to invoicing staff for “real-time” monthly care cost coverage. The software does not require ant training or setup fees, no cancellation penalties, or long-term contracts.

AL Advantage Software Pricing

The pricing for this assisted living software starts at 23¢ per day/ per resident.

Software Support

It offers online support round-the-clock by assisted living care expert support staff.


Easy to use the software. Outstanding customer service.


The medication section is not so user-friendly.

AL Advantage EHR Software Pricing

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