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Rootnet CRM Software helps you manage your business processes and achieve your company goals by providing the right information at the right time, increasing productivity at all levels.

Manage your accounts, contacts, and customers in an easy way. Get all the information of your client with a single click, to know its current status, a new tracking created by one of your team, and check all the data related to other modules of the CRM. Access all the information on one page, set up your account types, and start searching for contacts using your different workflows. Each account you work with will have its own archive of documents and inputs such as follow-ups, sales opportunities, minutes, profitability, etc. Your sales team will have all the necessary information at their fingertips with just a few clicks. 

Rootnet CRM Software Features

They've built Rootnet thinking of security first. From communication with APIs to individual deployments, the information is safely encrypted and secured. They've built our code upon open-source standards with a built-in firewall with ACL that secures individual database objects protecting how and who writes information into the database.

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From the start, they considered building Rootnet with scalability and extensibility in mind. With a separate codebase for each company and a developer-friendly API, there's no limit for any type of customizations you might need for your own company.

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Rootnet's customer support service representatives will help you with any questions you might need. Use their Support system, which is built on Rootnet, to report an issue or ask a question.

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By leveraging the power of Amazon Web Services, Rootnet runs on top of a flexible, highly scalable cloud website hosting solution. This allows them instant access to vast amounts of computing power designed to handle massive volumes of data while keeping a secured, high-performance solution with 99.99% data durability and durable disaster recovery.

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