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ActiveCampaign is a software specifically designed to assist in managing customer relations for a company. The software helps you craft promotional emails, texts, and more in order to maintain and grow your customer relations. 

The software has a myriad of features and offerings that are great in allowing you to achieve your marketing and sales goals. There are dozens of avenues that ActiveCampaign can help you with, if you would like to know more about this software then keep reading! 

ActiveCampaign features which make it so sought after as a software. 

Machine Learning: With the machine learning feature, this software automatically looks at all your phone calls, emails, and more to crunch numbers and provide you with data that helps make better decisions. 

Services and Migration: With the migration feature, you can simply import your subscriber email and phone lists seamlessly to the software instead of having to start afresh.  

Inbox Extensions: You can add an email extension to your current email and use ActiveCampaign’s emailing feature automatically. 

Mobile App: The mobile app for the software allows you to manage ActiveCampaign from your mobile device without any issues. 

Tools and Templates: Customize anything and everything and do things the way you want!

ActiveCampaign Pricing: The software is currently offering 50% off for three months of its subscription charges. Without the discount, the professional tier of subscription services costs $159 per month. 

Free trial: Yes, you can request the vendor for a free trial or a demo of the software and receive one with no hidden costs or conditions at all!

ActiveCampaign Pros: Ability to import all customer data whether it is emails or numbers to the software within minutes. 

Automate anything and customize it in any way without facing any issues. 

Integrate all major software into this such as SalesForce, Shopify, and more which helps manage everything from one place seamlessly. 

ActiveCampaign Cons: The font option is not very extensive and limits you which is not ideal as being a tool that has to do directly with clients, there should be more visually pleasing options available. 

The undo option on this software is not reliable and does not always do what it is supposed to do which can be very frustrating for users. 

The email creation interface for the software feels very badly designed and can contribute to a bad user experience overall. 

ActiveCampaign is a great tool to help you boost customer engagement. The company behind the software is always innovating and trying to bring new ways in which to help make the customer experience better and help achieve your goals as a business! 

These days digital customer experiences are incredibly important and hence investing in a software that does that is essential! 

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ActiveCampaign Software reviews

Overall Rating

5 Reviews



October 2019


Marathon Strategies

This is the best email software that I’ve ever used. It is amazing. It is easy to include mass mailing for any number of accounts. It is easy to customize the emails and use templates to do things more quickly.
It is difficult to move the subscriber list across different accounts wherever we need it.

It is amazing!

September 2019


Elite Digital Group

It is a great product at a great price. The system is robust. The campaign builders are great, and they are packed with robust tools that you would need to set up the automated campaigns. It has so many great features. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a robust product.
If there was a way to preview the email without actually opening up the builder. This feature would be great if added.

Highly recommended

September 2019


Galactic Fed

Their deliverability rate is high which is great. It is easy to set up campaign automation, tagging logic, etc. It is a great tool if emails are the main communication channel for you.
Once you reach the limit or get close to the limit of subscribers it gets difficult to add contacts without upgrading it.

Superior tool!

September 2019


Impact Virtual Solutions

This tool is superior to all the other email marketing tools. We have no issues with email delivery. I can create custom automation and campaigns. I really love this product and would highly recommend it to my clients.
It has a learning curve to it, so that might take time before you can actually get your hands on it.

It is what we need

August 2019


Gardner Business Media

The delivery rate is great. The automation tools and the integrations that it provides is amazing. It helps us save a lot of our time and it has also made our lives easier.
Sometimes it gets really slow and some errors also pop up. It would be nice if they add a way to schedule the exports and reports.

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Call us at

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