Bynder is a cloud-based digital asset management (DAM) software that is developed for different sizes of business. Bynder software is developed to help businesses, maintain and give public and private digital assets that includes videos, documents and images. Bynder also helps business to achieve efficiency, partly by organizing a company’s digital assets into a centralized, searchable database that can be accessed from different locations in the world by users and employees.

For security purposes, Bynder uses a two-factor authentication system as well as administration that can change access and editing rules on individual or per-group bases. Bynder can be opened from different web browsers. It integrates flawlessly with Bynder’s other tools which allows companies to add new functions if they need changes over time.

Pricing: The pricing plan for Bynder starts from 97$ per month.

USP: The Bynder file send feature offers a good deal of help to the users. Bynder keep records for all of the workflow, so it allows the users to have a quick look on the complete creative expansion of a project.

Benefits: Users can access files, plans, images and inquire about projects from one central location. Bynder provides support to users with more efficiently and deliver what they need. Bynder also guarantees brand compliance.

Limitations: Workflow feature is not fully integrated with Digital Asset Management.

Support: For support, users can get help through an online information base system, online chat and phone.


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