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Constant Contact is a one-stop-shop for small businesses and non-profits to increase their customer base and get all their marketing needs taken care of. The software houses a range of tools and features which are ideal for creating marketing campaigns and building strong relations with a business’ client base as well as expanding the client base too. 

The software allows you to integrate various software and tools into it so you can have one seamless experience. The software is meant to simplify your marketing needs and bring all the tools a business needs to create a unique marketing experience for their customers in one place. 

Look at Constant Contact features in more detail below. 

Contact Management: Constant Contact allows users to store customer data and helps sort the data automatically. 

Software Integration: Users can integrate other applications and software into Constant Contact such as Outlook and more. 

Customizations: The software has a lot of customizations that can be made to email marketing campaigns. 

Email Marketing: Users can create unique and effective customer marketing campaigns. 

Training: The company provides both in-person and virtual training to help users get used to the software. 

Social Media: The software allows users to post and schedule posts for their business’s social media profiles directly through it. 

User Interface: The user interface is very user-friendly and allows users to adapt to the software right away. 

Constant Contact Pricing: The pricing for Constant Contact depends on the number of emails in your emailing list. The software charges monthly, with the cheapest cost being $20 a month and going up to $45. 

Free Trial: You can sign up for a free trial of the software before you decide you want to purchase it. 

Constant Contact Pros

Users can schedule social media posts about a week in advance and not have to worry about their social media strategies. 

There are dozens of templates users can choose from which makes it a great choice for users. 

The customer service for Constant Contact is constantly available to help troubleshoot any issues users might face with the software. 

Constant Contact Cons

Users can experience issues when adding images and links from external sources which can be annoying. 

Once emails are made, it can be difficult to edit them which can cause a lot of issues for users. 

The click and drag options can prove to be lag a little at times which can cause a lot of delays for users.  

Constant Contact is a wonderful option for any small business looking for email marketing software that also handles social media posting. This software allows you to make things easier for your marketing. 

There are a lot of alternatives for Constant Contact that you can choose from. Look at our recommendations below:

Constant Contact Software reviews

Overall Rating

10 Reviews


Reaching donors was never easier

August 2019


CERT International

From recruiting team members for upcoming projects, the ability to send videos, the choice to pick your own from the ever-growing gallery of layouts to sending out mass emails, Constant Contact does it all. Their customer support and tech staff have been consistently helpful throughout our journey with the solution. What’s more, it also supports integration with Donor Perfect.
I love everything about Constant Contact. Especially the email preview feature which lets me see what the end result will look like. What a wonderful concept!

Great email marketing tool

August 2019


Manderley On The Green

Our experience with Constant Contact has been spotless and just brilliant. The user interface is very neatly designed, navigation through the whole system is very convenient. Creating campaigns, storing, copying and monitoring them has never been easier. It allows you to segment customers into email lists based on their demographics and other information, which helps us target our emails a lot better. Highly comprehensive and useful reporting and statistics are provided for each campaign. GREAT tech support staff too.
There isn’t sufficient availability of images and email templates for different types of events.

great platform to connect with audience

August 2019



Constant Contact is really simple to use with so many useful functions. It has been beneficial in connecting our audience with the events we have coming up. I particularly love the cross-posting to Facebook.
I wish they had spell check and link checking tools to proofread your content

great solution for entrepreneurs

August 2019


Amy's Sweet Treats

CC is a great platform to connect with your customers and promote your business. it allows me to schedule my posts from newsletters and keep up a presence effortlessly.
I have no complaints with Constant Contact so far. works like a dream.

better than our current solution

August 2019


Farm & Ranch Publishing, L.L.C.

The email templates are very well designed. a reliable, simple and straight forward solution.
the design tools sometimes exhibited malfunctions but no major issues.

dated and aged

August 2019


LifeHouse Denver Church

Constant Contact offers much ease of use but the functions it offers are now dated and need advancement so we have switched to a competitor vendor.
They started off really well but the internet world keeps evolving with ever new trends and shifts in dynamics yet Constant Contact does not do anything to accommodate them. And for all these outdated tools, we were being charged more. Switching to MailChimp has been a great decision on our part.

a great email marketing campaign

August 2019


Crazy Dave's Fireworks

Very user-friendly and intuitive. a great tool to keep customers up to date. a lot of attractive and professional-looking email templates.
Good for non-techie users but for people with design experience, the templates can seem limiting.

Constant Contact is amazing

August 2019


Greater United Way

An intuitive, well organized and efficient tool for brand promotion and email marketing. It has many attractive features and email design templates to offer. You can build marketing lists in the system with total ease. The best part is, you can get started almost immediately as it requires no elaborate setup or training.

There aren’t as many as advanced features as other ESPs offer in terms of code visibility and the ability to alter designs from backend coding.

Amazing solution. No training required!

August 2019



A solution so compact and comprehensive and so user-friendly, even a non-tech savvy person can easily learn to use it in a short time. We utilize Constant Contact in a non-profit setting to help us deliver news to our contacts and members as well as get the word out for event promotions. It also serves as the email front page to our site. It is intuitive, offers a selection of pre-built templates, error-reporting, marketing analysis features and much more.
Does not support pdf attachments in emails. It would be nice if they provided multi-page newsletters.

email marketing made easy

August 2019


Parent Teacher Organization

We use Constant Contact to create and send out weekly newsletters to a thousand members. CC offers innovative, adaptable features and the ability to create your own. It is super easy to create or even copy a newsletter format. We trust it completely to always deliver the mails as scheduled, without failure.
Editing buttons can sometimes go wayward but are fixed soon enough.

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Call us at

(661) 384-7070