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CubHub is a HIPAA Compliant pediatric scheduling software. This homecare EMR tool is specifically made for pediatric nurses, therapy, and caregiver services. You can streamline your workflow, improve patient care, and maximize your profitability through CubHub EMR. It has integrated the health insurance portability and accountability act. You can customize your patient profiles and manage record details. It allows you to manage patient and caregiver schedules, including job shifts, appointments, medicine timetables, and more. 

CubHub Systems allows you to generate automated billing, track deposits, manage outstanding balances, and track deposits and pre-payments. It helps you to keep in close communication with private insurance companies. You can improve your relationships with MCOs, referral sources, and key physicians. This cloud-based SAAS software is compatible with IOS, Android, and web-based devices.  

Key Features 

Mobile App Documentation 

It has a no-device deployment benefit. The mobile app documentation allows you to bring your own device for app usage. CubHub EMR allows you to save money by attracting and retaining staff. It offers HIPAA secure documentation to increase clinical accuracy. You can operate CubHub Charting Software offline as well.  

Streamline Intuitive Workflows 

You can track overall service performance with CubHub Software. It has workflows based on Auths and QA-focused improvement. The built-in CRM helps you track marketing efforts for more success. It also offers an integrated fax system that automates your taxes and their payments for you.  

Effortless Scheduling 

You can improve client and employee satisfaction with effective scheduling features. It reduces overtime and avoids costly errors. CubHub EHR sends you friendly HR reminders, so you are always on track. It manages the authorizations so you can improve practice management.  

CubHub EHR Software Pricing 

Cub Hub EHR offers revenue-based pricing for each user. You can contact the vendor for pricing details. 

CubHub Charting Demo 

Cub Hub does not have any free version available. It offers all users a free trial of the software for a limited time. You can contact the vendor for a demo of each package of Cub Hub Software. CubHub EHR provides webinars, documentation, 24/7 call, and a help desk for support.  

CubHub EMR Reviews 

There are many happy users of CubHub Charting. Many websites contain countless five-star reviews of the app. It improves clinical, home, and customer management with integrated dashboards. You can easily streamline shift management and customer engagement with paperless EMR and direct MD orders. The CubHub App allows direct notification on your mobile. You can find more reviews in our Reviews section.  

Our Thoughts 

CubHub is an EMR software for Medicaid-focused agencies. It is focused on the pediatric health department. It improves homecare with different reminding, scheduling, alerts, and SMS features. CubHub Software is integrated with third-party applications like ADP and Paychex. You can easily perform billing and invoicing with auto-verifying features. Predefined dashboards, customer relation management (CRM), CubHub Calendar, and Clinical notes make it a comprehensive software worth using. 

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