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Outreach is a well-reputed software company. The sales engagement platform by the name of CRM Outreach is one of the most popular offerings it has. The outreach software has a lot of features that are ideal for maintaining and increasing sales. 

Learn more about Outreach what it can do for you with our detailed post about its features and what not! 

Important Features of Outreach Software

Outreach Platform

The software is very easy to use the and user dashboard for it helps you reduce the learning curve because it is incredibly user friendly. 

Outreach Kaia

The software allows you to record your calls or get automated transcriptions for your meetings with the Outreach Kaia feature.

Outreach Commit

You can get real-time data to help guide your business, strategies with the commit feature.


You can integrate other software and tools you use at your business to help optimize your work hours. 


With the forecasting feature in the software you can determine future trends, look at data and stay ahead of the curve as a result.  Outreach is a useful software for many people at the same company. The software is as useful for someone in a leadership position as it is for someone who is a trainee. 

Sales Leadership

For roles such as sales leadership, with this software, you are able to manage your team, and set goals for the day, week, or month so you can monitor hitting these goals in real time. 

Sales Rep

For roles such as sales representatives, you can use this software to set your account strategies and learn new ways to land bigger sales to help your career. 

Sales Development Leaders

For a sales development leadership role, you can manage all the people in your team seamlessly and increase activity on a whole. 

Sales Development

As a business development employee, you can become a top contender in your workplace by hitting all your goals for a given time with this software. 

Outreach Pricing

The pricing for this software is not available online publicly. Instead you can reach out to the vendor for the software and request a quote from them so you can know how much it will cost you! 

Free Trial

You can reach out to the vendor of Outreach and request a demo. 

Outreach Software Pros & Cons


The software helps you get ahead of the curve with its user insights as well as forecasting features. 

You can easily integrate all the tools or software you might have been using at your business into this software to seamlessly manage everything from one place. 

You can set your daily, weekly and monthly goals as well as be able to monitor how you are doing in hitting these benchmarks you set for yourself! 


Sometimes the sidebar will cause issues and change when you do not want it to change. 

The kaia recording tool has some bugs which have still not been worked out such as the wrong transcription in regards to what was said. 

There is no undo send button which can cause issues if something is sent by mistake or earlier than it needed to. 

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Outreach Software Pricing

Small Organization

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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