Keap is a comprehensive CRM, sales, and marketing software crafted for aspiring entrepreneurs. It helps consolidate customer data and daily workflows, removing repetitive tasks, to provide more time for business growth. While the pricing may be higher, the level of automation provided is unmatched.

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Keap is a widely known sales and customer relations management software. Keap was formerly known as Infusionsoft and has been around in the marketing world for a while. The software is a top choice for smaller businesses to streamline their sales and customer experiences together. 

The software allows users to create targeted email campaigns, segment their customers, track interactions and much more; all of which leads to a more targeted customer experience which leads to more sales for the business as a result. There are several features in this software that make it a good choice for many businesses. 

Free Trial: Yes, you can access a free trial for the software easily. 

Keap Software Features

The user interface for Keap is extremely simple and allows even those who consider themselves novices when it comes to sales software to become adept in no time at all.

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The analytics features in this software allow users to monitor the return on their investment on the amount of money they spend on marketing.

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The software has robust mobile apps which allow users to access the software from their mobile devices on the go.

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The software can easily be integrated into other software that aid in sales and marketing such as QuickBooks, SalesForce, and more.

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The software allows users to experience various features seamlessly that enable them to improve their sales and customer experiences.

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The software allows users to create as many customizations to the templates and other aspects of the software as they would want.

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The customer service provided by Keap is highly lauded and available to users at all times.

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Pros and Cons of Keap Software


  • Users can segment contacts according to similarities between them and create custom marketing campaigns for each segment.
  • The software is easy to use and does not require users to go through extensive training to get adept at it.
  • The software has a lot of customizations available for users to implement.


  • The pricing for Keap can be an issue especially if a user wants to opt for the more expensive version.
  • At times the integration can cause issues and does not work great.
  • The software does not have response order forms and requires you to use another application or software for them.
  • Keap is a wonderful CRM and sales software option for smaller businesses that are still building their contact list and brand.

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