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Streak Software is a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) solution that integrates directly into Gmail to help businesses manage sales tasks from their email inbox. The application facilitates pipeline management by enabling users to track leads, partnerships, sales, hiring, support jobs, and more. Subscribers can also leverage it to gain data-driven insights into sales operations and various business development processes.

The cloud-based platform allows businesses to grant permissions to specific employees and send invitation links to different departments within the organization. It comes with dedicated mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices, enabling users to update customer profiles and share important project information with team members from anywhere. Moreover, Streak software utilizes cutting-edge technology to let users automatically receive project details in their inbox and filter messages to retrieve specific task details.  

This enterprise-grade solution includes an application programming interface (API) that helps small to large businesses modify the application and integrate it with various third-party tools available on the market. Built into Gmail, the application allows users to send mass emails with a personalized touch.

Key Features of Streak Software


Streak CRM’s robust pipeline management system lets businesses create an unlimited number of pipelines. This offering includes filters, search, groups, and sorting features to help users configure their pipelines to suit their unique needs. The vendor’s Professional (or Enterprise) plan also allows users to create unlimited rows (called items) within each pipeline. 

Customizable Workflows

The Streak cloud-based software supports customizable workflows that enable users to add, move, or delete pipeline stages for easy tracking. Teams can easily color-code pipelines, achieve a higher level of transparency, and configure their workflows to fit organizational processes.

Mail Merge

Streak CRM software lets users send mass emails with personalization. Subscribers can easily pull data from their pipeline to customize (humanize) details like recipient names and company info. Further, its ‘Preview’ mode helps teams proofread emails before sending.

Streak Pricing

The Streak cost structure is based on the typical subscription-based model. It is free for individuals looking for a simple/basic CRM solution.
For professionals looking for an all-purpose and professional CRM package, the Streak plan pricing starts at $19.00 per month per user. You can contact the company for more pricing information.

Streak Demo

You can evaluate the Streak software’s features in real-time by simply scheduling a demo (click the corresponding button above/on this page). This will allow you to check out the product in a more detailed manner and see how it benefits your business.

Streak Reviews

The Streak CRM software boasts an overall satisfied customer base. The cloud-based application is lauded for its lightweight, easy-to-use software that helps users ensure efficient email marketing.

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Our Thoughts

Streak is a user-friendly email marketing and CRM platform that allows businesses and sales teams to deliver mass emails and achieve greater productivity via G Suite integration.

We recommend opting for the software demo to see whether the program matches your unique requirements.

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