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mHelpDesk field service solution automates customer relationships and employee payment for small to large-scale businesses. The CRM’s invoice management system helps you to clear all payments, track finances, and generate automatic invoices. You can easily share billing details, increase revenue, track profits, and reduce loss risks with complete financial management dashboards. It offers to dispatch features so you can track your dispatching progress from the start till the end. mHelpDesk offers a monitoring and reporting tool so you can analyze progress and share reports with your team easily. 

It is a SaaS software that is also compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. You can also do third-party integrations such as QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop for complete accounting management. This CRM is specifically made for field service companies ranging from small to large and growing businesses. 

Key Features of mHelpDesk Software

Integrated Employee Management 

mHelpDesk CRM software offers Calendar Management, Employee Scheduling, integrated Employee Database, Email Management, and Project Management for streamlining employee communication. Workflow Configuration, Accounting Integration, Mobile Time Tracking, and Maintenance Scheduling offer easy Offline Tracking and Task Management. You can access categorization and Payroll through specific Activity Tracking dashboards. 

Complete Accounting Management 

It has separate dashboards for Approval Access Control, Access Permission, Manufacturing Inventory, Real-time scheduling, Data Reporting, and Retail Inventory management. You can easily mitigate risks through Discount Management, Electronic Signatures, and Fixed Asset management. Ticket management and It Asset management help you improve overall finance dealing and accounting.  

Effective Client Portal

mHelpDesk software has a self-service portal for clients and customers for Purchase management, Real-time product tracking, customer history, and service catalogs. You can track repeat customers, monitor feedback, and improve service through this platform. Automatic Time capture allows you to report each purchase. 

mHelpDesk Software Pricing

mHelpDesk pricing starts from $169.00 /month per user. You can get complete pricing detail by clicking the “Get Pricing” button. 

mHelpDesk Software Demo

Click on the “Watch Demo” button to get a live demo of the complete features of the CRM software. M Help Desk offers a complete 14-day free trial of the paid software. The free version of the software is not available yet. It offers training through webinars, documentation, a help desk, and 24/7 phone support.  

mHelpDesk Software Reviews

It has been rated with complete five stars by many users. Websites have ranked the software as one of the best CRM software for relationship management. It facilitates estimation and visibility management. You can create a company website and make custom templates for easy customer management. You can see more insights through mHelpDesk Software Reviews in the Reviews Section. 

Our Thoughts

mHelpDesk is a web-based CRM software that streamlines field-service operations for your company. Both online and offline features help you in the remote conversion of work. It offers complete staff and employee management with staff scheduling, reminders, attendance management, and alerting tools. It is a complete solution-based all-in-one CRM software that enhances your performance tenfold. 

mHelpDesk Software Pricing

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