Nimble is an award-winning social CRM and sales force automation solution designed to help users build stronger customer relationships, increase sales, and grow their business. The application allows users to manage and organize contacts, maintain relationships, set reminders, find opportunities, and meet company goals from a centralized location. Nimble Software automatically populates interaction histories, customers profiles, social media activity, and contact lists across multiple popular platforms, including LinkedIn.

This all-in-one business relationship management platform helps Office 365 and G Suite teams nurture their personal and business relationships across social networks, email, and several other cloud-based business applications. Users can easily personalize customer interactions to stay connected across the entire consumer journey. Key offerings of Nimble software include task management, deal tracking, alerts, contact management, customer database, social media management, sales intelligence, and more.

The mobile-based solution, further, creates valuable opportunities for informed outreach by enabling businesses to track which contacts are following, mentioning, or engaging with them. It also includes an extensive range of email widgets to let users view important details from the Nimble profiles of their contacts even from outside the system.

Key Features of Nimble Software

Contact Management

Nimble CRM software includes a contact management solution that helps businesses find and manage their contacts in a centralized location. This easy-to-use platform lets users search for contacts by name, company, or email address. They can also update deal status, add notes to a record, and access social handles.

Sales Intelligence

Nimble’s sales intelligence capabilities help sales and marketing teams find and reach out to prospects with ease. The application utilizes cutting-edge technology to sort through records based on social profiles, company size, location, industry, revenue, and other key details.

Engagement Platform 

The Nimble social CRM solution for small business offers an engagement platform that syncs and integrates data and activity from commonly used apps, such as Gmail, social media channels, Pipedrive, Mailchimp, and more. It provides businesses with a complete overview of their customers’ journey. 

Nimble Pricing

The Nimble cost structure is based on the standard industry subscription-based model. 

The Nimble pricing for the vendor’s Business plan starts at $19.00 per month per user (paid annually) or $25.00 per month per user (paid monthly). You can contact the company for more pricing details.

Nimble Demo

You can see the Nimble software in action by simply scheduling a demo (click the corresponding button above/on this page). 
The comprehensive Nimble Demo will let you evaluate the product’s features in real-time and see how it benefits your business.

Nimble Reviews

Nimble has been well-reviewed across most consumer testimonial avenues. The application is lauded for its wealth of customer tracking and sales force automation features, ease of use, and intuitive interface.

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Our Thoughts

Nimble CRM software is a one-stop-shop solution that combines the strengths of CRM, social media, contact management, marketing automation, and sales intelligence – all into a unified portal. Its price point makes it an excellent choice for small businesses that are looking for a robust yet easy-to-use customer relations platform.

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