Asana Software

Asana is a project management tool that helps teams conduct their daily activities and strategic planning. The software allows collaboration across locations and borders. 100,000 organizations subscribe to the paid version, and millions of companies use the free Asana project management software. The tool helps organize all efforts towards accomplishing company objectives.

Critical Benefits of Asana Project Management Software

Users can create projects, manage their initiatives, and break them down into tasks using Asana. The robust Asana software allows you to assign tasks to individual members, follow separate tasks, share the progress of each project and use the comment feature to communicate with everyone involved. In addition, it can completely replace spreadsheets and email for scheduling, tracking, and communication purposes.

Streamlined Workflow

Asana allows you to upload all documents and attachments in one place, add notes on task descriptions, follow public tasks for updates, and group related tasks together. Moreover, you can assign priority to tasks, create a workflow, and receive notifications on tasks' completion or due date.

Team members get alerted in their Asana or email Inbox on all assigned tasks and projects they are members of. According to users, Asana is highly convenient and offers various robust tools and features, worth the Asana cost.

Organized Tasks

Organizing has never been easier with the multiple workspaces to separate different projects and group together various teams. With Asana, managers can track every member's progress and stay updated without relying on lengthy email threads. In addition, global corporations like Spotify, Sephora, and Viessman use Asana to streamline their work and accelerate progress.

Asana simplifies task management by allowing users to define, assign and monitor them all in one place. You can view the progress in the timeline, calendar, or board form with the required attachments available for all to view or download. There are also fields to add descriptions or comments to ensure all parties are on the same page.

Company-Wide Management

With the help of Asana, you can structure workflows to track initiatives across large multinational organizations. The software allows you to send in work requests, facilitates managers with the

onboarding process, and helps achieve company goals and milestones. In addition, streamlining is easier with quick notifications sent to all users so they can take immediate action.

Digital Security

Google SSO, SAML, forced password reset, member deprovisioning, and strict password complexity rules are much more secure than any collaboration tool. In addition, your data is protected under export, deletion, full-organization export, service requests, and cross-regional backups.

Extended Capability

Asana allows integration across more than 100 different third-party applications. In addition, you can plug-in software and export data to make your workspace even more functional. The top integration options include Google Drive, Slack, Adobe Creative Cloud, GitHub, and Dropbox.

Mobile Application

Asana project management software offers a mobile app that allows you to work even when not physically present in your office. You can take your projects with you on the go with the Asana Android and iOS apps that help collaboration, tracking, and documenting new ideas. You can view the various features of the mobile app during the Asana demo.

Asana Pricing Plans

Asana essential is free and suitable for small teams of up to 15 members. It allows collaboration on projects, creates unlimited tasks and conversations, and starts at $9.99 per month. Small team discounts are available. Premium features include custom templates, guest accounts, private projects, additional security, and unlimited dashboards.

  • Task lists, Kanban boards, calendars, app integrations, and up to 15 individuals are included in the free version.
  • Premium: $10.99 per user each month with an annual contract and all previous features, project dashboards, custom forms, etc.
  • Business: $24.99 per user per month with an annual contract. It includes all prior features, portfolios, automatic proofreading, and Adobe Creative Cloud integration.
  • Enterprise: Negotiated pricing. It includes all previous features, data exportation, user provisioning, priority support, and custom branding.

For more pricing information, click on “Get Pricing.”

Asana Demo

You can schedule an Asana demo by clicking on “Watch Demo.” The demo is one of the best ways to analyze software in real-time. In addition, the Asana demo will enable you to evaluate

the multiple Asana features in an actual environment. As a result, you can better decide whether it’s an ideal fit for your organization or not.

Asana Support

Asana offers a variety of customer support solutions, including onboarding materials, forums, webinars, manuals, training, a developer's guide, and help articles. Unfortunately, it currently does not provide phone support. You'll need to contact or submit a question in the Asana forum if you want to communicate to troubleshoot or get problems answered.

However, if you subscribe to a premium subscription, you will receive priority help. This package features a customer success manager (CSM) who can assist with on-site training, coaching calls, onboarding, and problem resolution.

What Do Users Say About Asana Project Management Software?

Asana Project Management Software Pros

The software is highly user-friendly, with an intuitive display that shows all the tasks and upcoming activities in one place. Users receive automatic updates on items they care about and can bridge the gap between multiple departments. The interface is customizable and allows members to see their projects in a list, calendar form, or Kanban style.

