Nutshell is a full-service CRM and email marketing platform that helps B2B organizations to work together and win more deals. It enables users to manage their customers and sales pipeline in one place. Nutshell CRM Software also allows users to automate their repetitive tasks, including emails and follow-ups. As a result, users can save time and maintain uninterrupted focus on selling. 

The application, further, helps businesses manage customer data and create customizable reports.  

Nutshell CRM software integrates with popular tools such as Gmail, Outlook, and Salesforce. It also offers a free mobile app that allows users to access their accounts and data on the go.  

On an impressive note, Nutshell offers free data migration assistance and lifetime support to its users. The software is extremely affordable and easy to use; implementable across businesses of all sizes. 

Key Features of Nutshell Software

Task Management

The software’s task management feature facilitates users in increasing their productivity and getting work done more efficiently. It enables subscribers to manage their tasks and to-dos in one place. It also allows managers to create custom workflows and assign tasks to team members. 

Lead Generation & Lead Qualification

The software offers a variety of lead generation tools that help users generate leads and increase their sales. It allows users to create custom lead forms, import leads from Excel files, as well as add leads manually. Nutshell also provides a lead scoring system that helps users qualify and prioritize leads. 

Territory Management

The platform’s territory management feature helps users to increase their sales and to manage their sales territories in a more systematic way. Nutshell, further, allows users to create custom territory maps, assign leads and accounts to territories, and measure territory performance. 

Sales Pipeline Management

The CRM offers powerful sales pipeline management to help you track your deals and progress. You can use the software to create pipelines with different stages and track each deal as it progresses. This can help you stay organized and ensure no deals fall through the cracks. 

Nutshell Pricing

The Nutshell subscription pricing starts from $27 per month. Click on the ‘Get Pricing’ button above/on this page for more details. 

Nutshell Demo

The software offers a live demo so users can see how it works and can benefit their business. To access the Nutshell demo, click the ‘Watch Demo’ button. The software also offers a free trial. 

Nutshell Reviews

Many users have reviewed Nutshell CRM on multiple platforms including SF. Most reviews are positive, with users rating the software 4.5 out of 5 stars on average. The application has generally been praised for its easy-to-use interface, powerful features, and affordability.  

You can read more Nutshell CRM reviews in our Reviews section. 

Our Thoughts

Nutshell is an effective CRM and email marketing platform that helps businesses to work together and win more deals. The software is easy to use and offers a wide range of features to help businesses increase sales. Overall, Nutshell makes for an affordable workplace CRM integration worth considering for businesses of all sizes.

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