Anytime collect, similar to most of the other accounting tools, is a cloud-based software tool that is designed to cater a variety of business needs in the domain of accounting. The software is basically a credit receivable tool that helps the business organizations to detect and highlight the specific clients that have not cleared their dues, and payments to the company. This is a web- based tool that is available for all web-supported platforms such as Windows OS, MAC OS, android, and iOS.

The software possesses a variety of modern features such as automated e-mails, chat features for the company’s clients and cash addition to these, the software also provides accurate reports regarding the finances, notification issuance, and document management.

Price: The starting price for the base-level version of this tool is $3900/year.

Support: Tech support can be accessed by tickets, email, phone, live support, and training.

USP: The special thing about Anytime Collect is its “Synchronization” feature that syncs the available/updated data throughout the accounting system within an organization. Also, it can generate automated follow-up emails to client to remind them to clear their payments as per their promised schedule.

Product Advantage: The software UI is very user friendly, and it allows its users to create contact groups of their clients.

Product Limitations: The software is operated via a web application, so the network connectivity issues may seriously hamper the performance of this tool.

Anytime Collect

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