Asana Project Management Software Cons

Their technical support system is slower than competitors, and it takes a while for representatives to get back to you. They also lack the sophistication required in implementation by the larger organizations.

Our Two Bits About Asana Project Management Software

Asana is project management software that is particularly fit for smaller teams aiming to improve cooperation and responsibility while working on any project. Its user interface and user experience are practically unrivaled in usability and navigation. In addition, the various features are worth the Asana cost.

Asana is one of those one-of-a-kind project management systems that prioritize the team and the project manager. While other project management software alternatives are solely concerned with improving the management experience, Asana encourages every team member to utilize the software for their advantage with worker-centric Asana features and a simple user interface.

Asana Software Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Managementt


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Asana offer an API?

Yes, Asana has an API available for use.

Does Asana support mobile devices?

Asana supports Android, iPad, iPhone devices.

What languages does Asana support?

Asana supports English, Spanish, French, German, Korean, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional), Dutch, Polish, Russian, Swedish.

What level of support does Asana offer?

Asana offers support through: Email/Help Desk, Chat, Knowledge Base, FAQs/Forum.

What other apps does Asana integrate with?

Asana integrates with the following apps:, Wufoo, LambdaTest, Grow, Mailbird, CloudApp, GitHub, Integromat, Microsoft Outlook, Dropbox Business, TimeCamp, Jira, TrackingTime, Campaign Monitor, Everhour, Instabug, atSpoke, Expiration Reminder, Time Doctor, Zapier, Pivotal Tracker, Gmail, Zoho Flow, Instagantt, Timely, Whimsical, Microsoft OneDrive, Usersnap, Zenefits, Google Drive, Box, Looker, Pipedrive, Microsoft Teams, GitLab, SkedPal, Zoho Cliq, Slab,, JotForm, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Bitium, OneLogin, Harvest, Wistia, Okta, Status Hero, Rollbar, Slack, Microsoft 365, Weekdone, Clockwise, Canva, Unito, Velocity, Front, Tableau, Vimeo, Lucidchart, ServiceNow, SupportBee, WebWork Time Tracker, Atlassian Confluence, Hubstaff, Clockify, Loom, Google Calendar, InVision, Mailchimp, Microsoft Power BI, HourStack, Screenful, Twist, Figma, IFTTT, Evernote, Toggl Track, Transcend, Google Sheets, SyncEzy, TMetric, Adobe Creative Cloud, Zendesk.

What type of pricing plans does Asana offer?

Asana offers a subscription-based model that costs $13.49/month Free Trial: Available.

Who are the typical users of Asana?

Typical users of Asana include Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Businesses, Non-Profit, Public Administrations, Small Businesses.

Asana Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

Asana Software reviews

Overall Rating

31 Reviews



May 2022



Overall, Asana has been a great fit for our agency. It's been an essential resource for keeping our team on the same page across customers and projects
None, We appreciate Asana.

I like it

April 2022


IT Consultant

The layout of this software is colorful and tidy.

Asana is an asset to our company.

April 2022


Non-Profit Organization Management

It clearly displays the task list for the project you're working on, complete with pre-tasks and the ability to connect sub-tasks to individual tasks.

Fits perfectly!

April 2022



Asana is ideal for smaller companies. It has the ability to break down the complex tasks into chunks. One can assign priority to a task, create workflow and receive notification on task completion.
Shifting tasks to other groups is bit tricky matter.


March 2022


Commercial Real Estate

Asana provides excellent project tracking capabilities, and the ability to group similar projects into separate folders.

Asana Review

March 2022


Information Technology and Services

With Asana, the tasks are simple to follow and aid in seeing what has to be done for each major phase and the overall project.
I don't like that Asana doesn't offer the following, the Option to assign tasks to individuals, highlight tasks, and send messages to PMs or Management.

Highly recommended!

February 2022


Truth Matters Ministries

It is a great project management tool that helps teams conduct their daily activities and strategic planning. With Asana, managers can track each member's progress.
They lack the sophistication required in implementation by larger organizations.

Robust and Efficient.

February 2022


Mining & Metals

I appreciate that  Asana offers me a central location to keep track of all the information I need for each activity or project I'm working on.
 There are some excellent features, but it might feel a little feature-heavy at times, especially for those who are new to project management.


February 2022



Simple, easy-to-use option. The team is professional and cooperative. The usage guidelines and tutorials also make deployment and setup straightforward.


January 2022



The software has offered great ease to use and streamlined our workflow within days.
The implementation is not smooth process.

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