Chiron Health

Chiron Health is a cloud-based telemedicine solution that helps practices of all sizes manage prescribing, consultation, and remote patient care via chats and two-way audio-video streaming. Key features include workflow management, EMR integration, HIPAA-compliance, eligibility check, and video calling. The software's insurance database and Chiron rules engine enable medical professionals to automate eligibility checks while adhering to HIPAA guidelines. The platform is compatible with iOS and Android apps. Users can schedule appointments with patients based on the availability of practitioners. With Chiro Health, administrators can manage, design and launch custom marketing campaigns to introduce new services and update patients about telemedicine practices.

The platform supports integration with multiple practice management systems such as CareCloud, Athenahealth, Greenway Health, Kareo, and DrChrono. Other features include business associate agreements (BAAs), automated appointment reminders, automated email notifications, patient profiles, a virtual waiting room, and more. Eligibility checks help users to verify informed consent documentation and insurance information. Their customizable workflows allow users to streamline tasks related to billing, charting, and scheduling.

Chiron Health can automatically calculate patient payments such as co-insurance and co-pay. They provide patient workflow management, which sends automated appointment reminders, provides a virtual waiting room, and updates practitioner calendars after patients have checked-in. The telemedicine software includes white-label capabilities to help managers with creating tailored web pages, using colors and custom logos to develop a brand identity.

Price: The software offers two paid pricing plans: independent plan – starting at $150 per provider, per month, or $120/month if paid annually. The details for the Enterprise plan are available only upon request. Users can contact the vendor to get detailed pricing details as per their requirements.

Free Trial: Chiron Health offers a free trial (no credit card required).

Support: The platform provides business hours support.

USP: Other than scheduling and conducting video visits for their practice, users can also integrate their appointments with existing PM or EMR systems. Chiron Health is also available as SaaS, iPhone, iPad, Android software.

Product Advantages: The telemedicine solution is easy to use for patients, providers, and clinical staff. It allows users to video chat at their convenience. Their support team is available at moment’s notice and is highly responsive. Their integration with Athena for collecting copays and scheduling is very useful. Chiron Health offers fairly decent audio and video quality.

Product Limitations: Their verification for the patient's insurance coverage is not so robust. The system tends to freeze and has issues with volume control. Also, their reliability on the internet limits the users.

Chiron Health reviews

Overall Rating

4 Reviews



Garth Dentals

11-50 employees

August 2020

Not a good choice for us

We have not been happy.
It glitches, has a lot of bugs, we call to complain and no one picks up. Very bad overall.


Pabna Medical College

1 employee

June 2020

It is nice.

I like the software and how it helps with telemedicine.
At times video links don't work.


Utah Navajo Health System, Inc

2-10 employees

April 2020

I am glad to have been rid of this wretched software.

It seemed good at the start but the issues came soon after.
It was a nightmare. I don't know if they set it up wrong or what but everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.


Medical School

201-500 employees

July 2019

Needs help

it needs improvement.
caused us a lot of grief.

Call us at

(661) 384-7070

Call us at

(661) 384-7070