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PracticePanther is a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant CRM platform that streamlines legal management for everything from small businesses to large enterprises. PracticePanther Legal Software prevents/mitigates bankruptcy for many organizations and allows for systematizing litigation, tax management, and other legal concerns that they may be challenged with.  

Apart from organizational matters, the interface can offer case management, divorce filing, family planning, injury management, and criminal law process facilitation. The platform’s estate planning and tax filing features help you shift to a new place without the complications of looking at the legal matters yourself. This SaaS-based software is compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and web-based devices. 

PracticePanther Legal software, further, provides dashboards for contact management, document management & sharing, and docketing. You can always stay ahead of plans through its time-tracking, calender-ing access, and task management features. For the proverbial cherry on top, it comes with third-party integrations such as Box, Dropbox, QuickBooks, PayPal, Google Calendar, and more.  

Key Features of PracticePanther Legal Software

Legal CRM Client Intake

The platform’s two-way scheduling and reimbursement management utilities help you to stay on top of your client management woes/communication. It offers brand management, activity tracking, court rules-based scheduling, and contract/license management for easy client intake. You can improve client service using PracticePanther’s conflict management and general ledger add-ons. 

Complete Document Management

It allows you to go paperless with simple organization tools. PracticePanther provides different custom templates for easy personalization. Further, you can collaborate on tasks by sharing dashboards. With e-signatures, you can easily speed up your client intake.  

Detailed Billing Software

It offers complete financial management through credit card processing, payment processing, billing, invoicing, and trust accounting. You can reduce non-billable hours and access complete insights on paid-hourly, on a flat rate, or contingency payrolls. In addition, you can make easy transactions on the back of the portal’s IOLTA and ABA-compliance arrangements.  

PracticePanther Pricing

The PracticePanther Starter pack costs $49 per month; with the other software plans tiered as follows:  

Solo: $49 per user/month 

Essential: $69 per user/month 

Business: $89 per user/month 

PracticePanther Software Demo

PracticePanther offers a free version for all users. You can access the free trial of the paid software to have a look at all the features of the CRM. You can also watch a live PracticePanther Demo by clicking the ‘Watch Demo’ button. It offers training through 24/7 phone support, live chat, a help desk, and documentation. 

PracticePanther Software Reviews

Many users have rated the software well for its sales rep and client notes features. This legal management CRM has a separate client portal that provides easy customer management. The chat and messaging features with alerts help you to track your customers easily. To go through scores of PracticePanther reviews by contented users, don’t forget to check our dedicated Reviews section. 

Our Thoughts

PracticePanther CRM software is a web-based 256-bit encryption workflow management software designed to systematize companies’ legal affairs. Its Microsoft Azure integration helps you to auto-backup with 2-factor authentication. Notification, alerts, alarms, and reminders are available for easy task tracking and time management. Practice Panther, further, is a complete legal mitigation tool for solo practitioners, enterprise-sized firms, and independent lawyers.

PracticePanther Legal Software Pricing

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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