ContentStudio is a cloud-based social media management and content marketing tool that helps businesses create and share the best content. The key features that this marketing solution offers include multi-user collaboration, content monitoring, multi-user collaboration, automated publishing, and social media management. It has an armada of products for assisting in content creation, planning, automation and analytics to help businesses collaborate effectively. This does not only makes discovering the trending content easier but also manage numerous social media networks from a single location.

The platform offers users with a built-in composer that allows them to build tailored content for their social media promotion. The composer also provides features of content suggestions and search engine optimization toolbox which further optimizes social media marketing. Editorial calendar that help users design custom campaigns and publish content from a single place is also offered.

Pricing: A free pricing plan and four paid subscription plans are offered. The Pro plan costs ($25/month), Small (47/month), Medium ($97/month), and Large ($197/month). A 20% discount is offered to those who sign up for annual plans, which is paid in a lump sum.

USP: ContentStudio allows integration with several third-party applications including Flickr, Pixabay, Giphy, Chimp Rewriter and many more.

Support: Support is offered through phone and email.

Product Advantages: ContentStudio is an all-inclusive solution for social media management and content marketing. Features such as composer allows for tailored content creation and manages all social media pages from a single location.

Product Limitation: Since it offers a lot of features, it is difficult to understand the function of each feature at the beginning.


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